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Fatui Pyro Agents are Fatui Elite Enemies who operate on their own. Mostly in charge of collecting "debts," Agents are usually found in Liyue and Inazuma.


A Fatui secret agent. The duty of a Fatui agent is to settle debts — but not only those of a monetary or goods-in-kind nature.
They also ensure dues are paid when it comes to the principle of "an eye for an eye." If there is one thing the Fatui are not known for, it is leniency, and whoever dares to oppose them will invoke the full force of their wrath upon them.

in-game description from the Adventurer Handbook


Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile

Abilities and Attacks

  • Invisibility: Pyro Agents can turn invisible a few seconds after being aggroed by the player, but their silhouette may remain visible should they be affected by certain elements.Their footsteps will show up on certain terrain as well.
  • Slash: At melee range, Pyro Agents can slash or stab their target with a swift knife blow, dealing heavy amounts of physical damage.
  • Spinning Knife Guard: Pyro Agents can create 3 rapidly spinning Pyro knives in a wide circle around them, dealing Pyro damage to players hit by them. This is always followed by invisibility.
  • Dash attack: While invisible and out of melee range, Pyro Agents can perform a quick dash towards the player and slash them, dealing devastating damage.
  • Shadow Strike: While out of melee range, Pyro Agents can use their silhouette to strike at the player to inflict moderate damage.
  • Pyro Clone Charge: Pyro Agents create a clone of themselves with each attack. Once six clones are on the field, the clones will circle the player before charging at them in sequence, with the Pyro Agent performing a final strike from above.
  • Pyro Resistance: Being imbued with Pyro, Pyro Agents take 50% less damage from Pyro attacks.


  • Players can apply an element or other statuses to the Agent in order to outline or mark the Agent's character model even if it turns invisible.
    • If the Agent is affected with Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro, then the Agent's character model will be outlined with red, dark blue, light blue, or purple, respectively. Note that elemental reactions often consume the elements and may therefore turn the Agent fully invisible again.
    • Some characters' talents can apply marking-like statuses. These remain visible on the Agent when he turns invisible. For example, Lisa's Elemental Skill and her Charged Attack with her 1st Passive Talent apply a stack of the Conductive status, which cause a purple number to show up on the Agent. Tartaglia's Riptide tag and Qiqi's Fortune-Preserving Talisman show up on invisible Agents as well.
  • The agent's blade often flashes before he performs a dash, charge, or slash. If audio is on, the blade emits an unsheathing sound. Use this to your advantage when fighting the agent.
  • Using large AoE attacks, such as Noelle's Charged Attack or Elemental Burst, will increase the likelihood of damaging the Pyro Agent regardless. Consequently, the damage number will appear above the Agent, elucidating his location.
  • Auto-aimers, such as archers, some casters, and Elemental Skills like Xiangling's "Guoba" and Fischl's "Oz" will not be able to hit an invisible Pyro Agent unless he has recently been hit by a non-auto aimed attack.
  • He can be temporarily stun-locked if one finds his location while invisible, preventing him from moving away. This allows significant damage to be inflicted upon him.
  • Using heavy attacks that can interrupt the Agent or knock them over will cancel their invisibility.
  • The spinning knife attack has a minimal range – as long as the player gets very close to the Pyro Agent such that the character is not in the circular arc of the knives, the player will not be hit by said attack.
  • Unlike the other Fatui members, Agents do not possess any shields.


Fatui Pyro Agent locations can be pinpointed on the map by using the Adventurer Handbook.




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Fatui Pyro Agent
Spotting the Traveler Pay your dues!
Attacking Prepare yourself.
Leaving so soon?
No escape!
A bad debt! (Only after clone charge)
Defeated You... can't run from debt...


  • Players can get a Achievement called "...Till Debt Do Us Part" for killing the Agent while he is in Stealth mode.
  • During the Fatui Agent version of the commission "Emergency," the Agent will have one of several names, with the title "Agent - Incinerating Blades."
    • Possible names include: Aleksandr, Aleksey, Andrei, Artyom, Borya, Danilovich, Decord, Feodor, Grigor, Igor, Iosef, Ismailovich, Ivanov, Kirilyenko, Konstantin, Leo, Liev, Maksim, Mikhail, Nikolai, Nikolayev, Pavlo, Pavlovich, Pyotrov, Russell, Sasha, Semyon, Sergei, Shevchenko, Vasilyev, Vladimir, and Yevgeni.
  • Notable Fatui Agents:
  • During the Closed Beta Test, Agents wore the standard Fatui opera mask instead of the more imposing full-face mask seen after the game's public release. As a result, Javert's voice during Xingqiu's story quest is undistorted in non-Chinese voiceovers; his lines were recorded during beta, before the distortion effect was implemented, and were not re-recorded for the public release.
  • Like many other Elite Fatui enemies, Agents are usually seen by themselves, but one Agent can be seen with a Fatui Mirror Maiden near the Court of Flowing Sand domain.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0