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Fertilizer... Salesperson? is a World Quest in Inazuma.


  1. Talk to Iwata
  2. Return the next day and appraise the fertilizer situation
    • The "next day" is by in-game time. It is sufficient to wait until 00:00 next day.
  3. Return and appraise the fertilizer situation
  4. Defeat all opponents
  5. Talk to Iwata
  6. Go with Gorou to investigate the suspicious person
  7. Find Kaushik
  8. Talk to Kaushik
  9. Take Kaushik and report back to Gorou
  10. Go with Alrani to look for Iwata


UI Quest.png Quest Description

Iwata of Watatsumi Island appears to be having some troubles...
(Talk to Iwata)
Iwata: This doesn't seem right either...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Something the matter?
Iwata: Ah, hello there, Traveler. Well, I... Um... I'm trying to make some fertilizer.
Iwata: I heard from someone that someone from Sumeru has set up a fertilizer shop in Ritou.
Iwata: They say that these fertilizers have unusual properties. As long as you add a little when growing plants, they will grow exceedingly lushly.
Iwata: But I can't go to Ritou to purchase that fertilizer, so I tried making my own here...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You figured out how to make some yourself?
Iwata: Actually, no... I asked around everywhere before coming up with this method myself.
Iwata: To get into the specifics, you want to mix some crops and some, ah, animal excrement together into a pile.
Iwata: Afterward, you cover it with a layer of branches and leaves and such to maintain the temperature.
Iwata: After a while, they say that the ingredients will undergo some changes and even blend together, forming a sort of fertilizer.
Iwata: But no matter how much I experiment, these materials just won't come together. It's really strange...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you have the wrong ingredients by any chance?
Iwata: Crops, animal excrement, branches and leaves... Should be correct. That's what I've heard, at least.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Did something go wrong during the process?
Iwata: Pile the materials up, cover with branches to maintain their temperature. No, this should be correct...
Iwata: Where did I go wrong...
Iwata: Forget it. Let me just try again. Traveler, could I ask you for a favor?
Iwata: I'll make another batch of fertilizer. Once it's done, I'd like you to check on it together with me.
Iwata: Given how much you've seen and learned, you might know what went wrong during the process.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sure.
Iwata: Alright, I'm counting on you, Traveler! I'll make some preparations over there first.
Iwata: Making this sort of fertilizer requires some time, so please come find me in a bit. Until then, please help me watch that fertilizer pile.
(Talk to Iwata again)
Iwata: *sigh* I do hope I succeed this time...

(Return the next day and appraise the fertilizer situation)
Iwata: H—Help me! Traveler! Please!
Paimon: Eh? These monsters seem really angry for some reason...
Paimon: And... Eugh, what that's [sic] smell?
Paimon: N—No, we've gotta take those monsters out first!
(Defeat all opponents and talk to Iwata)
Iwata: Thank you, Traveler, thank you...
Iwata: I was halfway through making the fertilizer when those monsters came charging up out of nowhere...
Iwata: That's so strange... But it's good that you showed up when you did.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It might be because of that pile of fertilizer, you know...
Iwata: R—Really? I've heard that this smell is a sign that you might have succeeded.
Iwata: Well, in any case, come over here and have a look at the fertilizer. I'll explain as I open it up...
Gorou: Hold it!
Iwata: Eh? Mr. Gorou? I wasn't aware that you'd be passing this way today.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png On patrol, Gorou?
Gorou: I... Uh, never mind that first.
Gorou: Is this pile of... stuff your doing?
Iwata: Hahaha, yes. This fertilizer was the work of our hands.
Iwata: Mr. Gorou, did you come here to check on the fertilizer as well?
Iwata: Hehe, in that case, let's...
Gorou: Wait! Hold on a moment. I'm not here for that. Wait, actually, I am... But...
Paimon: Gorou's face is twisting up something awful...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's... adjourn to someplace a little further away...
Gorou: Alright, let's do that.
Everyone leaves the fertilizer pile...
Iwata: So, Mr. Gorou, why are you here?
Gorou: Lately, a lot of residents have been complaining of a terrifying stench nearby...
Gorou: So for safety, I came to investigate, and wound up following the smell all the way here.
Gorou: That's how I found you.
Gorou: Iwata, I've heard that you've been researching fertilizer, but the way that you're going about it is...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...A disturbance to the peace?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...Far too intense?
Gorou: Basically. Either way, Iwata, could you please dispose of that fertilizer? We'll try to help you find some other way.
Ookubo Daisuke: Sir! General Gorou!
Gorou: I'm here. What's happened?
Ookubo Daisuke: General, we caught a suspicious person out in the outskirts.
Ookubo Daisuke: She was acting very furtively, calling herself a... fertilizer salesperson, or somesuch.
Ookubo Daisuke: I thought that was awful strange, so I had this person detained. I thought that you might wish to see to her questioning.
Gorou: Fertilizer this, fertilizer that... What is it with me and fertilizer today...
Gorou: I've got it. I'll be with you shortly. Head back first and help to maintain order.
Gorou: Iwata, please deal with the matter of the fertilizer. We'll discuss this further later.
Gorou: Traveler, why don't you come with me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Doesn't seem like there's anything else to do.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A fertilizer... salesperson?
Paimon: Someone selling fertilizer? Paimon can't help feel like that's familiar somehow... Nothing's coming to mind, though...
Paimon: Ah well, whatever. Let's just go over there and see what's up!
(Talk to Iwata again)
Iwata: *sigh* Fertilizers are much trickier than I thought...

(Go with Gorou to investigate the suspicious person)
Hiroyuki: Stay right there and don't move!
Alrani: I—I'm not moving! You asked me to explain, and I explained that I'm really a researcher from the Akademiya!
Hiroyuki: Didn't you say that you're advertising fertilizer?
Alrani: I... Can't a researcher from the Akademiya also advertise for fertilizers? Just... Just listen to me for a moment, will you...
Gorou: Is this the person?
Ookubo Daisuke: Yes, sir.
Ookubo Daisuke: When we caught her, she was sneaking around the place and wouldn't stop writing certain things down.
Ookubo Daisuke: General, I'm positive that she's a Shogunate spy!
Alrani: I'm not! And I wasn't! I already told you, I'm a researcher! I was just collecting material for my thesis!
Hiroyuki: Cut the crap! Do you seriously expect us to believe that you'd walk into a battlefield over a thesis? You're definitely playing at something else!
Alrani: ...What could I really dare to play at other than my thesis anyway...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Oh, it's you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Alrani?
Alrani: Traveler! Oh, this is wonderful! Please tell them I'm not a bad person! I'm just here to write my thesis!
Gorou: You know her?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, you could say that...
You tell Gorou about Alrani...
Gorou: Does "graduating" really drive researchers from Sumeru this far up the wall...
Gorou: But given what you've said, you're only acquaintances at best.
Gorou: And as for her status as a "researcher from Sumeru," that's something you only heard from her, isn't it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's correct.
Gorou: Hmm... I'm afraid that none of the evidence here is conclusive.
Gorou: But if she's got your guarantee, I'd wager that she isn't a bad person...
Ookubo Daisuke: General, if I may make a suggestion?
Ookubo Daisuke: Do you remember Kaushik? That researcher who's been studying our island's culture and history?
Ookubo Daisuke: He's been here all this while, and his credentials are quite solid... Why don't we ask him to tell if this... fertilizer saleswoman is actually a researcher or not?
Gorou: That actually sounds like a decent plan. Traveler, could we trouble you to bring Kaushik here?
Gorou: Just in case of any incidents, I'll stay here and guard this... fertilizer saleswoman.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Alright.
Gorou: It's up to you then. Come back as quickly as possible.
(Talk to Alrani)
Alrani: I... I'm just here to write a thesis. How in the world did I end up locked up again...
(Talk to Gorou)
Gorou: Bring Kaushik back with you. The sooner the better...
(Talk to Ookubo Daisuke)
Ookubo Daisuke: I don't get how this person is supposed to look like a researcher.
(Talk to Hiroyuki)
Hiroyuki: What a suspicious character.

(Find and talk to Kaushik)
Kaushik: The meaning of this totem... Hmm? Traveler? Did you have some business with me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is about Alrani...
Kaushik: Alrani's here? On Watatsumi Island? That's... odd. What's that girl doing here? Shouldn't she be in Liyue?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png She was arrested by some soldiers...
Kaushik: What? *sigh* Of course. Coming to Watatsumi Island under the present circumstances... Of course they would suspect her.
Kaushik: Never mind that for now. Let's head over and help that reckless girl out...

(Take Kaushik and report back to Gorou)
Kaushik: Alrani! It really is you! B—But why are you here in Inazuma? Weren't you supposed to be in Liyue?
Alrani: This... Oh, this is going to be long story, isn't it...
Gorou: Mr. Kaushik, you know Alrani?
Kaushik: Oh, you... you're General Gorou, aren't you?
Kaushik: You surmise correctly. Alrani and I are both researchers from the Akademiya.
Kaushik: After that, we left the Akademiya to conduct fieldwork for our own areas of research. I didn't think that I'd meet her here...
Gorou: But... Um, can you researchers just freely leave the Akademiya?
Kaushik: I wouldn't call it "leaving freely." Alrani and I are both Driyosh.
Kaushik: To us, wandering and learning are part of our research process, and as such, we are permitted to leave the Akademiya.
Kaushik: General Gorou, I can guarantee that Alrani is telling the truth...
Gorou: Alright, then there's no problem.
Alrani: Phew... I'm saved... Thank you so much...
Gorou: Hiroyuki, Ookubo, this matter is settled. Go attend to your own duties.
Hiroyuki: Yes, sir.
Ookubo Daisuke: Yes, sir.
Hiroyuki and Ookubo depart...
Gorou: I'm sorry, Miss Alrani. We mistook you for someone suspicious.
Gorou: That said, while we have cleared your name, your barging into Watatsumi Island like this has made no shortage of trouble for us.
Alrani: Eh? Are... Are you going to fine me? I—I don't have very much Mora on me...
Gorou: Well, since you did claim to be a fertilizer salesperson earlier, and you're a researcher to boot...
Gorou: Well, there is something you can do for us. We have a man named Iwata living here who's researching fertilizer. Miss Alrani, please lend him a hand.
Gorou: If you can help him produce some fertilizer that isn't also a public disturbance, then you're free to do search here, just like Mr. Kaushik.
Alrani: F—Fertilizer? Wait, I... I'm just...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png She'll be fine!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You've got this, Alrani.
Kaushik: Alrani, this is a good opportunity to collect research material. Since you're here in Inazuma, that must mean that your thesis is still...
Alrani: Uh... Ugh...
Kaushik: You know what the standards for graduation are at the Akademiya. If you can't graduate several years in a row...
Alrani: I—I'll do it! I'll do it, alright?
Alrani: I—I've learned about the fertilizer at Mr. Vahid's... I'll get this done in one go, just you all watch!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Graduation begets character growth...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Graduation equals strong motivation...
Gorou: Well, then we'll call this a day for now. Miss Alrani, the fertilizer matter is in your hands. I've got some other matters to handle, so if you'll excuse me...
Gorou: Ah, yes. Please remind Iwata to, uh, move his fertilizer a bit further away.
Kaushik: Alright, I'll continue with my research now. If you have any questions, Alrani, just feel free to ask me.

(Go with Alrani to look for Iwata)
Iwata: Traveler, you're back. I've disposed of that pile of fertilizer.
Iwata: *sigh* I suppose I'll have to find another place to conduct my experiments...
Iwata: Hmm? This person is...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png An assistant Gorou found you.
Alrani: Hello, I'm Alrani...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A fertilizer specialist from Sumeru.
Alrani: Hello there, I'm Alrani... Wait a moment. A fertilizer specialist?
Alrani: I... I just learned a little about them.
Alrani: Well, either way... The general they called Gorou requested that I assist you with your fertilizer research.
Alrani: It's a pleasure to be working with you from now on.
Iwata: Is that so... That's great! If we succeed, then we'll be able to plant more crops here on Watatsumi Island!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do remember to pile the fertilizer further away.
Iwata: Eh? Oh! Oh, I get it.
Iwata: Yes, the pleasure is all mine, Miss Alrani!
Alrani: Yeah, I'll do my best.
Alrani: I'll do my best. This is for my thesis...


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishFertilizer... Salesperson?
Féiliào... Tuīxiāo Yuán?
Fertilizer... Salesperson?
Féiliào... Tuīxiāo Yuán?
Hiryou... Hanbai'in?
Fertilizer... Salesperson?
Korean비료… 판매원?
Biryo... Panmaewon?
Fertilizer... Salesperson?
SpanishVendedora de... ¿fertilizantes?(Female) Seller of... Fertilizers?
FrenchUne vendeuse... d'engrais ?A Seller... of Fertilizer?
RussianУдобрений... продавец?
Udobreniy... prodavets?
VietnameseNgười Bán... Phân Bón?
IndonesianPenjual... Pupuk?Seller... of Fertilizer?
PortugueseVendedor de Fertilizantes...?

Change History

Released in Version 2.1