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Pure elemental life-forms composed of drifting Electro particles, as free and unbound as the butterflies they resemble.
A glittering Electro creature that is the product of rising and condensing elements, and which feeds off the ubiquitous power of Electro.
Could the flashing light in the dark night be the entrusted faith of a certain someone...

in-game description from the Archive


Catching one for the first time will add this creature's entry into your in-game archive.


  • In the original Chinese text, the line in the Archive description, "Could the flashing light in the dark night be the entrusted faith of a certain someone..." (Chinese: 在黑夜中跃动的电光,不知道是否寄托了谁的信仰...) is a reference to a danmaku line derived from the anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun and its first opening theme song "Only My Railgun," popularized on the Chinese video platform BiliBili: That spark glittering on your fingertips is my unshakeable faith for life! May my Railgun last for eternity! (Chinese: 你指尖跃动的电光,是我此生不灭的信仰,唯我超电磁炮永世长存!)[1]
    • The Japanese translation of this line (黒夜を躍動する電光は、果たして誰の信仰を託されているのだろうか…) is similarly derived from the Japanese translation of the above Chinese danmaku: 君の指先を舞ってる電光は、私の一生変わらない信仰であり、このレールガンだけが永遠に生きてる![1]

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Electro Crystalfly
Japanese 雷晶蝶
Korean 번개수정 나비
Spanish Cristalóptero Electro
French Papillon cristallin Électro
Russian Кристальная бабочка Электро
Kristal'naya babochka Elekto
Thai Electro Crystalfly
Vietnamese Lôi Tinh Điệp
German Elektro-Kristallschmetterling
Indonesian Electro Crystalfly
Portuguese Borboleta de Cristal Electro

Change History

Released in Version 2.0



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