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While in Fog, it is easy to lose your way while sailing or traversing. Follow the Glimmering Beacons or the Stormstones to avoid this happening. If you lose track, the edges of your screen will fog over, and then you will respawn at the nearest Beacon or Stormstone.

Fog is encountered in the Golden Apple Archipelago during the Midsummer Island Adventure, Act I quest: Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown, as well north of Twinning Isle during the World Quest A Trip Through Fog and Wind while heading to the Nameless Islet. To navigate the Sea Fog in the location, instead of finding Glimmering Beacons, a wind trail must be followed at the appropriate time of day.

The most prominent fog location is on Tsurumi Island, where the haze will cover the map, making navigation difficult. Nevertheless, once The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna is finished in the Through the Mists quest series, the fog vanishes for good.


  • Fog-like conditions can also be found on the Golden Apple Archipelago on the Central Platform when a Maguu Kenki is in the arena as well as in the island cluster north of Broken Isle before the World Quest Who Wields the Wild Wind? is completed. Long-range visibility is diminished, and the background music changes to the same music heard when encountering Sea Fog. However, neither of these locations are affected by the Sea Fog climate.

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