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The Fatui are a delegation of diplomats from the Zapolyarny Palace of Snezhnaya. There is also a military detachment led by the Eleven Fatui Harbingers and the Tsaritsa herself. They are one of the two main antagonistic factions alongside the Abyss Order in Genshin Impact and the main antagonists in the official supplementary manga.

A singular member of the Fatui is called a Fatuus.


The Fatui are a powerful military force in terms of power and numbers, making it the strongest of all the seven nations. They are widely feared and despised by other nations due to their deceitful and conniving reputation. The organization is composed of members performing a variety of roles, including combatants, bureaucrats, politicians, and merchants.

Hailing from the frozen lands of Snezhnaya, the Fatui are publicly seen as a political department of the nation that represents the goodwill of the Tsaritsa and manages foreign affairs with all six other nations. However, despite how they initially present themselves, the citizens and governments of those nations are often already aware of their true colors, and treat both their diplomats and individual members of the organization with distrust.

They often use underhanded methods to establish their power and influence in another nation, and as a whole are willing to go to extremes to further the Tsaritsa's vision for a "perfect world." Deception, extortion,[1] and human experimentation are but some of the tactics they employ to bolster their own strength.

Despite their loyalty to their empress, most of the Fatui grunts themselves are unaware of the Tsaritsa's true plans. The Harbingers are likely some of the few among the ranks who are truly aware of the Tsaritsa's true intentions, as they are the ones assisting her in collecting Gnoses.

The Fatui are divided into divisions, each of which is headed by one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Each Harbinger operates with a different modus operandi which also influences how their underlings act.[2] There is often a lack of thorough communication between fellow Harbingers,[3][4] Harbingers and their subordinates, as well as between different divisions of Fatui operatives.[5] However, some members of the Fatui are quite loyal to their leading Harbinger, to the point of being willing to seek revenge for their sake.[6]

The Fatui come from a variety of backgrounds: some were taken in at the House of the Hearth orphanage,[7][8] others choose to join their ranks, while others, like Childe, can be enlisted by their parents. They also do not hesitate to help financially and diplomatically strategic allies in order to interfere in foreign policy.[9]

They receive certain advantages in exchange for their services, such as supplies, salaries, or powerful weapons;[10] in exchange for this, however, they choose neither the destination to which they are sent, nor the superiors to whom they obey.[11]

Many of the Fatui NPCs in the game are everyday workers who are oblivious to their superiors' true intentions, but are nevertheless very loyal to the Tsaritsa and Snezhnaya. Members have differing opinions on being stationed in other nations, ranging from intense homesickness[12] to having developed fondness for their new home.[13]

In Mondstadt[]

So far, the Fatui's tactic to increase their influence in Mondstadt has been to incite or take advantage of disturbances to offer their assistance in a way that puts the Knights of Favonius in an awkward position. For example, they provoked Ursa the Drake into attacking the city so that Il Dottore could defeat it (later attempting a similar setup during Ludi Harpastum),[14] and one of their diplomats pressured Jean to allow them to kill Dvalin after the Stormterror attack.[15] Later during the Stormterror conflict, agents stole the Holy Lyre der Himmel, though it was soon recovered. A delegation of diplomats is currently residing in the Goth Grand Hotel, though they are apparently under lockdown.[5] During Eula's Story Quest, it is revealed that some members were colluding with Schubert Lawrence to invade Mondstadt, promising to help him establish the Lawrence Clan as the rulers of the city once again, though this plot was quickly foiled by the Knights of Favonius.[16]

The Fatui were presumably the ones who gave Crepus his Delusion, and were the ones who lured Ursa the Drake to his carriage, eventually leading to his death. They are also competing with Diluc to find a vial that contains the Anemo Archon's breath, which was stolen six months prior to the events of the game from one of the Temples of the Four Winds. Due to the amount of counterfeits that have flooded the market since, both the Fatui and Diluc have yet to find the real one, though Diluc has been purchasing every counterfeit he can find just in case.[17]

The Fatui also have plans involving the heart of the deceased Abyssal dragon, Durin, in Dragonspine, though the Traveler ends up interfering when they arrive.[18]

In Liyue[]

The Fatui used to have some kind of diplomatic immunity in Liyue Harbor (and an embassy),[19] and have been investing in the local economy through the Northland Bank, though the Liyue Qixing are wary of them. The Northland Bank is an arm of the Fatui "with some exceptions"[20] despite their receptionist Ekaterina denying this, being a national bank founded in Snezhnaya that has opened a branch in Liyue Harbor. The Harbingers are important clients of the bank, and the Fatui's Debt Collection division, of which Fatui Pyro Agents are a part, seem to assist the bank in tracking down debtors.[21] The Fatui also have ties to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor,[22] the exact nature of which are unclear.

Shortly after The Chasm shut down due to a series of mysterious incidents, the Harbinger Signora had negotiated with the Qixing to allow the Fatui's Ninth Company to enter the underground mines to cleanse the mysterious sludge in the mines with an experimental device. The Fatui would investigate The Chasm, while the Millelith would deliver supplies and orders. However, the device exploded and the Fatui became scattered across the mines. The Ninth Company, a group of 64 soldiers, suffered such immense casualties from this that half of the men are assumed dead or missing including the company captain, forcing Staff Sergeant Anton to assume command, although not everyone has listened to him. By the time the Traveler discovers them, Anton has three soldiers remaining under his command. Begging them for help, Anton and his men learn what happened and decide to retreat.[23]

Fatui soldiers assisted Childe after he summoned the Overlord of the Vortex in order to draw out Rex Lapis, fighting against the Traveler, Keqing, and the Millelith on the Jade Chamber. Since this was effectively abetting a plot to destroy Liyue Harbor, this caused the remaining Fatui in Liyue to be looked down upon with suspicion and the Ninth Company in the Chasm was promptly abandoned and declared criminals by the Millelith, having lost all communication with the surface and desperately running low on rations, with some scattered groups bartering with Treasure Hoarders in the region for food.[24] Katarina is another notable Fatuus, having remained in the underground mines to search for her brother, who was separated from her.

While relations have soured since Childe's actions, the Fatui still has a delegation in Liyue and is still interested in the nation's politics — upon learning that Uncle Tian had wanted to step down from the Liyue Qixing, they colluded with one of his disciples, Zhiyi, to assassinate and replace him so they could have influence over the Liyue Qixing. Fortunately, this plot was foiled by Yelan, who had been investigating Zhiyi, although the Harbinger Pantalone (who was monitoring Liyue's situation) managed to minimize the Liyue Qixing's advantage over the Fatui.[9]

In Inazuma[]

The Fatui were the masterminds behind the Vision Hunt Decree in Inazuma, and fanned the flames of conflict on both sides of the Inazuman civil war. They colluded with the Tenryou and Kanjou Commissions to feed the Raiden Shogun false information[25] and gather materials for their Delusion Factory respectively, secretly distributed Delusions among the Watatsumi resistance forces, and planted spies throughout the country in various efforts to destabilize both Watatsumi and the Shogunate and render them vulnerable to Fatui influence.[26][27] They caused the Tatarasuna Incident by sabotaging the Mikage Furnace as part of Pierro's plan to lay the groundwork for a future endeavor in Inazuma; while unconfirmed, it was most likely the prelude to the Vision Hunt Decree plot. They were also responsible for the Tatarigami outbreak on Yashiori Island, as a Fatui infiltrator convinced members of the Watatsumi Army to destroy the wards on Yashiori Island.[27][28]

After the Vision Hunt Decree was abolished and the civil war ended, the bulk of the Fatui's forces retreated, although a few groups remained behind for various reasons. The First Lord Harbinger Pierro dispatched Naval Warrant Officer Borenka to cover up the Fatui's involvement in the Yashiori Island disaster by recovering the infiltrator's report and extracting any Inazuman recruits to be silenced. However, he and his group were defeated by the Traveler and Shizuru, who retrieved the report for Watatsumi.[27] Some of Signora's subordinates have stayed behind to avenge her, seeking to disrupt the peace treaty between the Shogunate and Watatsumi, though they were unsuccessful.[6] Another group from the House of the Hearth, led by Efim Snezhevich, also planned to reignite the civil war by poisoning Watatsumi Island; Efim believes this would raise the prestige of their patron, the Harbinger Arlecchino,[7] though it is later revealed that he had broken off with unsuspecting subordinates to advance the previous Knave's directives. This plan was disrupted by the defection of Lyudochka Snezhevna, and the Shuumatsuban is working to root out Efim's remaining associates.[29]

In Sumeru[]

Fatui involvement in Sumeru has largely been from the Harbinger Il Dottore's projects. They collaborated with the sages of Sumeru Akademiya to replace Lesser Lord Kusanali with a new god of wisdom. Dottore was aware that the sages did not acknowledge Kusanali as a successor to Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, and he was intrigued by the possibility of creating an artificial god. He set up an experiment to turn the Harbinger Scaramouche into Sumeru's new god using the Electro Gnosis (previously acquired by Scaramouche). They successfully turned Scaramouche into the god Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal, though he was soon defeated and Lesser Lord Kusanali was restored as the deity of Sumeru. In the aftermath, Dottore recovered the Electro and Dendro Gnoses for the Tsaritsa via a deal with Lesser Lord Kusanali: the deletion of all his other Segments, as well as an exchange of information.

Following these events, Lesser Lord Kusanali took Scaramouche under her wing. Upon learning the truth and scale of Dottore's machinations, he broke off from the Fatui and attempted to erase himself from Irminsul, though this attempt was unsuccessful. Upon restoring his memories via a backup that Kusanali had made to resist tampering, Scaramouche abandoned his name and the Fatui. As an effect of tampering with Irminsul, Scaramouche's seat would remain unoccupied for hundreds of years, with any further effects being unknown.[30]

Another of Il Dottore's projects involves weaponizing dreams and The Withering, and many of Dottore's subordinates in Dharma Forest have been tasked with aiding the project. Dottore is particularly interested in the Aranara, who possess the power to manipulate dreams, and his subordinates have been ordered to catch the Aranara for study. With the help of an infiltrator they have been trapping children from Vimara Village to lure out the Aranara, though such measures have consistently failed due to the Aranara's innate properties.[31] A related team led by Oleg set up research camps across the forest using machines with the goal of extracting energy from Withering Zones. However, the machines were not actually intended for that use and they had been tricked into using them by Kasim, a con artist. Oleg's team was eventually arrested by the Corps of Thirty and their machines were disabled.[32]

The Fatui are also active throughout the Great Red Sand. They have been collaborating with Thutmose, an Eremite faction, in order to explore the ruins of King Deshret's civilization.[33] Separately, the Fatui Desert Expedition Investigation Team was sent to the Desert of Hadramaveth to study the desert tribes[34] and explore the Eternal Oasis, striking a deal with the Tanit tribe for aid. However, they were betrayed by Matriarch Babel, putting their efforts at a standstill. When Babel ordered Jeht to eliminate the Traveler, she refused the order, prompting her to lay a trap with the Fatui to eliminate her. The Fatui successfully caught her, but were terrified of her tenacity. Likewise, she told the Traveler of her "betrayal", hoping that one of them would kill the other, but the plan was foiled and the two destroyed the team.

Some Fatui were also sent to the Girdle of the Sands for reasons unknown, with one officer, Markozov, seeking the Pari for unknown reasons related to knowledge, though Sosi believes that they were coveting the power of the gods.

In Fontaine[]

The Harbinger Arlecchino is the Father of the House of Hearth in Fontaine, and as such she is concerned by a prophecy claiming that the people of Fontaine will one day dissolve into the water of the Primordial Sea, leaving only the Archon Focalors to weep. Arlecchino and her operatives under the House of the Hearth were in Fontaine for the supposed reason of stopping the prophecy from occurring. Tartaglia was also sent to Fontaine to assist the Northland Bank branch there, but was (falsely) accused of being the perpetrator behind a series of mysterious disappearances. Though he was proven innocent, the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale still declared him guilty, and he was sentenced to the Fortress of Meropide. Arlecchino sent several of her agents to infiltrate Meropide and gather intel, though many of them were captured by Wriothesley. She also took it to herself to investigate the true identity of the Hydro Archon.

The Fatui are also involved in other operations throughout the nation. Henri was hired by the Fatui to collect parts from the Fontaine Research Institute for them, and was misled into extracting the cores of seven water quality monitor devices, being told they were polluting the water. The Traveler helped him, not knowing he was hired by the Fatui. However, Henri's boss was ultimately captured by Hunter and Turner, who revealed Henri had been tricked.[35]

The 34th Independent Investigative Squad was deployed to Mont Esus East, and took over several hydrological monitoring stations once used by the Fontaine Research Institute, claiming the Maison Gestion gave them permission. In truth, they were only pretending to work, as the squad (including its captain Malinovskyi) simply wanted to slack off but were being monitored by the deputy captain, Shumilov, who they did not like. In the end they were chased off by the Traveler, who was helping the researcher Broglie.[36]

Following an explosion at the Fontaine Research Institute, Arlecchino sent several of her Fatui Operatives to investigate the matter. It is also implied that they entered a partnership with Edwin Eastinghouse and Nacker regarding Arkhium, as a Wind Operative can be found in Nacker's former laboratory in the Morte Region following his capture.

Upon learning of some ancient ruins near Poisson, Arlecchino had sent a group out to explore it, but they soon learned of the Poisson disaster and devoted their resources to helping the people out, such as performing headcounts and monitoring water levels. When Lyney, Lynette and Freminet learned of the Traveler and Neuvillette's plan to "trap" Furina so she could admit her secrets, Lyney had the Fatui help him in replicating a larger-scale version of the trick he initially performed at the Opera Epiclese, who created a false house and made a tunnel from Poisson all the way to the opera house. They also assisted Freminet in finding a missing stone slate that the Traveler, Neuvillette and Navia had come upon while investigating the ruins.

When the prophecy passed, Neuvillette gave Arlecchino the Hydro Gnosis as a "diplomatic gift", as both Arlecchino and Tartaglia provided invaluable assistance to the people of Fontaine and that he wanted to dispose of it after Skirk's urging.

The forces of another Harbinger (likely Sandrone) worked with a civilian named Jenck to steal Sir Arthur to help him take over The Steambird in return for finding Mosso Lombroso's inheritance and research in machine intelligence. The collaboration ended when Jenck destroyed "Curve", a lie-detecting Clockwork Meka created by Lombroso, and most of his research to avoid capture, so the Harbinger had him punished accordingly by breaking his mind and ripping his tongue out, leaving a letter apologizing to the Traveler, Paimon and Talochard. The Harbinger's subordinates were ordered to recover Curve's remains afterwards before anyone could act.[37]

After giving the Gnosis to the Tsaritsa, Arlecchino returned to Fontaine and had a meeting with Neuvillette, where she gave him a proposal of her own. While he was initially hesitant to accept at first, upon learning the entire deal, he accepted the offer. Arlecchino proposed to him that there were members from the House who wanted to leave, but did not want to be targeted due to their secrets. In return for having their memories of the House erased and allowing them to live normal lives in Fontaine, Arlecchino would withdraw the majority of her forces from Fontaine and would not carry out any "special missions" in the nation unless absolutely necessary.[38]

In Natlan[]

During Varka's expedition with the veteran members of the Knights of Favonius, they ran into Il Capitano and his subordinates, who were heading to Natlan. They eventually arrived, and Neuvillette states that Il Capitano had "thrown himself" into the nation's endless "wars".




The Tsaritsa is the Cryo Archon and the Archon presiding over Snezhnaya. The Fatui Harbingers carry out her plans to seize authority from the gods, though her motivations for doing this are still shrouded in mystery.

Eleven Fatui Harbingers[]

The Eleven Fatui Harbingers are the executive officers of the organization, being under only the Tsaritsa herself. They are given absolute executive authority by her and answer directly to her. They are blessed with powers that exceed those of an average human, but those powers do not seem to be derived from their Visions. Instead, the Harbingers all possess a Delusion, which are said to be even more powerful. Those among the Fatui who have proven themselves in their strength are chosen by one of them to serve as direct subordinates. Each Harbinger goes by a code name instead of their real names and leads their own division within the Fatui. Currently, the only known divisions are the Debt Collection division and the Intelligence division, the latter also being known as the House of the Hearth.

Current Members[]

All of the names and aliases for the Harbingers who have not received in-game introductions can be found in the video description of the Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night's Lazzo.

Rank Constel. Image Name Codename Real Name
[39][40][Note 1]
Unknown Pierro Icon Pierro "The Jester"
丑角 "The Jester"[Note 2]
2 Unknown Il Dottore Icon Il Dottore "The Doctor"
博士 "The Doctor"
Zandik[Note 3]
3[41] Unknown Columbina Icon Columbina "Damselette"
少女 "The Maiden"
4 Eleven Fatui Harbingers 4 Arlecchino Icon Arlecchino "The Knave"
仆人 "The Servant"
5[42] Unknown Pulcinella Icon Pulcinella "The Rooster"
公鸡 "The Rooster"
6 None (previously Scaramouche)
Vacant for hundreds of years as of The Night-Bird Falls at the Curtain's Call[43]
7[44] Unknown Sandrone Icon Sandrone "Marionette"
木偶 "The Puppet"
8 None (previously La Signora)
Vacant as of Signora's death
9[45] Unknown Pantalone Icon Pantalone "Regrator"
富人 "Rich Man"
11 Eleven Fatui Harbingers 11 Tartaglia Icon Tartaglia "Childe"
公子 "Young Lord"
[Note 1]
Unknown Il Capitano Icon Il Capitano "The Captain"
队长 "The Captain"
Former Members[]
Rank Constel. Image Name Codename Real Name Status
6 Eleven Fatui Harbingers 6 Scaramouche Icon Scaramouche "The Balladeer"
散兵 "The Skirmisher"
Kunikuzushi Removed himself from history,[43] leaving the Fatui in the process with no desire to return.[46]
8 Eleven Fatui Harbingers 8[47] NPC La Signora Icon La Signora "The Fair Lady"
女士 "The Lady"
Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter Deceased
? Unknown Crucabena Icon Unknown "The Knave"
仆人 "The Servant"
Crucabena Deceased[48]

Infantry Units[]


House of the Hearth[]

The House of the Hearth is a group founded by Arlecchino. Unlike the other known Fatui groups, all of its members consist of orphans from all over the continent who are raised under a single group. Once the orphans have come of age, they enlist in the Fatui and either continue to serve Arlecchino, or transfer to a different Harbinger's command.

The current director of the House of the Hearth is Arlecchino, who succeeded the previous director Crucabena.
There are 21 other characters who are part of the House of the Hearth:

Ninth Company[]

This company was dispatched by Pulcinella to The Chasm: Underground Mines to investigate its recent strange phenomena as part of an agreement between Snezhnaya and the Liyue Qixing. After Tartaglia's actions in Liyue Harbor, this arrangement was nullified and the supply chains were cut off, but the company stayed, unaware of the events at the surface.

The company originally contained 64 members, but Anton estimates that half of the soldiers have gone missing or died to accidents within the Chasm. Since the company's captain has also gone missing, Anton has declared himself as the Brevet Captain (acting commanding officer).

Its members included:

Desert Expedition Team[]

The Fatui Desert Expedition Investigation Team was sent to the Desert of Hadramaveth to investigate the status of the desert tribes for Dottore[34] as well as explore the Eternal Oasis venerated by the Eremites. The expedition commander, Professor Froderock Fronkonsteen, also wished to obtain a member of the desert tribes for experimentation.[49] They struck a deal with the Tanit tribe; they would supply the Tanit with Snezhnayan supplies and technical documents and help Babel consolidate power in exchange for the tribe's help exploring the oasis. However, Babel betrayed them, resulting in the Fatui becoming scattered and unable to advance.[49] They briefly work with Aderfi and Azariq to overthrow Babel, but this fails after the Traveler and Jeht kill the two "traitors."

Eventually, the expedition team ends their negotiations with the Tanit with a deal to get rid of Jeht, who would be taken as their test subject. They capture Jeht and take her to their ad-hoc headquarters at Wadi Al-Majuj to be transported out of the desert. Jeht ultimately breaks free and slaughters her way through the camp, likely killing Professor Fronkensteen as well.[50]

Its members included:

34th Independent Investigative Squad[]

This unit was dispatched to Fontaine, though they are not actually following any orders and are just pretending to investigate the Fontaine Research Institute to appease their strict deputy captain.

Its members include:

  • Lieutenant Malinovskyi (squad captain)
  • Second Lieutenant Shumilov (squad deputy captain)
  • Sergeant F.S. Vorovskaya
  • Corporal V.T. Eyubov
  • Corporal H.A. Petunin
  • Private N.N. Shagayev
  • Private A.U. Yudichev
  • Private C.A. Zinkov
  • Feronov


Manga Only[]


  • The word "Fatui" is Latin for "Fools."
    • In Italian, its meaning is "someone who works hard, but fruitlessly."
  • In English, "Fatuus" — the singular form of the Latin word fatui — is sometimes used to refer to a singular member of the Fatui.[54] The English word "fatuous," used in the name of the Fatuous Farce weekly Reputation Quests, is also derived from Latin fatuus.
    • In Japanese, however, ファトゥス Fatusu refers specifically to members of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers.[55]
    • In Chinese and Korean, the word sometimes used to refer to a singular member 愚人 yúrén/ u'in means "Fool."
  • Diluc is a member of an underground intelligence network based in the north which, amongst its various activities, keeps tabs on the Fatui and previously intervened in the Harbingers' attempt to kill Diluc during his years away from Mondstadt.[56] He remained a member after returning to Mondstadt and has used its intelligence network to track the activities of both the Fatui and the Abyss Order.[57][58]
  • The Fatui are mentioned in the description of the following Furnishing:



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Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishFatuiLatin: Fools
Group of Fools
Group of Fools

Change History[]


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