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Ekaterina (Russian: Екатерина Yekaterina) is a member of the Fatui and a receptionist at the Northland Bank, a Snezhnayan bank opened in Liyue. Despite claiming that she cannot say whether the Northland Bank is linked to the Fatui, she wears the typical Fatui uniform and serves as Childe's subordinate.

If the player has leftover funds from Childe via the Archon Quest "Downtown" (A Huge Bag of Mora) or the Story Quest "Teucer's Terrific Tour" (Childe and Teucer's Mora Pouch), they can be exchanged for up to 35,000 Mora by speaking to Ekaterina.


Item Item Bag of Mora.png Stock Total
Mora Mora ×1 1 35,000 35,000
Total cost for all items


Ekaterina can be found at any time in the Northland Bank in Liyue.


Ekaterina is the receptionist at the Northland Bank. Despite clearly being a member of the Fatui, if asked about the bank's relation to the Fatui, she declines to directly state any relationship to them, but concedes that the Harbingers use their facilities regularly.

During "Guizhong" in Farewell, Archaic Lord, Ekaterina tails the party and eavesdrops on their conversation with Baizhu and Qiqi, later reporting on her findings to Childe.


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Idle Quotes


Ekaterina: Welcome to the Northland Bank. How may I assist you?
Icon Dialogue Shop.svg I'd like to make an exchange... (Only available if you have leftover funds from Childe)
Ekaterina: Oh, the elemental energy on this bag of Mora... Indeed, it has been certified by us.
Ekaterina: Would you like to change all the coins of outsize value inside to loose change?
Ekaterina: As you wish, dear customer.
(Opens Shop menu)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who are you?
Ekaterina: Me? I am a receptionist at the Northland Bank. If you have business matters to discuss, I can direct you to our manager.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What is this place?
Ekaterina: When it comes to interest rates, whether it be for loans and deposits, you will find no other bank more satisfactory than us in all of Liyue...
Ekaterina: Of course, should you take a loan from us, do remember to service that loan on time.
Ekaterina: I advise you to not take us to be an ordinary bank. We will not have debts go unpaid.
Ekaterina: Let me put it this way: have you seen an iceberg? You can only see what floats above the surface. No one can know what lies beneath.
Ekaterina: Understand this well, and it will go with you when you do business with us. *chuckles*
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg As for you and the Fatui...
Ekaterina: Do you mean to ask about our relationship with the Fatui? I apologize, but I cannot speak of such secrets.
Ekaterina: What I can tell you is that the Fatui Harbingers are key clients of ours.
Ekaterina: Just as an example, the number of zeroes behind the amount of money that one such as Master Childe has deposited in our coffers would be enough to boggle the mind.
Ekaterina: But to ones such as the Harbingers, money is but a number. If they should want anything, I fear there is little to stop them from obtaining it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Ekaterina: Goodbye, and may things go well with you. *chuckles*


  • Ekaterina has the same name as Ekaterina from Honkai Impact 3rd.

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Released in Version 1.0