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Ella Musk is an NPC in the City of Mondstadt.

Following a certain dialogue branch for the first time gives the player Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2.



Ella can be found inside the Mondstadt Library. She is a scholar of Hilichurlian linguistics, as well as the older sister of Dr. Edith.


Ella is devoted to understanding the Hilichurlian language and befriend the hilichurls, most of whom are normally aggressive to outsiders. However, she has very little field experience and has to do it herself, as no one had studied the language due to their aggressive nature. While she makes the occasional mistake here and there which has caused hilichurls to become aggressive towards her, she continues to study the language and tries to understand it as best she can.


Ella Musk is a girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair is styled into two symmetrical braids, decorated with a pink flower hair clip on the left side of her hair. She wears an above knee-length white and red dress, and wears white socks that reach roughly halfway up of her shin. Ella wears formal brown shoes with a strap.

Quests and Events



Idle Quotes


Ella Musk: Ye ika gusha mosi!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About Stormterror...
Ella Musk: Hmm... Speaking of which, might you happen to know how dragons interact with one another?
Ella Musk: Ugh, my curiosity's getting the better of me again, but what does the dragon language sound like? Do dragons sing songs and write essays?
Ella Musk: Admittedly, I have never seen a dragon other than Dvalin. If only I could find a research subject...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Come again?
Ella Musk: ...Hmm? Oh— Sorry, I was off in my own world.
Ella Musk: That was Hilichurlian for "Hello there! Have you eaten?"
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why does it sound so hostile?
Ella Musk: Are you questioning my academic credentials!?
Ella Musk: Hmph... Well, I suppose that's not unusual. Hilichurlian Linguistics is severely underdeveloped as an academic discipline, so I still have a lot of questions regarding the exact meaning of certain words...
Ella Musk: The biggest gap in Hilichurlian Linguistics is field work. If I had the chance to communicate face to face with a hilichurl, it would shed light on so many burning questions, it's just...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's just what?
Ella Musk: *sigh* It's just... It's difficult to find anyone who would ever dare to approach a hilichurl, let alone try to talk to them. If someone could test out my theories on my behalf, that would be great...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why is this the subject of your research?
Ella Musk: Don't you think that hilichurls are very interesting life-forms?
Ella Musk: It's a pity that so few people think the same way as I do. At best, you could say that it's just Miss Sucrose who does.
Ella Musk: But our methodologies differ. What I'm studying is living hilichurls, while she seems more interested in their bones.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Who are you?
Ella Musk: I am Ella Musk, Professor of Hilichurlian Linguistics.
Ella Musk: Specifically I specialize in applied grammar for vernacular Hilichurlian.
Icon Dialogue Reward.png About Hilichurlian...
Ella Musk: Oh, are you interested in these things as well?
Ella Musk: If you're really interested, then read this book first. It's very interesting.
(Obtain Hilichurl Ballad Selection Vol. 2)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Ella Musk: Nye mita da ye mosi zido!
Ella Musk: Oh — and that means "Goodbye, have a nice trip!"

Translation notes

Ella Musk may be less knowledgeable on the subject than she claims to be and her research may be based on some incorrect assumptions. When met in the library of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters she greets the Traveler with "Ye ika gusha mosi" which she claims means "Hello have you eaten" but probably means "You enemy eat vegeatables" [insult]; and when the conversation with her ends she says "Nye mita da ye mosi zido!" which she says means "Goodbye and have a nice trip!" but probably means "No meat [da?] you eat nothing", almost certainly another deep insult.


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial Name
EnglishElla Musk
Àilā Mǎsīkè
Àilā Mǎsīkè
Era Masuku
Ella Meoseukeu
SpanishElla Musk
FrenchElla Musk
RussianЭлла Маск
Ella Mask
ThaiElla Musk
VietnameseElla Musk
GermanElla Musk
IndonesianElla Musk
PortugueseElla Musk

Change History

Released in Version 1.0