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An ancient city that lies silent beneath the eternal ice.

Official 1.2 Preview

Entombed City - Ancient Palace is a subarea in Dragonspine, Mondstadt.

Notable Features

In the cave on the pathway to the right, there is a camp here where you can feed foxes, if you feed them for five days, a chest will appear and you will get the achievement "Untellable Tale" and a Crimson Agate.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Entombed City - Ancient Palace
Xuězàngzhīdū - Jiùgōng
Snow-Buried City - Old Palace
Xuězàngzhīdū - Jiùgōng
Japanese 雪葬の都・旧宮
Sessou no Miyako - Kyuukyuu[!]
Snow-Buried City - Old Palace
Korean 눈에 묻힌 도시고궁
Nun-e Muchin Dosi - Gogung
Snow-Buried City - Old Palace
Spanish Ciudad Sepultada - Palacio AntiguoBuried City - Ancient Palace
French Ancien palais de la Cité enfouieAncient Palace of the Buried City
Russian Дворец погребённой столицы
Dvorets pogrebyonnoy stolitsy
Palace of the Buried Capital
Thai Entombed City - Ancient Palace
Vietnamese Cố Đô Tuyết Vùi - Cung Điện CổSnow-Buried Ancient Capital - Ancient Palace
German Unter Schnee begrabene Stadt – Alter PalastCity Buried Under Snow - Old Palace
Indonesian Entombed City - Ancient Palace
Portuguese Cidade na Neve - Palácio AntigoCity in the Snow - Ancient Palace

Change History

Released in Version 1.2