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Fir Wood is obtained by cutting down Faber's Fir. It is an item used to craft furnishings.

How to Obtain

Faber's Fir are found in Galesong Hill and Starfell Valley.

Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Dark Wood Arch Wall Item Dark Wood Arch Wall.png Creation 4
Dark Checkered Ceiling Item Dark Checkered Ceiling.png Creation 4
Open-Top Fir Shelf Item Open-Top Fir Shelf.png Creation 12
Fir Case Shelf Combination Item Fir Case Shelf Combination.png Creation 12
Classic Fir Cabinet Item Classic Fir Cabinet.png Creation 12
Wooden Restaurant Signboard Item Wooden Restaurant Signboard.png Creation 4
Well-Worn Sword Item Well-Worn Sword.png Creation 4
Mounted Record Board Item Mounted Record Board.png Creation 4
Straw Hut Item Straw Hut.png Creation 8
Straw Depot Item Straw Depot.png Creation 8
Multi-Arched Mondstadt Building Item Multi-Arched Mondstadt Building.png Creation 12
Mondstadt House With Overhanging Attic Item Mondstadt House With Overhanging Attic.png Creation 12
Warm and Dry Mondstadt Apartment Item Warm and Dry Mondstadt Apartment.png Creation 14
Old Wind-Resistant Mondstadt House Item Old Wind-Resistant Mondstadt House.png Creation 12
Country Home With Tall Attic Item Country Home With Tall Attic.png Creation 12
Classic Country Home Item Classic Country Home.png Creation 12
Bustling Sundry Stand Item Bustling Sundry Stand.png Creation 8
Profitable Fruit Stand Item Profitable Fruit Stand.png Creation 4
Real Deal Fruit Stand Item Real Deal Fruit Stand.png Creation 8
Open-Air Workshop Item Open-Air Workshop.png Creation 12
Bountiful Harvest Fruit Cart Item Bountiful Harvest Fruit Cart.png Creation 4
"Clouds East of Bishui" Item Clouds East of Bishui.png Creation 8
Straw Shed Item Straw Shed.png Creation 8
Temporary Work Quarters Item Temporary Work Quarters.png Creation 8
Messy Pile of Fir Crates Item Messy Pile of Fir Crates.png Creation 4
Neat Stack of Fir Kegs Item Neat Stack of Fir Kegs.png Creation 4
Heavy Hay Bale Item Heavy Hay Bale.png Creation 4
Toy Stand: Dazzling Delights Item Toy Stand Dazzling Delights.png Creation 4
Umbrella Shop: Kaleidoscope of Parasol Colors Item Umbrella Shop Kaleidoscope of Parasol Colors.png Creation 4
Hilichurl Archery Target Item Hilichurl Archery Target.png Creation 8
Deadwood Road Sign Item Deadwood Road Sign.png Creation 4
Sturdy Wooden Barrel Item Sturdy Wooden Barrel.png Creation 4
Tall Wooden Pole Item Tall Wooden Pole.png Creation 4
Wood Bundle Item Wood Bundle.png Creation 4
Rainproof Fir Cargo Container Item Rainproof Fir Cargo Container.png Creation 4
Water-Retaining Flower Beds Item Water-Retaining Flower Beds.png Creation 12
Soil-Carrying Wooden Barrel Item Soil-Carrying Wooden Barrel.png Creation 4
Fir Shelves Item Fir Shelves.png Creation 4
Fir Weapon Rack Item Fir Weapon Rack.png Creation 4
Hardwood Weapon Rack Item Hardwood Weapon Rack.png Creation 8
Simple Cargo Cart Item Simple Cargo Cart.png Creation 4
Sturdy Stone Well Item Sturdy Stone Well.png Creation 4
Farmer's Scarecrow Item Farmer's Scarecrow.png Creation 4
Roofed Well: For Purity Item Roofed Well For Purity.png Creation 8
Wooden Hilichurl Fence Item Wooden Hilichurl Fence.png Creation 4
Hilichurl Totem Fence Item Hilichurl Totem Fence.png Creation 4
Lush Grapevine Item Lush Grapevine.png Creation 12
Newly Grown Grapevines Item Newly Grown Grapevines.png Creation 8
Simple Wooden Fence Item Simple Wooden Fence.png Creation 4
Half-Constructed Fence Item Half-Constructed Fence.png Creation 4
Smooth Wooden Bench Item Smooth Wooden Bench.png Creation 4
Heavy Fir Forging Table Item Heavy Fir Forging Table.png Creation 12
Large Stone Mill Item Large Stone Mill.png Creation 4
Wooden Outdoor Tea Table Item Wooden Outdoor Tea Table.png Creation 12
Crude Double-Decker Pallet Item Crude Double-Decker Pallet.png Creation 8
"Cradle of Flowers" Item Cradle of Flowers.png Creation 4


Change History

Released in Version 1.5