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A sturdily-build skirmisher armed with an Electro-powered war-hammer.
As a Fatui soldier, one has access to munificent resources: salaries, armaments, and supplies.
But at the same time, it also means much time away from home and family and putting one's life in the hands of comrades one has never met.

Electrohammer Vanguards are Fatui Skirmishers that can inflict heavy amounts of damage with their attacks. They can perform a series of combo attacks, starting with two hammer swings, then finishing with a slam attack. They can also perform a charging attack, ending with a powerful slam that deals damage over a wide area.

In combat, the Electrohammer Vanguard can generate Electro elemental armor, granting him heavy amounts of damage reduction and dealing AoE Electro damage in all of their attacks. While in their charged armor state, they can also run up to the player very quickly. One way to dodge this is just as they are about to swing their hammer at you, slightly dodge and walk past them to go behind them.

Cryo elemental attacks are the most effective against their shields. When the armor is broken, the Vanguard is stunned briefly, leaving an opening to attack.