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Exploration in the world of Teyvat can lead to encounters with various Puzzles, Enemies, Objects, and Materials.

Some objects and puzzles do not have official names, so they are listed with unofficial names.


The following are some general game mechanics involved in exploration, including character movement, player abilities, and dynamic processes in the world.

Player Mechanics[]

Lumine climbing up a rock wall

Stamina depletes while doing activities like climbing

  • Stamina is an attribute that is used in various combat and movement techniques like Sprinting (or Dodging), Climbing, Swimming, Gliding, and Charged Attacks. The Stamina meter is displayed as a yellow bar to the right of the character when either depleting or recharging, and will automatically hide itself when fully charged. Players can level up their Stamina meter using the Statue of The Seven in Mondstadt and Liyue.
    • Climbing is an exploration mechanic that allows the player to scale most surfaces. While climbing, the player cannot perform combat actions. Climbing costs Stamina, and jumping up costs more Stamina. If the player runs out of Stamina while climbing, they will fall and sustain Fall Damage based on the distance between the point they fell from and the area where they land.
    • Gliding is an action that can be performed after jumping off cliffs or ledges, or by jumping while standing in a Wind Current. After taking off, the distance the player can glide for depends on their distance from the ground, as well as their Stamina. The player can stop gliding either by reaching the ground, dropping, using a plunge attack, getting hit by an enemy attack, or running out of stamina. The last four options may result in Fall Damage depending on their distance from the ground at the point where they stopped gliding.
      • Anemo Rings are white, glowing rings that accelerate the player upon gliding through them.
      • Wind Currents, also referred to as Upcurrents and Updrafts, create an updraft which players can use as a jumping point to start gliding, gain altitude while gliding, or restore some Stamina while gliding.
    • Sprinting is an exploration mechanic that allows the player to move faster and beat timed puzzles. It consumes Stamina and is activated by pressing the sprint button. Some characters have an Alternate Sprint talent.
    • Swimming is an exploration mechanic upon reaching deep water, where the water is too deep for the character to stand in. Deep water thresholds varies based on the character's height (child, teenager, or adult). Like climbing and gliding, the player cannot perform combat actions while swimming.
      • Swimming costs Stamina, and swimming quickly costs more Stamina. If the player runs out of stamina while swimming, they will drown and revive at the last solid ground they stood on.
      • Enemies lured into deep water will drown, and their drops will appear on solid ground. However, enemies that were defeated before being knocked into deep water will have their materials drop in the water.
      • Cryo abilities can temporarily freeze water, allowing the player to traverse large bodies of water without needing to swim across. (This is colloquially known as an "ice bridge.") However, because combat actions cannot be used while swimming, should the ice melt while in deep water, the player will no longer be able to create ice bridges.
  • Elemental Sight is an exploration mechanic that alters the player's view of the world. While Elemental Sight is active, it displays the names of nearby enemies, color-codes elemental gimmicks, points out interactable objects, and guides the player in certain directions (such as locating Seelies and their courts or tracking down clues and targets during Bounties).
  • Investigation: Certain spots around Teyvat can be investigated for Artifacts, Cooking Ingredients, Forging Materials, Weapons, or Mora.


Some of the following obstacles can damage the player or obstruct and hinder movement.

  • Boom Blossoms are flowers infused with Pyro, Cryo, Dendro or Electro that, when stepped on, emerge from the ground, spin around, and then explode, spreading its respective element within a certain radius.
  • Bubbles are objects that can appear in domains and minigames, in Ley Line Disorders or Auras, or from attacks from certain enemies. The bubbles trap the player inside and can deal Hydro DMG on impact.
  • Dendro Vines (unofficial name) are thorny thickets that can be burned down with Pyro DMG.
  • Exploding Barrels can be encountered during exploration and in some event domains. There are currently six types: Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, Electro, Hydro and Geo. Attacking the barrel will detonate it, dealing AoE damage to players and enemies.
  • Hilichurl Structures are found near hilichurl camps and can be destroyed.
  • Rock Piles are Geo Constructs that can be broken to reveal chests, cave entrances, and other things.
  • Storm Barriers[1] are hollow columns of wind that typically surround another object. If the player attempts to run into a barrier, they will be pushed back.

General Mechanics[]

  • Aggravation, also known as aggro, is an enemy hate mechanic in which enemies are alerted to and attack a nearby hostile entity, such as the player. In Genshin Impact, there are multiple factors that affect when an enemy will become aggravated, such as distance and line of sight.
  • Map: An interactive representation of the world. There is a minimap in the corner of the screen which can be expanded to view the entire world of Teyvat. Teleport Waypoints, Statues of The Seven, and Domains can be teleported to by selecting them on the Map and pressing "Teleport."
    • Out of Bounds: Upon approaching an area the player cannot enter yet (indicated by the red border on the map), the screen will gain a dark filter until Paimon appears and forces the player to return to in-bounds areas.
    • Party Level: If the party level is low for a particular area, a red "Highly Dangerous" pop-up will appear upon entering said area.
  • Time passes during exploration, causing the sky to change color. Certain creatures, such as fireflies, are easier to find during nighttime. Some NPCs can only be found during certain times of the day, or change locations depending on the time of day. Through the Paimon menu, the player can manually change the time of day at any point. Some quests also require the player to either wait until a certain time or manually skip to that time.
  • Weather and Climate: While exploring the open world, the weather may change. Notably, rain and thunderstorms will apply Wet to characters, enemies, and other objects that can be affected by elemental statuses (such as torches). This can be used to trigger Elemental Reactions like with normal sources of Hydro DMG. During thunderstorms, lightning can also sometimes strike the player, enemies, or objects and deal Electro DMG.
  • Grass is found throughout Teyvat and is treated as a Dendro object. It will trigger Burning when Pyro abilities are used on them. After the effect wears off, the grassy area will be charred and cannot be burnt again until the grass is restored to its original state. Burning grass will continuously deal Pyro DMG to players or enemies standing in the burning area.
  • Water is found throughout Teyvat and allows for a variety of movement through and on top of it. When touching the water, any character will get the Wet status. Water can be swam through, sailed through using a Waverider in certain places, or frozen by attacking the surface with some kind of Cryo damage.
  • Waveriders are boats that players can use to traverse over water. The Waverider was introduced in the Golden Apple Archipelago and can now be used in all of Teyvat, with Waverider Waypoints located in Inazuma, Sumeru and Fontaine. The Waverider has its own special attacks, and can be used in combat. They can also be used to follow Mist Bubble puzzles.



Common Chest

A Common Chest

Chests can be found scattered around the world. Some may be hidden, buried, or locked. Others may require some extra actions in order to find and open them, such as completing a puzzle or defeating certain enemies. Sealed chests[1] are variants of chests that are encased in Dendro vines, Cryo ice or Geo stone, requiring the seal to be removed through Burning, Melting/Superconducting or Blunt Attacks respectively in order to access the chest.

Shrines of Depths are ancient structures found around the world of Teyvat which contain Luxurious Chests. There are different shrines found in each region. Players can use Shrines of Depths keys to unlock these shrines and open the chest found inside.

The following interactable objects are similar to Chests, but look different and carry different rewards:


Item Anemoculus Wild

An Anemoculus

Oculi are collectible orbs of elemental energy found all throughout Teyvat. They are usually hidden or in hard-to-reach places, but are worth the effort of finding, since when offered to the Statues of The Seven, the player will receive great rewards. Five types exist: Anemoculus, Geoculus, Electroculus, Dendroculus, Hydroculus. They can be found using their region's Oculus Resonance Stones.


Tutorial Adventure Mysterious Seelie

A Seelie

Seelies are small creatures that can be found floating around the world. Upon running into them, they will start traveling down to their Seelie Court (a small structure found on the ground). At certain points, they will stop, and the player must touch them again to get them to continue. Following a Seelie to its court typically rewards a Chest; sometimes, Seelies are used as part of a puzzle.

By using Elemental Sight near a Seelie or a Seelie Court, the player will be pointed in the right direction, making it easier to track them down.

In Dragonspine, there are special Warming Seelies which, when approached, act as a heat source. They continue to serve that purpose even after they reach their Seelie Courts.

In Inazuma, there are special Electro Seelies which, when approached, move at a high speed.

Elemental Sigils[]

Elemental Sigils can be found in chests around Teyvat. There are Anemo, Geo, Electro, Dendro and Hydro Sigils.

Geo Sigils[1] can be also found in Rocky Outcrops, which are small emblems that can be found scattered around the cliffsides in Liyue. Upon climbing next to one, investigating it will yield 2 Geo Sigils.

Hidden Objectives[]

Objectives around the world of Teyvat that are not considered normal exploration and are not officially recognized as Quests or marked in any way. They tend to be associated with Wonders of the World achievements.


The following is a list of the various unique objects players can encounter during exploration. These are typically used in puzzles. When properly interacted with, they may spawn a chest, provide the player with access to another collectible, such as an Oculus, or progress a larger puzzle.

  • Bloatty Floatties,[2] colloquially known as Balloon Flowers, are a strange plant that can be found growing near the edges of cliffs. Attacking or investigating them causes the three balloons to pop off and float around the vicinity. Upon popping the flowers, a chest will spawn.
  • Elemental Ambers are oval-shaped items that, when broken, release their respective element into the surrounding area. There are two types of Ambers, Anemo and Hydro Ambers. Anemo Ambers create Wind Currents, while Hydro Ambers make all characters and enemies within a certain radius Wet.
Elemental Monument Anemo Unactivated

An Anemo Elemental Monument

  • Elemental Monuments or Totems can be lit up by their respective element to progress in domains or solve puzzles.
  • Floating Anemo Slimes,[1] unlike their enemy counterparts which start grounded, can be found floating around a fixed path and will not attack the player. Popping all the floating Anemo Slimes will usually yield a Chest, or are sometimes used as part of a puzzle.
  • Seal: Some objects in the world may posses a red ring with glyphs written in the unknown language appearing around them (typically chests or elemental monuments). This object cannot be interacted with until its requirements are met. The requirement is usually defeating the enemies that spawn near the object, but sometimes it requires completing another puzzle. Some objects, typically chests, will suddenly become locked when the player gets close to them.
  • Ruins Torches are torches that can be activated with Pyro.
  • Time Trial Challenges are devices that, upon activation, require completing their objectives within a certain amount of time. The three main challenges are: destroy exploding barrels, defeat all enemies, and open a chest.


The following exploration objects and puzzles are only found in Mondstadt:


An Anemogranum

  • Anemograna are Grana that appear on the ground in sets of three. The grana can be collected by running into them. If the active character collects all three Anemograna in an area, a Wind Current is created at their current location.
  • Ancient Rimes are chunks of glowing ice that cannot be melted with usual Pyro DMG, but can be melted with Scarlet Quartz.
  • Crimson Agate can be offered to the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine for rewards, similar to the Statues of The Seven. They can be found scattered in the overworld, in certain chests, or as a repeatable reward from completing a Crimson Wish.
  • Ruin Braziers are sources of warmth that mitigate the effect of Sheer Cold for nearby characters.
  • Scarlet Quartz are red crystals which can be found throughout Dragonspine. When collected, they reduce Sheer Cold accumulation by 5% and halt the accumulation of Sheer Cold for as long as they remain attached to the player. When a player performs an attack while a Scarlet Quartz is attached to them, the attack deals extra Pyro DMG. If the player attacks an Ancient Rime, the quartz will melt the ice.
  • Sheer Cold is a climate effect in very cold areas. After the gauge showing Sheer Cold reaches 100%, the player will start to lose HP. The effects of Sheer Cold can be negated using sources of warmth in Dragonspine as well as Scarlet Quartz.
  • Snow: Throughout Dragonspine are lumps of snow which can be melted using Pyro DMG. Upon being melted, they may reveal enemies, chests, Cryo Crystalflies, or even Seelies.


The following exploration objects and puzzles are only found in Liyue:

  • Adeptus Bridges are ribbon-like bridges that are found in the abodes of Adepti. They can be activated, deactivated, and rotated at interaction points.
Geo lamp unactivated

An unactivated Geo Lamp

  • Geo Lamps[3] are devices activated by leading a Geograna to it. Activating all Geo Lanterns in an area usually spawns a Chest, though some are also used as part of other puzzles.
  • Geo Seals are seals debossed into the ground in the shape of Geo. They are activated by striking them with Geo DMG. These seals are primarily found in Qingxu Pool.
  • Pressure Plates[1] are devices inlaid into the ground that are activated by either having a character stand on them, or using another object that is counted as a "weight," such as Amber's Baron Bunny or the Geo Traveler's Starfell Sword.
  • Windmill Mechanisms,[1] colloquially known as Anemo Pinwheels or Windmills, are items that can only be activated by striking them with Anemo DMG.
The Chasm


The following exploration objects and puzzles are only found in Inazuma:

  • Balethunder is a special Climate effect found in some parts of Inazuma which have high Electro concentrations. Players affected by Balethunder will gradually lose HP. The effects of Balethunder can be negated by Electrograna or being near Thunderwood.
  • Earth Kitsune Statues are statues in the shape of a kitsune found on Narukami Island. They can be scanned using the Memento Lens gadget to reveal hidden mechanisms, objects, or dialogue.

An Electrogranum

  • Electrograna are Grana in Inazuma. After summoning them from a Thunder Sakura Bough, the player can then solve a number of puzzles, have enhanced power in combat, or be protected from harmful environmental effects while exploring. The player can level up their Electrograna by increasing the Sacred Sakura's Favor.
    • Thunder Barriers are barriers that can only be passed through while carrying an Electrogranum. They have varying strengths, with some requiring a higher-level Electrograna. They can also contain Thunderstones, which deal damage to players not carrying Electrograna.
    • Thunder Spheres are objects in the skies. When carrying an Electrogranum, the player can move swiftly in the direction of the Thunder Sphere, allowing for quick movement through the air.
    • Electric Lamps are ancient stone lampstands found on Watatsumi Island. They light up upon making contact with Electrograna, and may require being lit in a certain order.
    • Nimbus Gems are objects that improve combat capabilities when carrying an Electrogranum, found in various events, Commissions, and challenges. Depending on how many the player is linked to, they can recharge the party's Energy, increase Elemental Burst DMG, and create shockwaves.
    • Thunder Dwellings are objects that can be charged up using Electrograna to deal Electro DMG to opponents.
  • Electro Cubes are puzzles in the shape of a series of cubes. There are two types of Electro Cubes: ones that rotate and ones that light up when attacked. The rotation and lighting changes can affect adjacent cubes or a specific set of cubes, so attacking different cubes is required to solve the puzzle and obtain rewards.
Electro Current Puzzle

An Electro Current Puzzle

  • Electro Current Puzzles contain three types of stones which must be lined up to form a continuous current: Discharge Stones, which shoot harmless electric currents; Relay Stones, which repeat the current released by Discharge Stones; and Cumulation Stones, which absorb electrical energy from the Discharge Stone. The Relay Stones, as well as items, characters, and enemies affected by Electro, can be used to carry the current.
  • Electro Rock Piles, similar to Rock Piles found elsewhere in Teyvat, are Electro-enhanced rock piles that can be broken with other elemental reactions to find chests.
  • Kamuijima Cannons are cannons found on Kannazuka. They can be aimed and operated to destroy things in their path.
  • Light-Up Tile Puzzles require the player to step on the tiles in a particular order. Some puzzles require all the tiles to be lit, while some puzzles do not.
  • Lightning Strike Probes are ruin devices that detect Electro elements, including Electrograna, and will turn to point in their direction when in range.
  • Phase Gates are devices found on Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island in Inazuma. When two Phase Gates are facing each other, the player can quickly travel between the two.
Tsurumi Island
  • Mysterious Carvings are ancient bird-like statues and wall reliefs found around Tsurumi Island. Activating the carvings can spawn other puzzles and exploration mechanics.
  • Ishine Script Rocks are rocks marked with particular symbols that must be interacted with in a certain order. Nearby clues such as markings on walls can provide clues as to the proper order.
  • Stormstones are stone carvings that can be lit by Electro to forge a path through thick fog.
Tutorial Of Sun and Moon 1

The mechanism that allows the player to switch between Whitenight and Evernight

  • Whitenight and Evernight are the two states in Enkanomiya. These two states are manually controlled by the player by adjusting the artificial sun, the Dainichi Mikoshi found in the center of the region.
  • Daises of Day and Night are mechanisims in Enkanomiya that appear different in the Whitenight and Evernight states. Get close to them to operate them. Their states will reset when switching between Evernight and Whitenight.
  • Ghostfish are schools of fish in the air found in Enkanomiya. They will surround the player when they are within them, allowing them to continuously glide.
  • Key Sigils are items that have one of five different images on them found throughout Enkanomiya. There are a total of five types and each one of them can release matching seals found throughout the map. Releasing these seals can reward the player with Chests or advance certain World Quests.
  • Shield-Lights of Tokoyo are barriers that are present during Whitenight and are dispelled during Evernight.
  • Sunfire Phantasms are distortions visible in in the air. Switching between Whitenight and Evernight can cause these illusions to disperse or show themselves.
  • Triangular Mechanisms are mechanisms that can be activated using attacks. They may be damaged and require the player to switch to Evernight to use them.


The following exploration objects and puzzles are only found in Sumeru:

  • Cascade Pools are puzzle mechanisms that can be hit to switch between closed and open states.
    • Cascade Spouts can be shot with a bow to fill a Cascade Pool with gravel.

A Dendrogranum

  • Dendrogranum are Grana found in Sumeru that can be summoned through Auspicious Branches. They can be carried by the player for 30 seconds, and their duration is reset if new dendrograna are summoned.
  • Energy Blocks are objects found in Ruin Golems used to power relays.
  • Energy Extraction Device trigger a challenge in which the player is tasked with turning off the device by finding two or three control keys and returning them to the device. Straying too far from the location will cause the challenge to fail and reset.
  • Four-Leaf Sigil are four-petaled flowers that allow players to travel swiftly.
  • Illusory Keystones are platforms that disappear when stepped on after a few seconds of flashing of increasing frequency.
  • Jinn Shrines are used to restore the Jinn's Might of Jinni in the Magic Bottle — Liloupar.
  • Large Atmospheric Vortexes are stationary cylindrical objects that prevent the player from passing through them.
  • Large Fan Blades will blow out strong winds that can obstruct progress or blow Primal Embers away.
  • Loose Sand Piles can be scattered by using an Anemo attack. Loose Sand Piles covering an enemy may automatically scatter as the enemy senses the player.
  • Manifestation Mechanism and Signal Spirit mechanisms are a type of puzzle that require the player to bring a nearby Signal Spirit near to them within a time limit after they are activated,
  • Nurseries are gardens where the player must follow glowing spirits and traverse each field without interruption or repetition to obtain a chest and a Vasmrti.
  • Pipe Diverter Valves change the way in which the pipes are connected.
  • Plinths of the Secret Rites are controls for various mechanisms within King Deshret's ruins.
  • Primal Barriers can be opened by guiding Primal Embers through them or activating a Plinth of the Secret Rites while having sufficient clearance on the Scarlet Sand Slate.
    • Primal Embers are energy aggregations that can be unleashed, pursued, and activate Primal Torches.
    • Primal Torches trigger various effects such as opening doors, turning on or off various constructs of the ruins of King Deshret, increasing the Scarlet Sand Slate's clearance or spawning chests.
  • Primal Obelisks can be restored using six Sacred Seals scattered across the Great Red Sand
  • Primeval Rosin are used to unlock paths within Domains in Sumeru.
  • Prisms of Khaj-Nisut can be used to control nearby objects of the same color of light.
Tutorial The Mysterious Replicator Keystones 3

A Replicator Keystone creating a ruin device

Inactive Gloomy Path

An inactive Gloomy Path


The following exploration objects and puzzles are only found in Fontaine

  • The Aquabus operates on a dedicated transportation system called an aquarail, providing scenic tours and efficient transportation for its occupants.

Ousia (left) and Pneuma (right) Blocks

  • Arkhe consists of two opposing energies — Pneuma and Ousia. When the two energies meet, an Annihilation reaction will be triggered, causing a variety of effects based on the setting.
    • Pneumousia Blocks will, upon hit, release the energy stored within them.
    • Pneumousia Relays possesses three energy states: Ousia, Balanced, and Pneuma, and these states can be altered when attacked by their opposite.
    • Pneumousia Storage Box will open once hit with the opposite alignment.
  • Beastly Rift is a challenge in which the player is required to protect several crystals within an arcane formation from waves of Riftwolves.
  • Contaminated Bacterial Mats cover some body of water, preventing the player from entering. The contaminated cores can only be cleansed with the abilities of Xenochromatic Creatures.
  • Fixed Storage Device and Energy Transfer Device can be used to activate certain mechanics such as locked doors/gates and Stabilizers.
    • Energy Transfer Terminal can be used to transfer energy from one Fixed Storage Device or Energy Transfer Device to another.
    • Stabilizers grant a chest once they are stabilized by hitting the device when the circle is within the blue-lit check zone.
  • Floating Crystal Flowers can spin when affected by the energy of the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus to reveal Floating Crystal Platforms.
  • Harmonious Reed Pipe is a puzzle involving various pipes with a number indicated overhead, and the pipes must be rang using Dew Bubbles in the order of those numbers.
    • Dew Bubbles will create ripples necessary to complete Harmonius Reed Pipe challenges once they burst.
  • Humongous Hat Jellyfish can be found both on ground and underwater and entering them simply will propel the player upwards.

A Hydrogranum

  • Hydrogranum are Grana found in Fontaine. Players can collect Hydrograna by walking into them, and they last for 15 seconds. When three Hydrograna are collected, they will combine to form a Hydro Core which continuously applies Hydro in an AoE around the player.
  • Huge Shells will reveal their contents once hit.
  • Jadewater Fruits are Hydro objects and can be destroyed using elements that react with Hydro. As it is being attacked, it may spew out Bubbles that can entrap the player. They typically spawn a Chest.
  • Local Legends are special miniboss enemies. Fifteen of them are enhanced versions of normal or elite enemies with greatly increased stats.
  • Operable Mechanisms are puzzles which consist of Eliphas Beam puzzles and Track Assemblage puzzles.
  • Potential Energy Orbs can be shot at rings to complete challenges by using the ability of the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus to aim.
  • The Miraculous Antoine Roger Aircraft is an aircraft that requires Arkhe to start. The first operation may trigger an event halfway through the voyage that will lead players to different locations.
  • Water Volume Detection Crystals are part of a puzzle that can be solved by having Hydro applied to them continuously.
  • Accelerated Aquaring accelerate the player forward when passed through.
  • Bubble Formations fire Mist Bubbles at players within their targeting range. Another type can help unseal treasures instead.
  • Bullet Barnacle periodically deal damage to the player when near. Use the Armored Crab Shield ability to reduce damage taken, and use the counterattack to destroy the barnacle.
  • Currents lead you to a specific destination. Players cannot change the general direction but can still move around to a certain extent.
  • Echoing Conches release sound waves to help the player detect invisible objects nearby or discover clues.
  • Enhanced Pneumousia Amplifiers apply a 3 gauge units aura matching the Amplifier's element to all enemies in range. While they are still affected by the aura, they gain certain buffs.
  • Fantastical Floating Balls will move when affected by high pressure water currents or other factors alike to such. The ringed devices will be activated upon contact with the spheres.
  • Fontemer Seagrass is a type of Fontemer Aberrant that takes the form of kelp/seaweed. It forms a spherical barrier around various things.
  • High-Pressure Water Vents can spray out underwater currents. If the player has the Armored Crab Shield from an Armored Crab, they can avoid being carried away and resist the current.
Recovery Orb

A Recovery Orb

  • Recovery Orbs restore Aquatic Stamina and 50% of each character's Max HP for the entire party.
  • Red Meanies will attack any entity that approaches it without discrimination. They have to be deafeated at the same time to stop regenerating.
  • Strange Eels quickly move across the seabed. They will stop respawning if attacked at the same time with Xenochromatic abilities.
  • Xenochromatic Creature are Fontemer Aberrants that the player can borrow abilities from in Fontaine to solve underwater puzzles while Diving. Xenocromatic Creatures will not attack the player and cannot be killed.


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