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Emerald Peak is a realm layout in the Serenitea Pot system. It comes with Liyue Estate: Exquisite Mansion on Spring Peak.


A cloud-piercing mountain peak.
Well, that's how it looks, at least. But being inside a teapot and all, the highest mountain probably reaches no higher than the stalk of a tea leaf.


Exterior Areas

By increasing Trust Rank, players can unlock new exterior areas of the map:

Area Name Trust Rank
Notes Max Load Image
Spring Peak 1 Starting Area. Also the largest flat area in the realm layout. 10,000 Emerald Peak Spring Peak.png
Summerchase Peak 5 An area consisting of two peaks next to the Spring Peak. There is a small upward protrusion on the southern peak that cannot be built on.
The northern peak is connected the Wintersweep Peak.
10,000 Emerald Peak Summerchase Peak.png
Autumnhold Peak 7 A large area that you can reach after passing over another small peak. Consists of a large flat area, and a smaller elevated area above it. 10,000 Emerald Peak Autumnhold Peak.png
Wintersweep Peak 9 A large, flat area that is the highest buildable area. There is an inclined portion of the peak that cannot be built on 10,000 Emerald Peak Wintersweep Peak.png


The following released soundtracks are played in the Emerald Peak realm.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
30 A Familiar Sight and Leisure
Emerald Peak (first to play upon reaching daytime)
31 Cold Night
Mondstadt Open World (Night), Emerald Peak (Sunset, Night)
35 Stealing Words of the Moon
Mondstadt Open World (Night), Emerald Peak (Night)
43 Awaiting the Future
Mondstadt Open World (Night), Emerald Peak (Night)


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Emerald Peak
Japanese 翠黛の山
Korean 취대봉
Spanish Cima Esmeralda
French Pics émeraudeEmerald Peaks
Russian Изумрудный пик
Izumrudnyy pik
Emerald Peak
Thai ยอดเขามรกต
Vietnamese Đỉnh Thúy Đại
German Smaragdberg
Indonesian Puncak ZamrudEmerald Peak
Portuguese Pico Esmeralda

Change History

Released in Version 1.5
Version 1.6
  • Load Limit for all areas were increased from 8,800 to 10,000.

Version 1.5

  • Emerald Peak was released.