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Fine Stall: Splash of Color is a creatable Furnishing item that can be used in the Serenitea Pot.

The blueprint for Fine Stall: Splash of Color is obtainable from the Afterglow Market Stage 2 during the Fleeting Colors in Flight event.


First time creation grants Trust Trust ×60.

Icon_Creation_Small.pngCreation for 14 hours
  • Item Sandbearer Wood.png 4 Sandbearer Wood
  • Item Fabric.png 4 Fabric
  • Item Red Dye.png 4 Red Dye
  • Creates Fine Stall: Splash of Color Fine Stall: Splash of Color ×1

    Other Languages

    LanguageOfficial Name
    EnglishFine Stall: Splash of Color
    "Zībǎo Fúpéng - Zèng Cǎi"
    "Zībǎo Fúpéng - Zèng Cǎi"
    Korean「재보의 막사・증정」
    SpanishPuesto de tesoros: Obsequios variados
    FrenchÉtal à merveilles « Touches de couleur »
    RussianЛавка с сокровищами: Всплеск цвета
    Lavka s sokrovishchami: Vsplesk tsveta
    Thai"เพิงแห่งของขวัญล้ำค่า - หลากสีสัน"
    VietnameseSạp Quà Tặng - Sắc Màu
    German„Feiner Stand – Ein Spritzer Farbe“
    IndonesianKios Indah: Cipratan Warna
    PortuguesePosto de Tesouro: Cores Vibrantes

    Change History

    Released in Version 2.4