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Elemental Nodes and Infusion Stones are objects that imbue nearby enemies with elemental buffs. They appear in certain Domains and some parts of the Teyvat overworld. They can appear in domains that do not have Ley Line Disorders like Floor 12 of the Version 1.5 Spiral Abyss, and they have somewhat different effects from Auras. Unlike Elemental Nodes, Infusion Stones can be broken.

Elemental Nodes usually start in a closed state, and when the challenge starts, they open up and pulse periodically, buffing enemies within range.


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The range of these nodes is significantly larger than their pulse visuals would imply; further testing is needed to determine their exact range (possibly the entire area of the Domain fighting area).


Nodes pulse once every 15 seconds, buffing all enemies in range:[1]

  • Un-buffed enemies gain a 3.6 unit Elemental Gauge of the node's element.
    • Unlike elemental gauges applied by characters' talents and most other elemental sources, the gauge from the node's buff does not decay over time and instead lasts until depleted by Elemental Reactions.
    • The pulse will trigger an Elemental Reaction first if the enemy already has an elemental gauge of a different element.
    • Corresponding elements which are not from nodes do not affect the buff, whether before or during buffing.
  • Buffed enemies gain 1.2 extra gauge units.
    • The max available gauge of this buff is 3.6 units.
  • Once an enemy's buff gauge is fully depleted, the enemy cannot regain the buff in the next 2 pulses.

Until the Elemental Gauge is depleted, enemies will gain 50% RES to all damage types along with an additional 50% RES to the node's element. They will also gain increased Interruption Resistance and another bonus based on the node's element:[2]

  • Cryo: +100% DEF
    • This DEF increase is additive with other DEF modifiers (such as DEF reduction talents from characters).
    • For example, if the enemy is in the Cryo-enhanced state, and Razor uses his skill to reduce their DEF by 15%, then the DEF of the enemy is multiplied by 2 - 0.15 = 1.85 instead of 2 * (1-0.15) = 1.7.
  • Pyro: +40% ATK
    • This ATK increase effect will be added to the enemy ATK reduction effect from characters.
    • For example, after the enemy gets the Pyro-enhanced state, Diona uses her Burst skill to reduce their ATK by 10%, and the ATK of the enemy becomes times instead of .
    • The buff can be removed with elemental reactions such as Melt and Vaporize.
  • Electro: Increases the Cooldown Reduction of enemies by 50%.
    • This effect can be observed on some enemies such as Electro Cicin Mages, increasing the rate at which they are able to use their Supercharged Shield attack, but it is not yet known exactly which other enemies and attacks it affects.
    • The Electro buff can be removed via elemental reactions with Electro such as Overloaded.

Infusion Stones

Infusion Stones buff enemies the same way as the Elemental Nodes in Domains, but the infusion stones are vulnerable to damage and can be destroyed to immediately remove their Auras and buffs from enemies.

The Mutation Stones in the event Energy Amplifier Initiation also greatly buffed the enemies' offense, defense, and Interruption Resistance. Like other infusion stones, they could be broken.

Pyro and Electro Infusion Stones are considered Geo Constructs and are weakest to Blunt Attacks. Cryo Infusion Stones are Cryo objects that are weakest to Pyro.


Spiral Abyss

Certain floors of the Spiral Abyss have elemental nodes:

  • Floors 5, 6, 8
  • Version 1.5, Floor 12, Chamber 2, First Half has an Electro Elemental Node
  • Version 1.6, Floor 12, Chamber 2, First Half has a Cryo Elemental Node
  • Version 2.0, Floor 12, Chamber 1, Both Halves have an Electro Elemental Node
  • Version 2.2, Floor 12, Chamber 1, First Half has a Pyro Elemental Node




Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.0
  • Electro infusion stones were added to Inazuma.

Version 1.2

Version 1.0

  • Elemental Nodes were released.