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Can you use Elemental Bursts to make the cube react?

Electro Cubes are puzzles found in Inazuma. There are two types of Electro Cubes: ones that rotate and ones that light up when attacked. The rotation and lighting changes can affect adjacent cubes or a specific set of cubes, so attacking different cubes is required to solve the puzzle and obtain rewards. When the cube puzzle is solved, the cubes will stay lit similar to Elemental Monuments.


  • Damage from Normal Attacks or Elemental Skills will cause the cube to react.
  • The cubes are sometimes at the same level, other times at different heights. Once all the blocks are lined up, the blocks will glow and activate a mechanism, such as revealing a hidden Chest, lowering/raising water levels, or opening doors.
  • One particular cube puzzle in Inazuma requires figuring out which cubes, when lit up, will cause all the diagonal, vertical, and horizontal sums to be equal.


Change History

Released in Version 2.0