Electro is one of the seven Elements.

Its associated Archon is Baal, whose domain is Inazuma.

Elemental Resonance

Having two Electro characters in the group results in the Elemental Resonance:

Elemental Reactions

A character affected by Electro.

Electro has the following Elemental Reactions:

  • Pyro Overloaded: Deals AoE Pyro DMG and causes an explosion.
  • Hydro Electro-Charged: Deals Electro DMG over time and interrupts any action. If there are nearby Wet targets, they also get the Electro-Charged elemental reaction. Electro-Charged deals 2 instances of damage.
  • Cryo Superconduct: Deals AoE Cryo DMG and reduces the target's Physical DMG Resistance by -40%. The number of targets hit by Superconduct will affect how much damage it does. If it hits a single enemy, it will only hit once. If the AoE of Superconduct hits 5 enemies, it will strike those 5 enemies 5 times each.
  • Anemo Swirl: Infuses and deals Electro damage while spreading the effect to nearby enemies.
  • Geo Crystallize: Creates an Electro shield.

Electro Status

Electro causes character movement and attacks to stop momentarily. During the moment when the character incurs Electro, the character will be interrupted and temporarily unable to move or use any Combat Talents.

Electro Characters

Playable characters

5 Characters match the category selection:

Icon Name Rarity Element Weapon Sex Nation
Character Beidou Thumb.png Beidou 4 Stars Element Electro.png Electro Weapon-class-claymore-icon.png Claymore Female Liyue
Character Fischl Thumb.png Fischl 4 Stars Element Electro.png Electro Weapon-class-bow-icon.png Bow Female Mondstadt
Character Keqing Thumb.png Keqing 5 Stars Element Electro.png Electro Weapon-class-sword-icon.png Sword Female Liyue
Character Lisa Thumb.png Lisa 4 Stars Element Electro.png Electro Weapon-class-catalyst-icon.png Catalyst Female Mondstadt
Character Razor Thumb.png Razor 4 Stars Element Electro.png Electro Weapon-class-claymore-icon.png Claymore Male Mondstadt

Upcoming characters

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Mentioned characters

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Some Enemies are capable of generating an Electro shield or constructs, providing them with significant offensive or defensive abilities.

The following enemies can create or are spawned with Electro Constructs:


Some environmental objects or obstacles are considered as Electro objects:


  • The symbol on Electro Visions is likely based on Mitsudomoe, a symbol often found in traditional Japanese heraldry.


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