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Electro Current Puzzles are mechanisms found in Inazuma. They contain three types of stones:

  • Discharge Stone: Shoots harmless electric current
  • Relay Stone: Repeats the current released by Discharge Stones
  • Cumulation Stone: Absorbs electrical energy from Discharge Stone

Relay Stones may be picked up with [F] and placed with [T] in order to facilitate transferring the current from the Discharge Stone to the Cumulation Stone. Relay Stones can be placed in mid air. Moving too far from the puzzle will reset the Relay Stone's positions. When the electric current released from the Discharge Stone reaches the Cumulation Stone, the puzzle will be completed to obtain rewards. If the distance between the Discharge and Relay Stones is too large, current will not flow. Once the puzzle is complete, its corresponding Relay Stones will disappear.

In addition to the Relay Stone, Players, Enemies, and materials that are imbued with Electro can conduct current. Beidou's Tidecaller and Razor's Lightning Fang can be used as a shortcut in case the player does not want to get all Relay Stones.


Tutorial Adventure Electric Conduction 1.png In some places, you will find this mysterious combo of mechanisms: the Discharge Stone and the Cumulation Stone. The former shoots a harmless electric current at characters and monsters affected by Electro while the latter absorbs the electrical energy from the Discharge Stone. Sometimes you will also find Relay Stones, which conduct the current released by Discharge Stones.
Tutorial Adventure Electric Conduction 2.png Subtle differences between Cumulation Stones may affect the quantity of current they require.


Change History

Released in Version 2.0