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A skirmisher armed with the ability to manipulate Anemo and heal their comrades.
They departed from their motherland and did so for its sake. They left their family, yet gained allies to stick through thick and thin with.
—Perhaps such thoughts are what get them through the unscrupulous work that their missions entail.

Fatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguards are Common Enemies that are part of the Fatui Skirmishers enemy group and the Fatui family.

For specific locations, see the HoYoLAB Teyvat Interactive Map.



Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
-20% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Level Scaling
1 219 51 505
5 492 85 525
10 860 136 550
15 1,532 214 575
20 2,656 335 600
25 3,435 457 625
30 4,418 546 650
35 6,266 658 675
40 8,085 817 700
45 10,779 1,016 725
50 14,989 1,260 750
55 18,441 1,492 775
60 25,144 1,774 800
65 29,949 2,095 825
70 39,156 2,449 850
75 44,762 2,792 875
80 55,697 3,151 900
85 61,273 3,426 925
90 73,062 3,806 950
95 83,247 4,366 975
100 110,295 4,924 1,000

Note that HP and ATK values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains. The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

Abilities and Attacks

  • Interruption Resistance: While performing any attacks, the Anemoboxer Vanguard's Interruption Resistance is greatly increased.
  • Punch: Performs a powerful punch with their gauntlets, dealing 100% ATK as Physical DMG.
  • Anemo Shield: Generates an Anemo shield in front of them capable of blocking attacks from the direction they're facing. If the shield comes in contact with Anemo, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo or Electro, an Elemental Absorption will occur, after which they immediately lifts the shield while charging up their gloves, sucking players in before punching them and dealing 300% ATK as DMG of the absorbed element. If other enemies are present, the Anemoboxer Vanguard will use this ability next to their allies to protect them.
  • Recuperation: The Anemoboxer Vanguard will recuperate any nearby Skirmisher that has been stunned from the forced removal of their elemental armor.



Condition Line
Spotting the Traveler Ha! Come at me!
Hah! Well met.
Activating Shield I see through you!
Heh, that all you got!?
Attacking Don't be a killjoy, we've only just begun!
You can't run! Well... Neither can I.
Reviving Comrades This isn't over!
Get it together!
Defeated Ugh! Looks like I... went too far...
Tch! I... miscalculated...


1 Achievements match the category selection:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
And You Call Yourself One of the Four Winds Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Defeat an Anemoboxer Vanguard after having triggered all of their Elemental Absorptions. 5


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishFatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguard
Yúrénzhòng Xiānqiǎn Duì - Fēng Quán Qiánfēng Jūn
Yúrénzhòng Xiānqiǎn Duì - Fēng Quán Qiánfēng Jūn
Japaneseファデュイせんけんたい ぜんほこさきぐん かぜけん
Fadyui Senkentai・Zen Hokosaki-gun・Kaze Ken
Fatui Skirmisher: Former Army - Anemo Fist
Korean우인단 선발대・풍권 돌격대
U'indan Seonbaldae - Punggwon Dolgyeokdae
Fatui Advance Party - Wind Fist Shock troops
SpanishSoldado Fatui - Boxeador Anemo de VanguardiaFatui Soldier - Anemoboxer Vanguard
FrenchTirailleur Fatui - Frappeur AnémoFatui Skirmisher - Anemo Striker
RussianЗастрельщик Фатуи: Анемо борец
Zastrel'shchik Fatui: Anemo borets
Fatui Skirmisher: Anemo Fighter
ThaiFatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguard
VietnameseĐội Tiên Phong Fatui - Quân Tiên Phong Tay Đấm PhongFatui Vanguard - Anemo Puncher Vanguard
GermanFatui-Plänkler – Anemo-Faust-StürmerFatui Skirmisher - Anemo Fist Striker
IndonesianFatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguard
PortugueseSoldado dos Fatui - Boxeador da Vanguarda AnemoFatui Soldier - Anemoboxer Vanguard

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.4
  • Fixes an issue whereby the blocking effect of Fatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguards may incorrectly remain.

Version 1.3

  • Fixes an issue in Co-Op Mode whereby the blocking effect of Anemoboxer Vanguards may not be displayed properly.

Version 1.2

  • Anemoboxer Vanguard's Geo counter mechanic was removed as it was an addition made in error.
    Anemoboxer Geo Counter.png

Version 1.0

  • Anemoboxer Vanguard was released.