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Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates is a One-Time Domain in Inazuma. It contains one level, Tutelage: A Thousand Scrolls.

Unlocking the domain requires first obtaining the Memento Lens and then using it to access Araumi's underground labyrinth. Traveling through the underground passageways and completing several puzzles will eventually lead to unlocking the domain (see the Araumi page for more details).


For "Tutelage: A Thousand Scrolls":

This was once the final abode of a tengu warrior incarnate. Having since forsaken the world, it falls to you to solve the riddle they left behind and defeat the trespassing bandits.


  1. Open the door by finding three amulets
    • An Exquisite Chest can be found in a room within the puzzle area.
  2. Defeat two enemies at the end of the hallway:

First Time Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 30,000 Mora

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates
Qiān Mén Xū Zhōu
Qiān Mén Xū Zhōu
Japanese 千門の虚舟
Senmon no Utsuro-bune
Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates
Korean 천 개 문의 허주
Cheon Gae Mun-ui Heoju
Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates
Spanish Barco de las mil puertasBoat of the Thousand Doors
French Navire aux mille portesShip of a Thousand Gates
Russian Пустая лодка тысячи дверей
Pustaya lodka tysyachi dverey
Thai เรือที่เวิ้งว้างกับเส้นทางนับพัน
Empty Boat and a Thousand Paths
Vietnamese Con Thuyền Ngàn Cổng
German Leeres Boot mit tausend TorenEmpty Boat with a Thousand Gates
Indonesian Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates
Portuguese Barco Vazio dos Mil Portões


  1. The English translation "and this would later become the cage in which they (Yougou Three), having despaired, spent the rest of their days." has somewhat deviated from the original Chinese "后来成了此人灰心之后虚度余生的樊笼,沉入了海下." The phrase 此人 (lit. "this person") is an archaic expression which is almost always used as a singular. Therefore, a more plausible interpretation would be "Thereafter, [this boat] became the house of seclusion (lit. bird cage) in which this person (Reizenbou), having despaired, spent the rest of of her days in vain and [the boat] finally sunk into the sea."

Change History

Released in Version 2.0
Version 2.1
  • Fixes an issue whereby the monster Kairagi: Dancing Thunder may get stuck in a corner and is unable to move.

Version 2.0

  • Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates was released.