Floating Abode is a realm layout in the Serenitea Pot Housing system.

Unlike the other two realm layouts, Floating Abode doesn't have a day and night cycle.


An island cluster suspended in mid-air. A typical feature of many adepti realms.
A boundless world featuring nothing besides a cluster of islands.


Exterior Areas

By increasing Trust Rank, players can unlock new exterior areas of the map:

Area Name Trust Rank
Notes Max Load Image
Windchill Isle 1 Starting Area. 8,800 Floating Abode Windchill Isle.png
Cloudrest Isle 5 8,800 Floating Abode Cloudrest Isle.png
Smoke-Sailing Isle 7 8,800 Floating Abode Smoke-Sailing Isle.png
Evermist Isle 9 8,800 Floating Abode Evermist Isle.png

Change History

Released in Version 1.5


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