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Endless Research is a World Quest that occurs in Liyue Harbor.


  1. Talk to Alrani
  2. Defeat all the hilichurls
  3. Speak to Alrani
  4. Use Elemental Sight to find the slimes
  5. Defeat all the slimes
  6. Speak to Alrani


UI Quest.png Quest Description

You meet Alrani, whom you once saved from a cage, in Liyue Harbor. She still seems to want to investigate something...
Alrani: Ugh. How am I supposed to write my thesis like this? What should I do...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are you okay?
Alrani: I— What? Oh! It's you! Do you still remember me?
Alrani: I was that, uh, person you found in a Treasure Hoarder cage down in Lingju Pass. Heh, in any case, thank you for saving me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What brings you here?
Alrani: Well, uh, after being rescued by you, I went to look for Soraya at Wangshu Inn. By a stroke of luck, I was able to find her.
Alrani: Soraya's a really good person — not only did she treat me to a meal, but she also helped re-organize my notes.
Alrani: But... she told me afterward that the topic that I'd chosen has already been the subject of many prior theses at the Academia.
Alrani: Unless I were to write an exceptional thesis, there's no way that I'll pass... She advised me to change angles — for example, I could write about something related to the elements.
Alrani: But since I don't have a Vision and can't use the elements, I have no idea where to begin...
Alrani: So there was nothing for it but to come to the city to try my luck and see if I could find any material here.
Alrani: Wait... When you saved me back then, you fought in a very unique manner...
Alrani: Do you have a Vision, by any chance?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No, I don't.
Alrani: Huh? You can fight in that manner without possessing a Vision? How can that be?
Alrani: No, never mind. It's a very long story, no doubt... Either way, I have something to ask of you.
Alrani: Could you demonstrate your manner of fighting to me? Perhaps I might discern something that can be used to refine my thesis...
Alrani: Please help me out! If I don't finish this thesis, I'll be dead meat when I return to the Academia...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Alright, sure...
Alrani: Thank you so much! Let's go outside, then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is the Academia that scary a place?
Alrani: Oh, it's a very, very frightening place. I wake up sobbing every time I dream of it.
Alrani: I'd rather stay in that Treasure Hoarder cage than have to do another draft or thesis defense.
Alrani: Alright, that's enough about the Academia...
Alrani: I recall noticing a group of hilichurls around these parts. Show me your fighting style, using them as your target!

(After defeating the hilichurls)
Alrani: Wow... Your fighting style really is quite unique.
Alrani: By the way, I've also heard that Vision wielders can sense the presence of elements. I believe it's known as Elemental Sight...
Alrani: Though you don't have a Vision, I've seen you manipulate elemental energy — so you should have this ability, right?
Alrani: I happened upon a few slimes nearby, so could you demonstrate Elemental Sight? You can use it to find those slimes.

(After using Elemental Sight)
Alrani: Huh, you've used Elemental Sight already?
Alrani: Are there elemental traces nearby? Strange... I don't sense anything.
(After defeating the slimes)
Alrani: Haha, from the perspective of someone without a Vision like myself, I didn't notice your use of Elemental Sight at all...
Alrani: I suppose that might be something that only other Vision wielders can sense.
Alrani: Still, thanks for demonstrating so many things to me.
Alrani: *sigh* How I wish I had a Vision... Having an Electro Vision would be the best. Not only would it look cool, I could defend myself, too.
Alrani: Hmm, no — Electro Vision would probably be the least attainable of all...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm sure you can get one if you work hard.
Alrani: No, it won't happen, no matter how hard I work—
Alrani: Wait. Don't you know? It seems that nobody has obtained an Electro Vision for a whole year now.
Alrani: I've heard that the Academia has been researching this matter for a while now, and they have concluded that the lack of Electro Visions granted to mortals is the will of the Electro Archon.
Alrani: I've also heard it said that Inazuma's Electro Archon has proclaimed a "Vision Hunt Decree," which has aimed to confiscate the majority of all Visions from Vision wielders throughout Inazuma.
Alrani: Those who disobey and withhold their Visions will be punished severely...
Alrani: I once wanted to travel to Inazuma to write a thesis regarding this decree, but it really does seem dangerous over there...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You'll be fine. You don't have a Vision.
Alrani: H-Hey, don't say that! Just think about it, if people with Visions are already suffering, don't you think that those who go without would be even worse off?
Alrani: I suppose I should just stay here in Liyue and finish my thesis in peace, then report back to the Academia in Sumeru with my findings as soon as possible. If I delay any longer, I won't hear the end of it...
Alrani: Ah, right, I still have to thank you for showing me so many things. Take these as tokens of my appreciation.
Alrani: I'll finish my thesis this time for sure!

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Endless Research
Yǒngwúzhǐjìng de Yánjiū
Never-Ending Research
Yǒngwúzhǐjìng de Yánjiū
Japanese 止まることのない研究
Tomaru Koto no Nai Kenkyuu
Endless Research
Korean 끝없는 연구
Kkeudeomneun Yeongu
Endless Research
Spanish La investigación interminable
French Recherches sans finEndless Research
Russian Бесконечное исследование
Beskonechnoye issledovaniye
Thai การวิจัยที่ไม่สิ้นสุด
Vietnamese Nghiên cứu không ngừng nghỉ
German Unermüdliche ForschungTireless Research
Indonesian Penelitian Tiada AkhirEndless Research
Portuguese Pesquisa Sem FimResearch Without End

Change History

Released in Version 1.1