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This is the Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board. You can find community news and shop advertisements posted here. Please do not post unimportant matters.

The Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board is a message board located in Liyue Harbor, outside of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The messages randomly cycle through every time it is interacted with.


About Qiqi...

Message: "If any residents see a zombie child out in the middle of the night, doing stretches or gathering herbs on the mountain, please don't be alarmed. Her name is Qiqi. She's a student of medicine who helps out at the Bubu Pharmacy, and she's completely harmless."
Message: "—Baizhu, Bubu Pharmacy"
Another Note: "Life and death are up to fate. Why delay the inevitable? Why suffer to live alongside one who should already be dead and gone? Bring Qiqi to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and we will provide a comprehensive, stress-free funeral service that safely and respectfully returns her to the elements. Wouldn't that be grand?"
Reply: "Please, Director Hu, no more jokes."

Gentry De'an's Message

(Note: This message ties into the Water Pollution messages.)

Message: "The tragic death of my beloved daughter, Huachu, has shattered my heart into a thousand pieces! I am now selling this property so that I can give her the funeral she deserves."
Message: "This magnificent building was once home to the Minghua Bank. It is spacious, enjoys plenty of natural light, and comes with a fantastic sea view. It is being sold for purely financial reasons, and I hope that the new owner makes good use of it."
Message: "Interested parties may contact Gentry De'an at Chihu Rock."

Xingqiu's Message

Message: "I am but a fool with no understanding of business and no proper job, instead spending my days freely wielding my sword to actually help those in need."
Message: "If my impetuousness has offended any respected merchants, I do apologize."
Reply: "Why has the young master spoken thus? The Feiyun Commerce Guild is one of the pillars of Liyue. Why spoil a peaceful friendship over a small matter such as this?"
Reply: "Furthermore, young master proficient in the way of the Guhua Clan and accomplished in gallant deeds, even if you are unaware of a merchant's livelihood you certainly must respect it for its accomplishment. The young master should worry less about the affairs of others."


About Yun Jin...

Heyu Tea House Ad: "The big star Yun Jin is coming for three weeks of performances — what a treat! Opera fans from all around, come show your support!"
Heyu Tea House Ad: "There's no time to delay if you want to catch a world-class performance by Yun Jin. Tickets at Heyu Tea House are going fast, don't miss out!"

Heyu Tea House Ad

Heyu Tea House Ad: The world-renowned Tea Master Liu Su will grace us with his presence in the coming days. Patrons new and old can come by to sip on some tea while enjoying his storytelling - doesn't that sound delightful?
Message: "Is today the story of Beidou fighting Haishan, or still the one about the Guhua Clan?"
Reply: "Dear customer, just come and see! Master Liu Su's tales are all a joy to listen to, aren't they? And don't worry, the tea is guaranteed to be the very highest quality, too!"

Liuli Pavilion Ad

Liuli Pavilion Ad: Come enjoy the delicacies of the land — colorful and savory!
Liuli Pavilion Ad: All kinds of Li-style cuisine converge at Liuli Pavilion, delighting one with diverse flavors that are all of subtle, spicy, and fragrant.
Liuli Pavilion Ad: To dine in, please reserve a table at least three months in advance. Thank you for understanding.

Mingxing Jewelry Ad

Mingxing Jewelry Ad: Come be enamored by our bright jade shining with the vibrance of the moon, and our dazzling gold flickering with the shine of the stars.
Mingxing Jewelry Ad: At this time we will only be accepting purchases by reservation for jewelry and large gemstone wares. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Message: "Excuse me, do you have any pairs of the Glazed Belt Hook in stock?"
Reply: "Sorry, we are currently out of stock. We can reserve a pair for you that we will make once our ore and gem inventory is replenished.

Northland Bank Ad

Northland Bank Ad: Coming from the northern nation of eternal winter, we understand the importance of warm and personal financial service.
Northland Bank Ad: If you require any service, come to Northland Bank and talk to the manager, Andrei!
Northland Bank Ad: If you're thinking about taking out a loan, come consult with our agent today!

North Wharf Ad

North Wharf Ad: Ningguang has recently approved the construction of three additional docks for The Crux to anchor at and conduct repairs.
North Wharf Ad: All sailors and wharf warehouse staff should prepare accordingly.

Trusty Blade Ad

Trusty Blade Ad: I'm a master at forging weapons of all kinds, from long polearms to short swords. Fine as a sharp needle but powerful as a storm's wind!
Trusty Blade Ad: My shop welcomes fighters seeking to improve their skills and travelers in need of a trusty blade for self-defense. Weapons aren't just personalized to fit your stature, but your bravery!

Wanwen Bookhouse Ad

Wanwen Bookhouse Ad: Thousands of books and centuries of thought converge on the humble shelves of Wanwen Bookhouse. Fellow book-lovers are welcome to come peruse and purchase any literature they may fancy!
Wanwen Bookhouse Ad: The books in this store are collectibles and may be damaged if handled carelessly. Must purchase before reading.
Wanwen Bookhouse Ad: Top Sellers: Legend of the Shattered Halberd, Heart's Desire, Legend of the Lone Sword
Message: "May I ask if you have any copies of Legend of the Shattered Halberd - The Final Chapter of the Star Capital?"
Reply: "Apologies, but I do not sell unofficial canon not authorized by the original author."

Xigu Antiques Ad

Xigu Antiques Ad: True admiration for ancient antiques is admiration for their ancient stories within.
Xigu Antiques Ad: Examine past treasures — looking at the details of their design and feeling the marks of their wear — and the stories of the past will be told... The immense value of the antique will become clear. This is the way of the world.
Message: "Miss Linlang, please hold on to this Mingyun Lover's Jade I purchased at your shop. Once I have more money, I will buy its match."
Reply: "Of course, but don't leave this stone sitting all along by the window for too long."

Xinyue Kiosk Ad

Xinyue Kiosk Ad: Our seafood is all fresh outta the ocean, still bright and natural-tasting when it reaches your plate!
Xinyue Kiosk Ad: Xinyue Kiosk provides the best, authentic Yue-Style cuisine with freshly-caught seafood and a light soup to entertain our taste buds.
Xinyue Kiosk Ad: If you would like to dine in, please reserve a table at least three months in advance.


Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement

Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: Dear all sailors, passengers, residents, traveling merchants, tourists, and everyone else in Liyue: If you require any assistance for dispute mediation, public affairs, document processing, or other manners, please visit the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: No matter if your issue at hand is big or small, the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs will serve you wholeheartedly.

Pearl Galley Announcement

Pearl Galley Announcement: "Where pearled ladies bathe in the luxurious moonlight to the relaxing sound of the sapphire-blue waves."
Pearl Galley Announcement: "The Pearl Galley is the discerning gentleman's haven of leisure: a luxurious jade veranda lined with mood-setting lanterns; tables set with fine wines for the connoisseur and games for the betting man; the air filled with the sound of an elegant harp and ethereal flute; and, of course, beautiful women at your side to make the atmosphere even more perfect."
Pearl Galley Announcement: "Don't leave the fine wine and beautiful meal alone in the cold night wind."
Message: "Righto! Instead of breaking our backs all day to save money for 'important' things like medicine or education, let's just party and have no regrets in life! Wooo~"
Reply: "You have quite a spirit to you! I look forward to your visit to the Pearl Galley for a delight-filled night together."

Sedan Chair Permits

Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: Sedan chair bearers must go to the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs to apply for a Sedan Chair Permit. After passing the written and road tests, you are free to carry people around.
Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: Furthermore, sedan chairs must apply for a wooden plate at the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs before they can legally be used on the road. Don't forget to do this!
Message: "I applied for a wooden plate last year for my new sedan chair and still haven't received it. My sedan chair is gathering dust... When will my wooden plate be approved?"
Reply: Please be patient. You will be notified later when it is approved.

Shenglu Hall Announcement

Shenglu Hall Announcement: "Industry representative Miss Ruoyu and the Tianquan have recently discussed plans for restarting the mining operation in the Chasm, and have made significant progress."
Shenglu Hall Announcement: "On behalf of the Qixing, the Tianquan expressed deep concern for the impact of the Chasm's closure on the glazed ceramics industry, and promised to organize the reopening of the mine as soon as possible."
Shenglu Hall Announcement: "Due to the continued incidents at the Chasm, however, Miss Ruoyu says she may still go investigate the situation personally."
Shenglu Hall Announcement: "We ask all glazed ceramic merchants to not panic. Continue business as normal and follow the Qixing's guidance."

Suspicious Individual

Millelith Announcement: "A suspicious individual has been seen in Liyue recently. We remind citizens to be on guard against thieves."
Millelith Announcement: "If you see anyone acting suspiciously, exercise extreme caution and report to the nearest Millelith post at the earliest opportunity."
Millelith Announcement: "If you see any criminal activity, also be careful to protect yourself and report the nearest Millelith post at the earliest opportunity."

The Chasm

Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: The Chasm mines have been closed due to an accident. Mine workers can come to the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs and present valid documentation to apply for and claim temporary unemployment, medical, and food stipends.
Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: Shops adversely affected by the closure of the mines can come to the Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs to apply for tax exemptions and deductions.
Message: "When will the mines reopen? If they will be closed for an extended period, I won't be able to afford my room in Yujing Terrace..."
Reply: Please do not fret. Wait for the Qixing's announcement on the exact time of reopening.

Water Pollution (Part 1)

Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: "When water's natural purity is preserved, disease cannot fester. But when sullied at its source, it gives rise to all manner of plagues and pestilences. Therefore, let the one who pollutes a water source through negligence be shown leniency, but let any that would willfully pollute a water source be shown no mercy whatsoever."
Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: In response to the recent pollution of Feiyun Slope's water source, Yujing Terrace has sent someone to urgently deal with it. In a few days, the water will be clean as ever.
Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: Until the water source has been cleaned, the Millelith suggests residents go to Chihu Rock to fetch water.
Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs Announcement: Violators who break the rules and pollute the water source will be severely punished by the Millelith.

Water Pollution (Part 2)

Millelith Announcement: "It has now been determined that the cause of the water pollution, tragically, was a young female taking her own life at the water source. The Millelith would like to extend their sincere condolences to the victim's family."
Millelith Announcement: "Out of respect for the privacy of the victim and her family, we will not publish her name."


Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.3
  • In the North Wharf Ad, "the Crux Fleet" was changed to "The Crux."
  • In the Heyu Tea House Ad, "Master Liusu" was changed to "Master Liu Su."

Version 1.2

  • A bug with Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board's messages was fixed, which caused the bulletin board to be uninteractable after viewing all messages. Now, each message plays once before resetting and playing again, in a different order.
  • In About Qiqi..., "Master Hu" was changed to "Director Hu."

Version 1.0

  • Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board was released.