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Needs research on the exact formula for fall damage (as a function of impact speed/any other variables).

Fall Damage (not to be confused with Plunging Attacks) is an Exploration mechanic where characters and enemies take HP damage from falling from a great height. Both characters and enemies seem to take Fall Damage as percentage of max HP based on speed upon impact, as well as duration spent falling.

There is a theory that fall damage taken could be based on both falling speed and the "helpless" falling state (a specific falling animation pose where characters/enemies are unable to take any actions), both of which can be influenced by Jean's Elemental Skill. More research on this theory is underway. Also see Interruption Resistance.

Fall Damage can be mostly reduced or negated using a Plunging Attack at any point or opening one's Wind Glider periodically to safely reduce fall speed. If given the option, falling into water with level above the character's waist height (resulting in wading) will also negate all Fall Damage. Also, if one plunge attacks with Xiao at any height, they will not take damage.

Going Out of Bounds in Domains or drowning applies a different type of "fall damage" penalty - the player is returned to the last safe spot, but all team members in the player's control take 10% of their maximum health as damage and all of their Energy is drained. For most enemies, if they are knocked into waist-high water, they will simply drown, instantly killing them regardless of how much health they had. Items, if any dropped, are usually placed in an area where the player can safely retrieve them, but there are rare cases in which they will also sink into the water, becoming very hard or outright impossible to obtain.

Some characters with Talents that allow them and/or their entire party to temporarily or permanently walk on water will also take fall damage from hitting the water's surface, as if there was ice on them.

Static Fall Damage Chart

Height (Stories) Fall Damage Plunge Attack's Fall Damage Waist High Water Fall Damage Waist High Water Plunge Attack's Fall Damage
Skyfrost Nail Death 40% N/A N/A
Jade Chamber Death 40% No damage No damage
Above Cloud Level (Dwelling in the Clouds) Death 40% No damage No damage
Amakumo Peak Death 40% No damage No damage
Mountain Peaks Death 20% No damage No damage
7 Death 10% No damage No damage
6 Death 10% No damage No damage
5 Death No damage No damage No damage
4 Death No damage No damage No damage
3 Death No damage No damage No damage
2.5 66.6% No damage No damage No damage
2 33.3% No damage No damage No damage
1.5 No damage No damage No damage No damage


  • This chart assumes free fall such as walking off cliff edges and building rooftops directly and does not consider other factors in the velocity modifier, such as Air Boost Rings.
  • One story is building height (±0.5 of a building height due to slight building variations).
  • Plunge Attack's Fall Damage starts from when you initiate Plunge Attack, essentially resetting fall damage.
  • Plunge Attack's Fall Damage is determined by the height.
Height Range Plunge Attack's Fall Damage
0–40 m 0%
40–60 m 10%
60–100 m 20%
Above 100 m 40%


  • Xiao will not lose HP from a Plunging Attack, no matter how high he starts.
  • Shields, such as Noelle's Breastplate, do not affect nor reduce the damage taken.
  • Breaking your fall into multiple chunks or dragging against a steep cliff face can greatly reduce the damage taken.
  • One can use Jean's Elemental Skill to launch enemies in the air and do Fall Damage against them repeatedly. This strategy can be used in various floors of the Spiral Abyss.
  • Fall Damage is Physical but appears to be unaffected by Physical DMG modifiers such as Superconduct.
  • Due to the special features in Divine Ingenuity, Fall Damage is disabled in its domains.
  • Fall Damage is negated when leaping off Spoutrocks.