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Ending Note is the eighth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests, Prologue, Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom.


  1. Meet Jean and Venti at the Cathedral
  2. Give the Holy Lyre der Himmel to Barbara
  3. Talk to Barbara
  4. Find Venti at Windrise



(At the Cathedral)
Jean: This is Barbara, the Deaconess of the Church. She is here to retrieve the Holy Lyre der Himmel.
Barbara: May the Anemo Archon protect you.
Barbara: I'm not really in a position to speak compared to our Acting Grand Master...
Barbara: But I still want to thank you all on behalf of all of Mondstadt for your assistance!
Barbara: Fortunately, everything was resolved peacefully... I can't imagine how an all-out war between the military and the dragon would have ended...
Jean: Now the Fatui have no choice but to keep their mouths shut.
Jean: They must be annoyed that things didn't turn out as planned for them.
Jean: This time, they even lost their best excuse to pressure the Knights of Favonius.
Jean: Diplomotically speaking, they gained nothing, and on the contrary simply proved how vexatious they can be.
Barbara: Sounds like quite the story. So, did you bring the Holy Lyre with you?
Barbara: We cannot ask you to keep defending the lyre forever. The Seneschal has been pressing me for a while now...
Paimon: We ahh... did bring it with us... Umm... It's just... it's a little...
Barbara: Oh, don't worry! I'm not here to collect a rent! The Church has always received special funding...
The sight of the badly damaged Holy Lyre causes the pious Barbara to panic. Venti sees no choice but to use a magical illusion to "fix" the lyre, and the rest of you quietly leave the Cathedral before Barbara has the chance to see through it. But just outside the Cathedral, Fatui Harbinger Signora appears, steals Venti's Gnosis, knocks you unconscious, and hastily departs.
(The Traveler hands her the Damaged Holy Lyre der Himmel, the poor state of the instrument shocks her)
Barbara: Aah...
Paimon: Ahh...
Venti: Ugh...
Barbara: Oh, Lord Barbatos... Even if I atoned for these sins for the rest of my life...
Barbara: would still not be enough!
Venti: *sigh* ...
Venti: Oh, give it here...
(Venti repairs the lyre)
Barbara: How could this–
Barbara: The Holy Lyre... But how?
Paimon: Huh? Let Paimon see!
Barbara: No! No!
Barbara: I don't know how you managed to fix it, but you'll never touch the lyre again!
(Barbara storms off with the lyre)
Venti: ...We ahh... really should get going...
Venti: That trick I used to "repair" the Holy Lyre...
Venti: Hehe, I mean the magic I used...
Venti: ...Isn't going to hold forever you know.
Paimon: What!?
Paimon: You– Tone-Deaf Bard!!!
Paimon: Hey! Don't go!
(Venti runs out of the Church with the Traveler and Paimon following him. However, they are ambushed by two Fatui Agents before a woman, their leader, creates a small ice storm that freezes Venti in place)
???: At last, Mondstadt's rodent ruler in the flesh.
La Signora - The Fair Lady - The Eighth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers
Signora: Scurrying through the streets, looking for leftovers...
Signora: Mondstadt calls this a god?
Venti: Resident rodent... beats invasive vermin–
(Signora slaps Venti)
Signora: Don't you dare speak back to me, insolent bard.
(Venti summons the wind and dispels some but not all the ice encasing his legs)
Signora: Absentee archon of Mondstadt...
Signora: How impotent you have become...
Venti: That smirk you wear looks out of place.
Venti: Did you steal it from your master's face?[Note 1]
Signora: Should have held your tongue.
(Signora forcefully grabs Venti's Gnosis from his chest)
Signora: So. This is a Gnosis?
Signora: Wouldn't be caught dead wearing this ugly thing in public.
Venti: Beauty is a waste... when the beholder has no taste...
(Traveler): Venti...
Signora: Well, we have what we came here for.
Signora: Come. Before our dear Favonian friends arrive.
Signora: Leave nothing for them to find.
(Both the Traveler and Venti fall unconscious as the Fatui leave the scene)
After much time has passed...
Barbara: Ah! Honorary Knight, you're awake!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Venti... is he alright?
Barbara: Um... I wouldn't say he's "alright," exactly.
Barbara: I found you lying unconscious outside the Cathedral, and used my elemental powers to heal you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What planet... are we on?
Barbara: Planet?
Paimon: Ah! Don't listen to (his/her) nonsense, Miss Barbara!
Barbara: Ahh... Um, okay, well basically, I found you lying outside the Cathedral, unconscious, and used my elemental powers to heal you...
Paimon: Paimon thinks you could still use a final splash of ice-cold water to the face.
Barbara: That bard awakened first, but strangely, my healing powers had almost no effect on him...
Barbara: This is the first time I've encountered such a patient. But he just said "it's completely normal," and then got up and left the Cathedral...
Paimon: He left? Already? Where'd he go?
Barbara: The Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero, that's what he said.
Barbara: I wanted to stop him, but Jean– I mean, Master Jean said to let him leave. How strange.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (I think I understand...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (I think Jean understands...)
Paimon: Paimon remembers Venti healing under that tree before...
Paimon: (It's probably due to the connection between Windrise and the Anemo Archon. Master Jean has figured it out as well, but we can't tell Barbara...)
(Talk to Barbara again)
Barbara: The Fatui were the ones who attacked you? That's too much...
Barbara: Master Jean has already returned to the Knights Headquarters. She said that she will look for evidence.
Barbara: But she also said that if no traces were left behind, the Knights might find it difficult to lodge a complaint against the culprit.

(Talk to Venti at Windrise)
Venti: The wind amongst the branches is good, I love the way it smells...
Venti: Haha, I said the exact same thing the last time. *sigh* Why do I only say these things when I'm down on my luck?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So... what is a Gnosis?
Venti: Ah, so you noticed.
Venti: *sigh* This isn't something I'm meant to discuss with ordinary people. But I suppose I can let you in on the secret.
Venti: As you know, Visions are external magical foci that only a small minority of people possess. They use these Visions to channel elemental power.
Venti: In truth, every wielder of a Vision is one who can attain godhood and ascend to Celestia. We call such people allogenes.
Paimon: Allogenes? Paimon's never heard of them before.
Venti: Hehe, that's because this is a secret that only archons are privy to. We don't need primitive tools like Visions.
Venti: Instead, each archon has an internal magical focus that resonates directly with Celestia itself... known as a Gnosis.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What about the thing hanging off your hip?
Venti: Eh-he. It's just a glowing glass ball I carry around to avoid suspicion.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Huh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I feel cheated... but I guess I'm used to that by now.
Paimon: So who was that nasty woman who sent Paimon flying and stole your Gnosis?
Venti: Her name is Signora, No. 8 of the harbingers.
Venti: She and the rest of the harbingers have been given god-like executive authority by the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya, and with it, strength surpassing that of other mortals.
Paimon: The Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya? Isn't that...
Venti: Indeed. She is one of The Seven, the Tsaritsa who reigns from the Zapolyarny Palace,[Note 2] and the one person that the Fatui Harbingers all answer to.
Venti: The Seven don't always get along well, but still — I never thought that she would plot to steal another archon's Gnosis...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What sort of god is the Tsaritsa?
Venti: Ah... How should I put this?
Venti: Five hundred years ago, I knew her well. But I can't say the same is true now.
Venti: You see, a certain catastrophe happened five hundred years ago, and after that, she cut off all ties with me.
Venti: But we can save discussion of the Cryo Archon and the Fatui for another day.
Venti: Traveler, if you seek the rest of The Seven, many difficulties lie ahead of you still.
Venti: You should head for Mondstadt's neighboring nation of Liyue. The Geo Archon who reigns there, unlike me, administrates his entire region personally.
Venti: He only descends once every year to give his divine predictions, which set the direction for Liyue for the rest of that year.
Paimon: Even so, it sounds like he works much harder than a certain someone.
Venti: Eh-he?
Venti: ...In any case, this year's Rite of Descension is soon to begin. If you miss it, you'll just have to wait another year.
Paimon: WHAT!? Why didn't you tell us before? Well then bye. Traveler, we're going!
Venti: One moment, Windborne Outlander.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You mean me?
Venti: Agreed.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sorry for borrowing the statue's Anemo power without asking...
Venti: Haha, just use it gratefully — or, better yet, treat me to a glass of dandelion wine.
Venti: Traveler, as you set off on your journey once again, you must remember that the journey itself has meaning.
Venti: The birds of Teyvat, the songs and the cities, the Tsaritsa, her Fatui and the monsters... they all are part of your journey.
Venti: The destination is not everything. So before you reach the end, keep your eyes open. Use the chance to take in the world around you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Venti...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I understand.
Venti: Great. So that's that for the Anemo Archon's admonishments! Back to Venti Time!
(Chatting with Venti before continuing your journey)
Venti: If you want to chat, now's the time — a bard stays not always in a single clime.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About Dvalin...
Venti: Up until the end, Dvalin remembered his duty as one of the Four Winds.
Venti: As such, I don't intend to forcibly strip him of that duty and force my ideals of freedom onto him.
Venti: I just hope that Dvalin will be able to choose for himself and understand what freedom is.
Venti: Before I became an archon, I too was taught the meaning of freedom in this way by a friend.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About the Abyss Order...
Venti: Kaeya shared some new intelligence, you say?
Venti: ...I see. So, the Abyss Order has a (Princess/Prince) who orchestrated the plan to corrupt Dvalin?
Venti: They were probably trying to turn Dvalin into a weapon of war for the Abyss. But that said, I have never heard of any such (Princess/Prince) of the Abyss Order.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not an Abyss Order tradition, then...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So this is a recent development...
Venti: Apparently...
Venti: But how does a (Princess/Prince) come out of nowhere and take command over the entire Abyss Order?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About Signora...
Paimon: That Fatui lady didn't hang around, did she? She just grabbed your Gnosis and left!
Venti: She wanted to avoid any eyewitnesses from the Knights of Favonius.
Venti: The slightest slip-up here would have destroyed the Fatui's diplomatic relations with the Knights.
Paimon: So they're just gonna keep acting like Mondstadt's allies as if nothing happened!?
Venti: *sigh* ...If only the seven nations had banded together against the Abyss Order in the first place.
Venti: The Fatui possess the strongest military among the seven nations. Yet they've used it to steal the Holy Lyre, covet the power of gods, and use Dvalin as a bargaining chip against the Knights...
Paimon: Speaking of the Lyre... didn't Diluc say something like this before?
Paimon: He said that the Fatui can only run amok across the seven nations and threaten the Knights because of the harbingers.
Venti: Yes. As I said earlier, the Cryo Archon has given them authority and strength beyond that of other mortals.
Venti: The Tsaritsa... I haven't seen her in five hundred years. What is she thinking? What's her plan?
Venti: Whatever the answer is, I have a feeling it's only going to make your search for The Seven all the more difficult...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About deities...
Venti: As I said before, Vision wielders are known as allogenes and may ascend to Celestia.
Venti: A Gnosis is a higher-order nexus of elemental manipulation and is emblematic of an archon's status as one of The Seven.
Venti: But as for which of The Seven took your (sister/brother)... I'm sorry, I don't know.
Venti: ...Wait, as one of the Seven, I'm not clear of suspicion yet either, am I?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You don't look like that god at all.
Paimon: Hang on a hot second! Tone-Deaf Bard is just one of Barbatos' many incarnations, who's to say–
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We've known you long enough to trust you.
Venti: Haha, we're a great team indeed! Say, once you find your (sister/brother), how would you like to become one of the new Four Winds?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Perhaps...
Paimon: Hmm, you don't seem too into it, Traveler...
Paimon: Hey, Tone-Deaf Bard... If being one of the Four Winds means free food, you can consider Paimon!
Venti: Hahaha...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg There's nothing else...
Venti: Well then, best be off to Liyue. If the descension ritual you fail to tally, then another year you must dally.


  • In Gnosticism, Allogenes is a half-human, half-divine figure who, in some stories, becomes fully divine.


  1. In the Chinese version, Venti mocks Signora by openly suggesting she is only powerful because she relies on the power from the Tsaritsa, the Cryo Archon. A more direct localization of his original line, "哦?你嘲笑我的资本,就是从主人那里借来的力量吗?" would be "Oh? So the reason you dare to mock me is merely because you hold power borrowed from your master?"
    The English localization has the same meaning; the reason Signora is smirking is because she can overpower an Archon, which Venti calls "out of place" because the power she utilizes comes from the Tsaritsa. However, the jab is obfuscated for players at this point, partly because Venti appears to only be referring to Signora's smirk as a nonsequitur and partly because it is not revealed until the end of the quest that the Tsaritsa grants the Harbingers "strength beyond that of other mortals," compared to the Chinese version where Venti directly says in this cutscene that Signora's Cryo powers come from the Tsaritsa.
    As the Tsaritsa is the Cryo Archon, it is unclear at this point in the story whether Venti is referring to a Delusion or a Vision, but it is suggested to be a Delusion with Venti's line here in Chinese as well as Venti's later line about the Tsaritsa's granting of "strength beyond that of other mortals" to all Harbingers.
    Signora's Cryo powers are later confirmed to be from a Cryo Delusion in the description of Funerary Mask, one of the item rewards from Chapter II: Act III.
  2. In the English language audio, Venti says "her Winter Palace" rather than Zapolyarny Palace.

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