The Feiyun Commerce Guild (Chinese: 飞云商会 Fēiyún Shānghuì, Flying Cloud Commerce Guild) is a powerful trading guild based in Liyue. It is involved in various endeavors, such as trading silk[1] and printing books.[2]

They have a warehouse located in the Lisha region, to the left of Mt. Tianheng on the world map.


Name Position Status
Xingqiu's Father (unnamed) Guild Manager Active
Xingqiu's Brother (unnamed) First Son Active
Xingqiu Second Son Active
Xu Servant Active


  • The "Feiyun" (Chinese: 飞云 Fēiyún, "Flying Clouds") in Feiyun Commerce Guild actually uses different characters than the "Feiyun" (Chinese: 绯云 Fēiyún, "Scarlet Clouds") in Feiyun Slope. However, they are pronounced identically in Chinese. This may be intentional and one may be named after another.


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