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The Endora is a commemorative gadget obtained at the end of the Wishful Drops Event.

The Endora is not a true gadget and is merely toggled on when equipped, thus regular gadgets can still be used as per normal. As it lacks the abilities which the Inquisitive version possesses, it is purely a cosmetic item.



  • In Chinese, her name is transcribed as 嫣朵拉 Yānduǒlā, where the character yān literally means "beautiful".
    • Coincidentally, the character えん can be read as en in Japanese, which more closely matches her English name.
    • In Japanese, her name is transcribed as エンドラー Endoraa.
  • Her name is quite similar to the name of an Oceanid from Greek mythology, Eudora.
  • Endora may be derived from the city Endor (Hebrew: עֵין־דֹּאר) (derived from Hebrew עַיִן ayin, "spring, fountain" + דּוֹר dor, "dwelling") which can mean "fountain of dwelling."[1]
    • Incidentally, the Lochfolk hail from the nation of Fontaine, which means "fountain" in French.

Change History

Released in Version 1.4


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