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Flora is an NPC in the City of Mondstadt. She is the owner of Floral Whisper, a flower shop.

Following a certain dialogue branch for the first time gives the player The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (I).


Item Item Mora.png Stock Total
Sweet Flower Sweet Flower 200 10 2,000 Every 3 Days
Windwheel Aster Windwheel Aster 1,000 5 5,000 Every 3 Days
Cecilia Cecilia 1,000 5 5,000 Every 3 Days
Small Lamp Grass Small Lamp Grass 1,000 5 5,000 Every 3 Days
Calla Lily Calla Lily 1,000 5 5,000 Every 3 Days
Total cost for all items



Flora is the younger sister of Chloris, a botanist who wanders around Windrise. Unlike her older sister, Flora is only interested in flowers. She has a Bloatty Floatty as an imaginary friend, which she calls "Mr. Floatty."


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Flora has short blonde hair with bright bluish-greenish eyes and wears a detailed pink and white dress.

Quests and Events

Story Quests

World Quests



Idle Quotes

  • "Dandelions?"
  • "Well, if it's an injury..."

During Invitation of Windblume


Flora: Welcome to Floral Whisper. Do you need anything?
Icon Dialogue Shop.png I'd like to buy some flowers.
Flora: Certainly. We have a fine selection, whether you're looking to give a bouquet to someone or even do some gardening yourself.
(Opens the Floral Whisper shop.)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About Stormterror...
(After completing The Outlander Who Caught the Wind)
Flora: I was honestly more frightened by the storm that surrounded Mondstadt than Stormterror.
Flora: Everyone's been focused on the losses to people and property, but I'm still more concerned about the plants and flowers.
Flora: I'll protect them, just like how Lord Barbatos protects us.
(After completing A Long Shot)
Flora: It's great that I don't have to worry about the flowers in my store being blown away by the wind.
Flora: That said, the Dandelion Seeds have also been blown all across the region of Mondstadt by this storm. Who knows, perhaps they will bloom throughout the land.
Flora: When I think about it like that, the storm doesn't seem so scary anymore, haha.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about your flowers.
Flora: We carry a large variety of flowers. Are you looking for anything in particular?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about Dandelions.
Flora: Dandelions are so very feathery. They are my personal favorite.
Flora: The Acting Grand Master of the Knights is also known as the Dandelion Knight, as I recall.
Flora: She probably learned the power of Anemo from the dandelions, hehe.
Icon Dialogue Reward.png Why do you like Dandelions so much?
Flora: Hehe, I wonder... Maybe it's because I've been reading The Fox in the Dandelion Sea.
Flora: Here, take it. Maybe you'll like dandelions too once you finish reading it, hehe.
(Obtain The Fox in the Dandelion Sea (I) ×1)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about Sweet Flowers.
Flora: Sweet Flowers, you say?
Flora: They look nice, but most people just use them for cooking.
Flora: If you see people having Sweet Flowers in their gardens...
Flora: They are probably used to get sugar.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about Cecilias.
Flora: Cecilias! You've got good taste.
Flora: They grow in cold and windy places. Legend has it that they only bloom when it's quiet.
Flora: If you wish to cultivate them...
Flora: You'll probably have better luck with Mist Flowers!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sorry for bothering you.
Flora: You need to go?
Flora: I'll tell you more about flowers next time if you like.

Touch the Flowers

After completing the World Quest Flighty Flora... and Flora, approaching the flowers at Floral Whisper prompts the option to Touch them. Doing so, however, results in a scolding from Flora during the daytime.

Flora: Hey! Those flowers are for display only! If you want to buy flowers, come look over here.

Event Dialogue

Invitation of Windblume

Flora: Welcome to Floral Whisper. Are you looking to get someone a bouquet? It's the Windblume Festival, after all.
Icon Dialogue Shop.png I'd like to buy some flowers.
(Same as normal)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About the Windblume Festival...
Flora: The Windblume Festival is an ancient tradition of Mondstadt's. A day of freedom and romance.
Flora: When we speak of Windblume Festival tradition, I suppose it's about giving the "Windblume" in your heart to the person who's the most important to you, hehe.
Flora: As to what flower the Windblume actually is, everyone's got their own opinions.
Flora: Well, that's freedom for you, hehe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about your flowers.
(Same as normal)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I've got to go.
Flora: I hope you'll enjoy yourself during the Windblume festivities.


  • Flora is the Roman goddess of spring and flowers, as well as the goddess of youth. Her Greek counterpart is Chloris, whom Flora's sister shares the same name with.
  • Flora was originally modeled as an adult, and Ulfr's previous dialogue had him wishing to confess his love to Flora someday on a dandelion boat, a piece of dialogue that was retained for a period of time even after Flora's model was changed to that of a child's. This was eventually updated, and now his new dialogue has him seeing her as his little sister which he never had.
  • Flora was mentioned in Lisa's Story 3.
  • Flora is mentioned in the description of the Furnishing item "Crystalfly's Perch".



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