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Elemental Sight is an Exploration mechanic that enables the player to see Elemental Trails, see which objects could potentially be interacted with, and more.

It is toggled by pressing the Elemental Sight button next to the Minimap, holding the Middle Mouse Button, or L1 + D-Pad Left.


Elemental Sight has a wide range of effects, including:

  • Viewing elemental traces (also known as elemental trails) left behind in Bounties, between Seelie and their Seelie Gardens, and in certain quests and Hidden Exploration Objectives
    • Similarly, using Elemental Sight on a Phase Gate shows possible energy routes between it and the Phase Gates it can connect to
  • Viewing the elemental attributes of nearby entities,[1] including enemies, most types of interactable objects, and interactable NPCs
  • Revealing enemy name tags

On toggle, a white range indicator will spread outwards from the active character's position and most non-interactable entities will take on a dark, muted color while interactable ones will be highlighted. There are exceptions to this rule, expanded on in the Interactable Entities section.

Enemies and objects that are affected by an element will be highlighted with the element's color. Some enemies are inherently affected by an element, such as Hydro Slimes, or periodically apply an element to themselves, such as the Anemo Hypostasis. Shielded enemies are affected by their shield's element while their shield is up. Note that not all elemental enemies are inherently affected by their element; for example, Anemo Slimes and Large Anemo Slimes never apply Anemo to themselves, Geo Slimes never apply Geo to themselves, and Large Geo Slimes only apply Geo to themselves for as long as they have their shield up.

Elemental Sight automatically deactivates after moving a short distance and must be reactivated. Furthermore, Elemental Sight's range is limited based on the active character's position upon toggle and may not cover everything in the player's line of sight. (For example, a breakable Geo entity will not appear to be one with Elemental Sight if it is too far away.) In addition, when looking for elemental traces for bounties and some quests, only the traces closest to the active character will show up.

Elemental Sight can be captured in screenshots taken with the Kamera and Special Kamera.

Interactable Entities

Elemental Sight is a useful, but not foolproof, method for finding interactable entities. Most interactable entities will be highlighted when Elemental Sight is toggled, typically in white or by a color corresponding to the element the entity is affected by. (See the Highlighted Entities section for details.) Entities that are considered "background," which usually cannot be interacted with, will appear take on a muted color.

Interactable NPCs will appear white under Elemental Sight. Non-interactable NPCs, who may appear during certain quests or with the High Crowd Density setting, will not be highlighted. All enemies, including those that are currently inactive (such as Ruin Machines that activate on proximity), are highlighted under Elemental Sight. Ruin Machines that cannot be fought will not be highlighted by Elemental Sight.

Some highlightable entities are not directly interactable and are modified upon performing a certain action. For example, gates that can be raised or lowered are highlighted by Elemental Sight but are adjusted by a nearby mechanism. Some entities are modified by completing a certain step in a related quest or Hidden Exploration Objective.

On rare occasion, some highlightable entities are not interactable or modifiable in any way, such as certain Hilichurl structures that cannot be destroyed and the large, unidentified glowing object found during the World Quest The Chi of Yore. Similarly, objects that are no longer interactable after completing their objectives typically remain highlighted, such as bases of Time Trial Challenges.

Some types of interactable entities are not highlighted by Elemental Sight. Most open world interactables that provide dialogue, such as ancient tablets, bulletin boards, and notices, are not highlighted. Bushes and small trees, despite being modifiable (temporarily destroyed by melee attacks or through Burning), are not highlighted by Elemental Sight. Similarly, trees that provide Wood after the Version 1.5 update are not highlighted. Doors that players can open to access an area in the same instance, such as the doors in the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, are also not highlighted with Elemental Sight. Notably, Sayu's disguised form in the Archon Quest Proof of Guilt was not highlightable.

Highlighted Entities

Element Color Objects
None White Objects and entities not currently affected by an element, as well as mechanisms and chests
Element Pyro.png Red Fires, lit campfires and braziers, Ruins Torch, Flaming Flowers, Exploding Barrels
Element Hydro.png Blue Objects and entities with the Wet status applied, Hydro Ambers
Element Cryo.png Light blue Recently deactivated flamethrowers, Mist Flowers, Frostburst Barrels
Element Electro.png Purple Unbroken Electro Crystals, Electro Current Puzzle stones, Electro Rock Piles
Element Geo.png Yellow Geo Constructs, including ores
Element Anemo.png Turquoise Anemo Ambers
Element Dendro.png Green Dendro Vines, grass, flammable wooden objects, haystacks and hay bales
N/A No color Anything part of the background


In Teyvat, being able to use Elemental Sight is synonymous with having a Vision or, at the very least, having elemental sensitivity. While rare, it is a known phenomenon.[2][3]

While elemental traces are difficult to sense for those without elemental affinity, it is common knowledge that elemental traces exist and can be left behind by just about anything elemental, from slimes[2][4] to gods[1][5] to the wind itself,[6][7] as well as applied by humans through elemental magic.[8][9]

Elemental sensitivity strength varies even among those who can wield the elements. For example, Lisa says she heard that the Traveler's elemental sensitivity is "very strong."[10] The Traveler later appears to demonstrate stronger elemental sensitivity than Lisa, as Lisa requests the Traveler to copy down a drawing seen with Elemental Sight and only says that the drawing is clear after the Traveler does so.[11] Bennett is implied to have low elemental sensitivity, as he intended to replace his current goggles with "Alchemist's Goggles," an item rumored to allow everyone to see even the most minute levels of elemental energy.[12] Allogenes who give up their Visions may still be sensitive to the elements, as Jiangxue demonstrates.[13]

Because of a Vision's practical use in fieldwork and magical research, including the ability to use Elemental Sight, scholars with Visions have such a large advantage that lacking one is seen as a handicap.[2][6][7][14] While the "Alchemist's Goggles" Bennett sought were dismissed as an impossibility by Timaeus,[12] the Fatui-run Northland Bank has a way to detect elemental energy, which they use to distinguish bags of Mora certified by the bank.[9] Despite lacking a Vision and thus lacking Elemental Sight, Dr. Edith claims that the Anemo-imbued leaves the Traveler brings back from the Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero "do indeed allow you to feel the 'wind,'" which suggests that sufficient proximity may allow those without elemental sensitivity to sense the elements.


  • Characters who are confirmed to have Elemental Sight include: the Traveler, Amber,[15] Lisa,[10][11][16] Rosaria,[17] and Yanfei.[18]
    • Ruu also has "keen elemental senses,"[19] despite not having a Vision or any known ability to manipulate the elements.
  • Allogenes who appear to have low elemental sensitivity: Bennett[12]
  • It is unclear whether hilichurls have Elemental Sight, but they display some elemental affinity. Samachurls and Lawachurls are directly manipulating the elements while Mitachurls and Hilichurl Grenadiers dig up slimes and use them for combat purposes. In the open world, some hilichurls can be seen digging at disguised Whopperflowers, which suggests they may sense the elemental monsters' presence.
    • In the Archon Quest Hurdle, it is stated that hilichurls' bodies cannot withstand high elemental concentrations and as a result, they normally do not congregate in such areas. This would further suggest that they can at least instinctively sense which areas have high elemental concentration, even if they do not have Elemental Sight.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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