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A member of a special Fatui honor guard from Snezhnaya.
Willing to do anything to achieve the grand goals of the Fatui, they are the stark opposite of the dignity indicated by the title "Maiden".
A Fatui mage who came command a Hydro Mirror in battle. Her posture is highly dignified, as if she is one who worships a god.
The Hydro Mirror she manipulates lures those enchanted by her to willingly fall for her illusion. Nothing seems to escape her ears. No one knows what those covered eyes have seen, what kind of obsession might be reflected in them...

The Fatui Mirror Maiden, also called a "Fatui: Snezhnayan Maiden" in the Adventurer Handbook, is an enemy who uses a Hydro Delusion to command a Hydro Mirror in battle. Her posture is highly dignified, as if she is one who worships a god.


Item Mora.pngMora
Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile


Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
-20% 10% 50% 10% 10% 10% 10%

The following table describes the level scaling. Note that values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains (such as the Spiral Abyss). The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

1 441 76 505
5 992 127 525
10 1,735 203 550
15 3,128 321 575
20 5,107 502 600
25 7,148 686 625
30 9,510 820 650
35 12,766 987 675
40 17,075 1,225 700
45 22,939 1,525 725
50 31,461 1,889 750
55 40,823 2,239 775
60 53,154 2,661 800
65 69,881 3,142 825
70 87,913 3,673 850
75 110,004 4,188 875
80 141,820 4,726 900
85 181,189 5,140 925
90 222,602 5,709 950
95 272,572 6,549 975
100 332,760 7,387 1,000

Abilities and Attacks

(Attack names are not official.)

  • Polarization State: When hit by certain attacks of the Mirror Maiden, a Refraction status will be applied to the player, and the Mirror Maiden will enter the Polarization State. While in this state, the Mirror Maiden has her Interruption Resistance greatly increased and will use enhanced attacks.
  • Mirror Portal: Summon a mirror behind her that closes up around them causing her to disappear, then another mirror appears that the Mirror Maiden emerges from.
  • Waterwheels: Smmons 3 lines of water to drop from the skies creating mirror shards on the ground that form spinning flowers with water around them that then burst dealing AoE Hydro DMG. This attack applies the Refraction status onto the player. The attack is replaced by Ripple Rain when the Mirror Maiden is in Polarization state.
  • Explosive Splash: Summons an Explosive Splash around herself if the player attacks her in melee range. This attack applies the Refraction status onto the player. The no longer occurs after the Mirror Maiden is in Polarization state.
  • Hydro Bullets: Shoots up to two consecutive Hydro Bullets at the player dealing Hydro DMG; if the Maiden is in Polarization state, 3 homing bullets will be shot at once.
  • Ripple Rain: Shoots water into the air that then falls down causing 3 splashes that deal AoE Hydro DMG. This attack is only used when the Mirror Maiden is in Polarization state.
  • Glass Cage: Summons temporary small mirror shards around the player, dealing low AoE Hydro DMG and trapping the player inside, the player may still move and attack while in the cage but cannot escape without special means. This attack is only used when the Mirror Maiden is in Polarization state.
  • Laser Zone: Summons 3 Hydro Bullets that orbit around them and one that orbits around the player, then many mirrors will be summoned around a player which reflect a laser many times in the area dealing Hydro DMG, then a burst of water erupts dealing more AoE Hydro DMG. This attack is only used when the Mirror Maiden is in Polarization state.



    • The Refraction debuff is displayed as 4 small mirror shards on the player forming a target pattern.
    • The Polarization state is shown by many small mirror shards floating around the Mirror Maiden.
    • While in the Polarization state, the Mirror Maiden cannot be staggered, and is immune to vacuum fields' displacement effects. Instead of attempting to knock them back, attempt to trigger the Frozen reaction, stunning them.
    • The debuff is removed when one of characters in your party falls and when leaving combat. It is also removed if a Mirror Maiden is defeated.
    • The debuff can be avoided by dashing through the attacks that inflict it, taking advantage of its i-frames to evade both damage and the debuff, but Elemental Burst animation's i-frames will evade the damage, but not the debuff.
    • If the Refraction status is applied by one Mirror Maiden, all Mirror Maidens in battle will enter the Polarization state. Similarly, in co-op mode, one player having the Refraction status is a sufficient condition for all Mirror Maidens in battle to enter the Polarization state.
  • The Glass Cage can be avoided by the same way as the Ice Cage: a well-timed sprint dash can prevent you from getting trapped. It is also possible to use skills like Venti's Skyward Sonnet, Xiao's Lemniscatic Wind Cycling, Kazuha's Chihayaburu, Kujou Sara's Tengu Stormcall, Hu Tao's unique dash to escape the cage, as well as attacks like most Polearm users' Charged Attack, Keqing, Kaeya and Ayaka's 5th Normal Attack, which allow you to dash out of the cage.
  • Like the Fatui Pyro Agent, the Mirror Maiden also lacks a shield.


Fatui Mirror Maiden locations can be pinpointed on the map by using the Adventurer Handbook. There is also a timed challenge to defeat two in 60 seconds just outside of Inazuma City.


Fatui Mirror Maiden
Spotting the Traveler Heh, the insolent shall be punished!
Heh... I heard you.
Attacking Where are you!? (Waterwheels)
Hah, you can't hide. (Hydro Bullets)
Mirror images disperse like water. (Hydro Bullets)
Ha ha! Got you! (Glass Cage)
Hurr, out of my sight! (Ripple Rain)
Her majesty's power flows through me! (The Laser Zone)
This is her majesty's gift! (The Laser Zone)
Polarization State No mercy!
Impertinent fool... begone!
Purging... transgressions!
Defeated Ugh... winter, shall... eventually come.
This body, belongs to... ice...and snow.

Fatui Mirror Maiden
Spotting the Traveler 不敬之人,必将得到惩罚!
Attacking 让我听听……你在哪儿。 (Waterwheels)
无处可逃。 (Hydro Bullets)
镜中画,如水而散。 (Hydro Bullets)
无礼者,退下! (Explosive Splash)
抓住你了。 (Glass Cage)
退散! (Ripple Rain)
陛下的荣光……加护于我! (The Laser Zone)
这是……陛下的恩赐! (The Laser Zone)
Polarization State 永不宽恕!
Defeated 寒冬……终会……到来。

Fatui Mirror Maiden
Spotting the Traveler 불경한 자는 반드시 벌한다.
네 소리가 들려.
Attacking 들어보자, 어디에 있을까? (Waterwheels)
피할 수 없어. (Hydro Bullets)
거울 속의 꽃이여, 물처럼 흩어져라! (Hydro Bullets)
물러서시지! (Explosive Splash)
잡았다! (Glass Cage)
피할 수 없어. (Ripple Rain)
폐하의 힘으로 보호해주소서. (The Laser Zone)
이것이 폐하의 자비다. (The Laser Zone)
Polarization State 용서는 없어.
무례한 자여, 물럿거라.
죄악을 씻어주리라.
Defeated 마침내.. 혹한이 찾아왔군...
이 몸은 눈보라로 돌아가리...



  • During the commission "Emergency", the Fatui Mirror Maiden will have one of the following names, with her title being "Snezhnayan Maiden: Mirror Envoy": Aniya, Ayda, Borisova, Branka, Chernovna, Danika, Daria, Doronina, Irina, Katya, Maria, Masha, Mila, Miroslava, Nadja, Olga, Raisa, Rakhmanova, Rusalka, Semyonova, Snezhna, Sola, Tanya, Treska, Valentina, Varya, Velina, Verochka, Vladimya, Yevgeniya, Yuliya, Zivanka.
  • The Fatui Mirror Maiden is the tallest female character in-game, even taller than the Fatui Agents.
  • On Inazuma Island, just below Court of Flowing Sand to the northeast, players can find a Mirror Maiden and a Fatui Pyro Agent by themselves looking out towards the sea.
  • Defeating a Mirror Maiden without being trapped by her Glass Cage gives the Challenger: Series IV Achievement I'll Skip the Spa, Thanks.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Mirror Maiden
Yúrénzhòng - Cángjìng Shìnǚ
Fatui - Maiden that hides a Mirror
Yúrénzhòng - Cángjìng Shìnǚ
Japanese ファデュイ・ミラーメイデン
Fadyui: Miraa Meiden
Fatui: Mirror Maiden
Korean 우인단・거울의 여인
Uindan - Geo'ul-ui Yeo'in
Fatui - Woman of the Mirror
Spanish Soldado Fatui - Doncella del EspejoFatui Soldier - Mirror Maiden
French Suivante miroir des FatuiFatui Mirror Follower
Russian Зеркальная дева Фатуи
Zerkal'naya deva Fatui
Fatui Mirror Maiden
Thai Mirror Maiden
Vietnamese Fatui - Thiếu Nữ Kính
German Fatui – SpiegeljungfrauFatui - Mirror Maiden
Indonesian Mirror Maiden
Portuguese Dama do EspelhoMirror Lady

Change History

Released in Version 2.0