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Electro Rock Piles are Rock Piles found in Inazuma. Unlike Rock Piles from the rest of Teyvat, they are Electro objects and react to certain Elemental Reactions.

They can be destroyed with Overloaded, Superconduct, Crystallize or Swirl reactions by attacking them with Pyro, Cryo, Geo or Anemo, respectively.

They will appear purple under the use of Elemental Sight.

Shield Gauge

The Electro Rock Pile will require 2 gauge units to break, and Hydro does not affect it (Hydro will have a modified reaction coefficient of 0). Similarly, Electro and Physical DMG will not affect it.

Element Units Required Reaction Coefficient Notes
Pyro 2 1 e.g. 1 Bennett E will break it
Cryo 2 1 e.g. 1 Kaeya E / 1 Chongyun E will break it
Anemo 4 0.5 e.g. 2 Venti E / 4 Xiao E
Geo 4 0.5 e.g. 2 Noelle E / 4 Ningguang auto (counting the number of Crystallize reactions)



  • As expected, triggering Swirl on an Electro Rock Pile near a body of water will spread Electro to the water, causing the water to become Electro-Charged.


Change History

Released in Version 2.0