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Fate of a Fighter is a World Quest on Inazuma. The starting point for this quest is west of the eastern Waypoint on Nazuchi Beach.

To unlock this quest, complete the Archon Quest, Act II Chapter II: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow. After clearing it, proceed to the shipwreck nearby.

Start Location

The exclamation mark will not show in the map until the player approaches it and initiate the short cutscene.


Start the quest by approaching the shipwreck in Nazuchi Beach.

  1. Rescue the besieged samurai
  2. Talk to the samurai
  3. Clear out the pirate camp
  4. Gather 12 Naku Weeds
  5. Talk to Inaba Kyuuzou
  6. Wait until 10:00 – 12:00 the next day and talk to Inaba Kyuuzou

While the official quest ends here and Quest rewards are distributed at this point, a hidden section can be unlocked: after the quest is completed, four groups of ronin will appear around the beach, each one consisting of a single Kairagi: Dancing Thunder and three Nobushi: Kikouban, which can easily be identified from their lack of a dark aura, unlike other enemies in the area. Clearing all four groups out will result in additional tasks to appear.

  1. Report the situation to Inaba Kyuuzou
  2. Witness Inaba Kyuuzou's fate.
    • Defeat the three Dancing Thunder Kairagi at the location pinpointed by the quest, which is just east of Jakotsu Mine. This grants the Wonders of the World achievement "Oh, the Humanity!" and distributes Quest rewards a second time.



(After defeating all the enemies and talking to Inaba Kyuuzou)
Inaba Kyuuzou: Hmph, how humiliating...
Paimon: Hey! We saved your life! What do you mean, we're "humiliating"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He's talking about himself, Paimon...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This is something unique to samurai...
Inaba Kyuuzou: To think that I had to be rescued by outlanders, and was even reduced to being judged by them...
Paimon: Oh... So, Mr. Samurai, are you alright?
Inaba Kyuuzou: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, he seems alright, at least.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, his pride is certainly hurt.
Inaba Kyuuzou: I am in your debt, outlander.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Also, you fought commendably.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm (Traveler). Pleased to meet you.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Don't look down your nose at me, outlander.
Inaba Kyuuzou: ...Inaba Tousaburou Kyuuzou. Just call me Kyuuzou.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, who were those people?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Why were you attacked?
Inaba Kyuuzou: They're pirates. They have many strongholds around Nazuchi Beach.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Thugs, out-of-work miners and fishermen, fugitives running from the Vision Hunt Decree, deserters from both sides of the war... Sometimes, they gather into groups and degenerate into bandits and pirates. They try, in vain, to escape the control of Her Excellency.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Whether you call them Vagrants or Kairagi, they are all lawless thugs... We had been suppressing them for a while until the rebels destroyed the ward on the island...
Inaba Kyuuzou: The refugees from Tatarasuna and the mine fled in quick succession, and some of those rats scurried off to this place, swelling the ranks of these pirate gangs and making them more reckless.
Inaba Kyuuzou: That group of pirates just now came from the camp in the south, and they had their eyes on the cargo onboard.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Unfortunately for them, I ruined their plans... Hehe...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So this isn't your ship, then?
Inaba Kyuuzou: This thing? It belonged to the Sangonomiya rebels. I am not so sure myself... Either way, when I came, it was already deserted.
Inaba Kyuuzou: So I've stayed and lived in it like a hermit crab till now.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Hah, it's been a long time since I spoke so much. How exhausting...
Inaba Kyuuzou: If you do not mind, I need your help with something. Once my wound has healed, I will surely return the favor I owe...
Inaba Kyuuzou: I need you to help me clear out the pirate camp that I mentioned earlier.
Inaba Kyuuzou: That's the only way to stop them from coming back here and bothering me like a pack of stray dogs. It might even send the other pirate camps a message, so they don't get ideas.
Inaba Kyuuzou: It'll also let me see what you can do. How about it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Piece of cake.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Be right back.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Hmph. It seems you are fond of talking big...
Inaba Kyuuzou: By the way, outlander...
Inaba Kyuuzou: Don't get too conceited. Miss a step, and you might break your leg.
(Talk to Inaba Kyuuzou again)
Inaba Kyuuzou: I'm tired. Please forgive my lack of hospitality.

(After clearing out the pirate camp and talking to Inaba Kyuuzou)
Inaba Kyuuzou: You've returned.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Cleaned them up.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You should have peace and quiet for a while.
Paimon: Huh, the atmosphere got weird all of a sudden...
Inaba Kyuuzou: I must apologize for asking you, an outsider, to do my dirty work.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're being a lot more polite than when we first met.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is your wound better?
Inaba Kyuuzou: ...
Inaba Kyuuzou: I've used up all the medicinal herbs I had.
Inaba Kyuuzou: I have run out of herbs to dress my wound, but it is still quite inflamed...
Inaba Kyuuzou: But please. You needn't worry about me. I can hold on.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Take care of your own business, go.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're such a kid.
Inaba Kyuuzou: ...?
Inaba Kyuuzou: What did you say?
Paimon: We're talking about you. You're acting like a child.
Paimon: You're clearly in a really bad way, and you look like you're about to cry for help, but still, you're acting like a tough guy... You're not honest at all!
Paimon: Only kids do that.
Paimon: And don't forget, Mr. Kyuuzou.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You still owe us.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We're here to help.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Hmph... You two...
Inaba Kyuuzou: In that case, please find some Naku weed for me. It can be found everywhere on this island. Full leaves are the best, the liquid can be squeezed out and applied to the wound to reduce inflammation...
Inaba Kyuuzou: That's all. I'm going to take a nap now, so leave me alone.

(Gather 12 Naku Weeds and talk to Inaba Kyuuzou)
Inaba Kyuuzou: You're back. Stay safe while you're on this island.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Will these be enough?
(Give 12 Naku Weeds)
Inaba Kyuuzou: It will take a long time to mash the herbs into a paste. You can go now.
Inaba Kyuuzou: No, don't get me wrong. I'm not driving you away...
Inaba Kyuuzou: Come back after a while. It's good to have someone to chat with.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I understand.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Take care of your wounds.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Take care, outlander.

(Talk to Inaba Kyuuzou the next day)
Inaba Kyuuzou: Outlander, how have you been?
Inaba Kyuuzou: I apologize. This is no place for guests.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Still... I'm glad you could come.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You look much better now.
Inaba Kyuuzou: All thanks to you. Once again, I am in your debt.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Haha, isn't it a pity that I've survived yet again?
Paimon: Isn't that a good thing? Why's that a pity?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's next for you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Have you ever thought about going back?
Inaba Kyuuzou: I haven't made my mind up about what to do next, but I don't think I'll go back.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Kujou Masahito is not a bad person, but his old man is calling for deserters to be caught and punished...
Inaba Kyuuzou: I cannot afford to get on the wrong side of him.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Maybe I'll take off my armor. It's been nice, living alone here...
Inaba Kyuuzou: But until we have peace, there's no point deceiving myself. My memories assert that I am still that same wounded, bloodstained soldier...
Inaba Kyuuzou: *sigh* And who knows what might happen in the future?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ... ...
Inaba Kyuuzou: Well, as I was saying, I had never doubted the decisions of Her Excellency, so I think that even if I died, I would die with no regrets, right?
Paimon: Well, this conversation suddenly got heavy...
Inaba Kyuuzou: Ah, speaking of which, it's time for me to visit my old comrades in arms, who are still with me on this island.
Inaba Kyuuzou: In Inazuma's tradition, we offer our fallen comrades a Dendrobium, a delicate and noble flower... A symbol of the fate of all samurai.
Inaba Kyuuzou: By the way, if you meet my old comrades in arms in your journey, please stop for a moment and get to know them.
(Quest Fate of a Fighter completed)

(Speak to Inaba Kyuuzou again)
Inaba Kyuuzou: ...And it seems that the rats nearby have begun scurrying about again.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Watch out for pirates if you wander around these parts, outlander.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Thank you.
Inaba Kyuuzou: You're welcome.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg They shall be no match for me.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Haha, again with the big talk...
Inaba Kyuuzou: Only say that once you've finally gotten rid of them all!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You have a deal.
Inaba Kyuuzou: Yes, that we do.
(Clear out the surrounding enemy camps, then report to Inaba Kyuuzou)
(Pick up Inaba Tousaburou Kyuuzou's Final Words)
(Witness Inaba Kyuuzou's fate)
(Hidden quest Fate of a Fighter completed)
(Interact with the nameless sword)
(Traveler): (A lone sword stands erect here, silent and solemn.)


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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Fate of a Fighter
Japanese 武者の宿命
Korean 무사의 숙명
Spanish El destino de un guerrero
French Le destin d'un guerrier
Russian Судьба бойца
Thai ชะตาของนักสู้
Vietnamese Số Phận Của Samurai
German Das Schicksal eines Kämpfers
Indonesian Takdir Seorang Petarung
Portuguese Carma do Artista Marcial

Change History

Released in Version 2.0