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While in Fog, it is easy to lose your way while sailing or traversing. Follow the Glimmering Beacons or the Stormstones to avoid this happening. If you lose track, the edges of your screen will fog over, and then you will respawn at the nearest Beacon or Stormstone.


Fog functions similarly to Sheer Cold. While within an fog-affected area, an invisible fog gauge will fill at varying rates. Once the gauge is full, the player will be teleported away. A warning effect will appear around the player's screen once the fog gauge has accumulated past 35%.

Accumulation Rate

Conditions Accumulation Rate Time to fill an empty Fog gauge
Autake Plains, prior to completing The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna 5% per second 20 seconds
Inner Tsurumi Island, prior to A Particularly Particular Author 30% per second 3.33 seconds
Golden Apple Archipelago 10% per second 10 seconds

Countering Fog

Activated Stormstones and Glimmering Beacons will halt the fog gauge accumulation of nearby players and reduce their accumulated fog at a rate of 25% per 0.2 seconds. Stormstones' effects have a horizontal range of 12m and a vertical range of 10m, and Glimmering Beacons have a horizontal range of 6.5m and a vertical range of 5m

Stormstones are only found in Tsurumi Island, while Glimmering Beacons are only found in Golden Apple Archipelago.


Golden Apple Archipelago

Fog was introduced as Sea Fog in the Golden Apple Archipelago during the Midsummer Island Adventure, Act I quest: Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown. Activating Teleport Waypoints during the quest dispelled the nearby fog.

Sea Fog was also encountered north of Twinning Isle while heading to the Nameless Islet, which was most easily done using the instructions found during the World Quest A Trip Through Fog and Wind. To navigate the Sea Fog there, instead of finding Glimmering Beacons, a wind trail must be followed at the appropriate time of day.

Tsurumi Island

The most prominent fog location is Tsurumi Island, where the haze covers the map and greatly limits visibility, making navigation difficult.

Initially, only the southernmost peninsula and the easternmost two isles by Tsurumi Island's Statue of The Seven can be accessed freely at any time. The fog covers the rest of the island, extends past it on the north and west sides, and fills the Fog gauge rapidly, preventing players from making landfall in those areas.

Teleport Waypoints inside foggy areas cannot be accessed on the map unless the player has cleared their respective fog area. This includes Teleport Waypoints that are inside areas with heavy visual fog but outside areas that fill up the fog gauge, such as the Teleport Waypoint closest to Tsurumi Island's Statue of The Seven. Portable Waypoints placed inside, however, can be accessed even after the fog has covered the island again the next day.

As players progress through the Through the Mists World Quest series, the fog repeatedly leaves and returns. Upon completion of the series, the fog is permanently dispelled.


  • Fog-like conditions could also be found on the Golden Apple Archipelago on the Central Platform when a Maguu Kenki is in the arena as well as in the island cluster north of Broken Isle before the World Quest Who Wields the Wild Wind? is completed. Long-range visibility is diminished, and the background music changes to the same music heard when encountering Sea Fog. However, neither of these locations are affected by the Sea Fog climate.


Change History

Released in Version 1.6
Version 2.?[no later than 2.7]
  • The interaction between Tsurumi Island's fog, Teleport Waypoints, and Statue of The Seven was updated so that Teleport Waypoints within foggy areas no longer show up on the map if the Statue of The Seven has not yet been touched. Previously, Teleport Waypoints inside foggy areas showed up on the map if the Statue of The Seven had not yet been touched, allowing players to bypass that aspect of Tsurumi Island's fog.

Version 2.2

Version 1.6