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The seven Elements of Teyvat are at the core of both gameplay and lore of Genshin Impact.

They act as special Status Effects and Damage types that can be applied in specific orders to trigger Elemental Reactions. The seven elements cover seven of the eight damage types, last one is Physical.

Each element corresponds to an Archon and their own nation that worships said Archon. The nature of the relationship between an Archon and their element is unknown. Similarly, while regions are heavily affected by its element, the nature of their relationship is also unknown.

List of Elements[]


Elements and Reactions[]

First Element
Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Dendro Anemo Geo
Second Element Pyro Vaporize
Over­loaded Melt
Burning Swirl
Hydro Vaporize
Electro-Charged Frozen
GeoPhysical Shatter
Pyro Bur­geon
Electro Hyper­bloom
Electro Over­loaded Electro-Charged Super­conduct Quicken
Dendro Spread
Electro Aggra­vate
Cryo Melt
GeoPhysical Shatter
Dendro Burning Bloom
Pyro Bur­geon
Electro Hyper­bloom
Dendro Spread
Electro Aggra­vate
Anemo Swirl
Geo Crystallize

Elemental Damage Bonus[]

These refer to Damage Bonuses (DMG Bonus) applied to specific elements.

Elemental Resistance[]

These refer to a character or enemy's Resistance (RES) to a particular elemental type of damage.


Certain enemies like those on Floors 9-12 of the Spiral Abyss may have Auras that cause certain buffs, debuffs, or attacks during battle.

Elemental Nodes[]

Certain Domains and some parts of the overworld have Elemental Nodes or Infusion Stones that imbue nearby enemies with elemental affixes that can increase their offense and defense.

Elemental Gauge Theory[]

This theory intends to explain Same Element Superposition, Elemental Reactions, Shield Breaking and other mechanics related to Elements.


Elemental Authorities[]

The seven elemental Authorities were powers wielded by the Seven Sovereigns, the most powerful dragons of the old world before the Heavenly Principles's arrival. The Heavenly Principles stole portions of those powers, which were later used to establish the Archon's Authorities.[1] Visions, which are wielded by people in Teyvat, are also derived from these Authorities.[2]


The Heavenly Principles and an unidentified entity created seven Gnoses out of the remains of the Third Descender,[3] one for each element, as a substitute for the Heavenly Principles's authority after it was gravely wounded in a great war.[2] The Gnoses are said to resonate with Celestia directly, and are more powerful than Visions. The Fatui are gathering the Gnoses, which are held by their respective elemental Archons, for an undisclosed purpose.[4]


Some beings in Teyvat are mysteriously granted Visions, which are external apparatuses that allow their owners to wield the elements. Visions take the form of crystals, each with the symbol and color of one element. Depending on the region in which they received their vision, they feature ornaments characteristic of that region.

After a Vision wielder dies, their Vision becomes a Masterless Vision, losing its power and all indicators of its element. Sometimes, Masterless Visions will resonate with a new person. For this reason, Masterless Visions are a commodity sought by the extremely rich.[5]

Vision wielders are secretly known by the gods as allogenes, people who have the potential to become gods in Celestia themselves.[4]


  • Dendro was the only element which had no playable characters up until Version 3.0, which added Tighnari and Collei, as well as the Dendro-aligned Traveler.
  • The Traveler is the only character in the game whose element can be changed as a playable character. Resonating with Statues of The Seven from a particular region will cause the Traveler's element to change to the region's associated element (e.g., resonating with a Statue of The Seven in Liyue will cause the Traveler's current Element to change to Geo). No other playable character can change elements, even if they can wield more than one element in the story, such as Tartaglia (who has a Hydro Vision and an Electro Delusion, but as a playable character, only wields Hydro).


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