The Fatui (singular member Fatuus) are a delegation of diplomats from the Zapolyarny Palace of Snezhnaya. There is also a military detachment led by the Eleven Fatui Harbingers and the Tsaritsa herself. They are one of the main antagonistic factions in Genshin Impact. They are also the main antagonists in the Manga.


The Fatui is stated to be an overpowering military force in terms of power and numbers, making it the strongest of all the seven nations. They are widely feared and despised by all other nations due to their deceitful and conniving reputation. The organization is mostly composed of combatants rather than simply bureaucrats, politicians, and merchants for an organization who proudly call themselves "diplomats."[1]

Hailing from the frozen lands of Snezhnaya, the Fatui are publicly seen as a political department of the nation that represents the goodwill of the Tsaritsa and manages foreign affairs with all six other nations, often using economic means and fair trade movements to first engage with other governments in order to safely insert their influence inside of the nation's center of power. Once they have near full dominate of the government and capital, the Fatui ceases being the once-friendly and diplomatic organization and starts using corrupt and violent means to get what they want, putting abusive taxes and inhuman demands that naturally will always cost the lives of civilians in the process.[1]

Despite their public façade of a benevolent group that seems to engage with merchants and politicians with friendly proposals, their notoriety is already too obvious for the Fatui to keep hiding their true colors from the people and are now widely viewed as a threat to all nations. The Fatui are experts in the field of economics, defense, and policies and will use any modern ways to have full dominance of all nations of the world to further the Tsaritsa's vision for a "perfect world." Despite their loyalty to their empress, many of the Fatui's grunts themselves are unaware of the Tsaritsa's true plans and no one dares to question her true motives. The only one so far that comes close to knowing the Tsaritsa's true purposes may be Signora, who is directly in charge of gathering the Gnoses of the other Archons of Teyvat, and most likely all other Harbingers. The Fatui are divided into divisions which each group is headed by one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, therefore the groups don't have any contact and relations with each other once said groups isolate themselves in different regions of Teyvat to complete their tasks.[1]

While the Fatui are widely reviled and feared by the people of Teyvat, in-game, it's shown that many underlings are actually just everyday workers, all of them being from the staff teams, and are oblivious to their superiors' true intentions since they are limited to only following their orders, while their military is fully composed of troops who have ruthless, vicious killers among their ranks.[1]

The group seems to be running the Northland Bank, a national bank founded in Snezhnaya, that opened a branch in Liyue Harbor and has become the favorite bank of Teyvat probably due to their openly illegal activities. As a neutral department, the Fatui often uses the bank as a mask to cover their operations and will more likely use the branch as their center of intelligence to command their operations across the region.[1]



The mysterious, ever so cold queen of Snezhnaya and the Cryo Archon.

Eleven Fatui Harbingers

The Eleven Fatui Harbingers are the top echelons of the organization, being under only the Tsaritsa herself. They are given absolute executive authority by her and answer directly to her. They are blessed with powers that exceed those of an average human, but those powers do not seem to be derived from Visions. Instead, the Harbingers all possess a Delusion, which are said to be even more powerful. Those among the Fatui who have proven themselves in their strength are chosen by one of them to serve as direct subordinates. Each Harbinger goes by a code name instead of their real names and leads their own division within the Fatui. Currently, the only known such division is the Debt Collection division.

No. Constel. Image Name Alias Vision Delusion
1[2] Unknown.png Character Unknown Thumb.png Pedrelino[2] "Jester"
(Chinese: "The Fool"[3])
Unknown Unknown
5[4] Unknown.png Character Pulcinella Thumb.png Pulcinella ???
(Chinese: "The Rooster"[5])
Unknown Unknown
6[6] Unknown.png Character Scaramouche Thumb.png Scaramouche[6] "Balladeer"
(Chinese: "The Skirmisher")
Unknown Unknown
8 Unknown.png Character Signora Thumb.png Signora "The Fair Lady"
(Chinese: "The Lady")
Unknown Cryo[7]
11 Harbinger-icon-11.png Character Tartaglia Thumb.png Tartaglia "Childe"
(Chinese: "The Young Lord")
Hydro Electro[8]
? Unknown.png Character Dottore Thumb.png Dottore[9] ???
(Chinese: "The Professor"[10])
Unknown Unknown
? Unknown.png Character Unknown Thumb.png Pantalone[11] ???
(Chinese: ???)
Unknown Unknown
? Unknown.png Character Unknown Thumb.png Sandrone[12] ???
(Chinese: "The Puppet"[13])
Unknown Unknown
? Unknown.png Character Unknown Thumb.png Capitano[14] ???
(Chinese: "The Captain"[14])
Unknown Unknown

Infantry Units


Manga Only


  • The word "Fatui" is Latin for "Fools."
  • In English, "Fatuus" is sometimes used to refer to a singular member of the Fatui,[15] which is simply the singular form of the Latin word "fatui." The English word "fatuous" is also derived from Latin fatuus.
    • In Japanese, ファトゥス Fatuus actually refers to one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers.[16]
    • In Chinese and Korean, the word sometimes used to refer to a singular member (Chinese: 愚人 Yúrén; Korean: U'in) means "Fool."


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