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Emergency Supply Points are a set of interactables on Dragonspine.

Originally set up to contain emergency rations and supplies for those who get caught unawares in this dangerous territory, they will normally be long plundered of their supplies.

For the commission "Emergency Supplies," Riese, a Knight of Favonius patrolling the north-western border of Dragonspine, will ask you to put three ham into a total of three of these boxes. After doing so you can find a "Thank-You Letter" beside the northern box.


Emergency Supply Point: This is an emergency supply point. If you should need anything, you may help yourself to the materials here.

Emergency Supply Point: (There's nothing in here but empty space...)


  • Along the Snow-Covered Path
    • North of Snow-Covered Path
    • South of Snow-Covered Path
    • Southeast of Snow-Covered Path

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Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Emergency Supply Point
Yìngjí Bǔjǐ Diǎn
Yìngjí Bǔjǐ Diǎn
Japanese 応急補給ポイント
Oukyuu Hokyuu Pointo
Korean 응급 보급 포인트
Spanish Punto de suministros de emergencia
French Ravitaillement d'urgence
Russian Коробка с экстренными припасами
Korobka s ekstrennymi pripasami
Thai จุดช่วยเหลือฉุกเฉิน
Vietnamese Điểm Tiếp Tế Khẩn Cấp
German Notversorgungspunkt
Indonesian Kotak Suplai Darurat
Portuguese Ponto de Suprimento de Emergência

Change History

Released in Version 1.2