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Elemental Sight is an Exploration mechanic that enables one to see Elemental Trails in Bounties, locate Seelie from their Elemental Trail from their Seelie Garden, see which objects could potentially be interacted with, and more. It can be used by pressing the Elemental Sight button next to the Minimap, holding the Middle Mouse Button, or L1 + D-Pad Left.

Elemental Sight automatically deactivates after moving a short distance and must be reactivated. Elemental Sight also has a large but limited range based on your character's position upon activation of Elemental Sight. As a result, depending on your graphics settings, you may see objects that are further away from you than Elemental Sight will work. (For example, a breakable Geo entity will not appear to be one with Elemental Sight if it is too far away.) The range is indicated by a large white line that slides over all of the terrain in range. In addition, when looking for elemental traces for bounties and some quests, only the traces closest to you will show up.

Elemental Sight can be captured in screenshots taken with the Kamera and Special Kamera.

Elemental Sight in Teyvat

In Teyvat, being able to use Elemental Sight—also known as being sensitive to the elements—is synonymous with having a Vision or, at the very least, being able to manipulate the elements.[1] Allogenes who give up their Visions may still be sensitive to the elements.[2] Elemental Sight itself is useful in fieldwork, which is one of the reasons that scholars without a Vision will have difficulty with fieldwork.[1][3]

While elemental traces cannot be sensed by those without Visions (aside from the Traveler), it is common knowledge that elemental traces exist and can be left behind by just about anything elemental, from slimes to the wind itself, as well as applied by humans.[1][3][4][5][6][7]

Elemental sensitivity strength varies even among those who can wield the elements. For example, Lisa says she heard that the Traveler's elemental sensitivity is "very strong."[8] The Traveler later appears to demonstrate stronger elemental sensitivity than Lisa, as Lisa requests the Traveler to copy down a drawing seen with Elemental Sight and only says that the drawing is clear after the Traveler does so.[9] In addition, not all allogenes are sensitive to the elements in the first place. For example, Bennett is excited about "Alchemist's Goggles," an (unfortunately nonexistent) item rumored to allow everyone to see elemental energy.[10]

Highlighted Objects

When Elemental Sight is used, enemies and objects that are affected by an element will be highlighted with the element's color. Some enemies are inherently affected by an element, such as Hydro Slimes, or periodically apply an element to themselves, such as the Anemo Hypostasis.

Enemies' health bars will also be replaced with a name tag while Elemental Sight is activated.

Certain background objects that are not colored with Elemental Sight may not be permanent. For example, the gates that trapped Bennett and Razor during Realm of Fog and Wind were not colored with Elemental Sight, but the gates could be raised upon activating a mechanism.

Enemies are not listed in the table below. Shielded enemies are affected by the element of their shield for as long as their shield is up, and some enemies are inherently affected by an element even without a shield. Note that not all elemental enemies are inherently affected by their element; for example, Anemo Slimes and Large Anemo Slimes never apply Anemo to themselves, Geo Slimes never apply Geo to themselves, and Large Geo Slimes only apply Geo to themselves for as long as they have their shield up.

Element Color Objects
Element Dendro.png Green Dendro Vines, grass, flammable wooden objects
Element Pyro.png Red Fires, lit campfires and braziers, Ruins Torch, Flaming Flowers, Exploding Barrels
Element Cryo.png Light blue Recently deactivated flamethrowers, Mist Flowers, Frostburst Barrels
Element Geo.png Yellow Geo Constructs, including ores
Element Electro.png Purple Unbroken Electro Crystals, Electro Current Puzzle stones, Electro Rock Piles
Element Hydro.png Blue Objects and entities with the Wet status applied, Hydro Ambers
Element Anemo.png Turquoise Anemo Ambers
None White Objects and entities not currently affected by an element, as well as mechanisms and chests
N/A No color Anything part of the background


Elemental Sight, Elemental traces, or Elemental magic are used or mentioned in the following quests:



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Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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