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Dvalin, also known as Stormterror, is an Anemo elemental dragon and the original Dragon of the East of Mondstadt's Four Winds. He has been the Anemo Archon Barbatos' friend for almost 2000 years and is the longest-worshipped of the Four Winds.[4]

However, during the cataclysm five hundred years ago, Dvalin was grievously injured in battle against the corrupted black dragon Durin, and settled in the ancient god Decarabian's abandoned tower to recuperate. Over the course of five hundred years, the Abyssal poison in Durin's veins that Dvalin ingested continued to torment him, while the people of Mondstadt forgot him. When he finally awoke, Dvalin believed himself abandoned by the Anemo Archon and Mondstadt. The Abyss Order took advantage of this to corrupt his mind even further, inciting him to attack Mondstadt and earning the dragon the name "Stormterror."[4][5]

Dvalin's sanity is eventually restored through the efforts of Barbatos' mortal form Venti, the Traveler, Paimon, Jean, and Diluc.[6]


One of The Four Winds of Mondstadt: Dvalin, the Dragon of the East.
With the passages of long years and amid boundless darkness, even the purest gem will become dulled by dust, and even the noble dragon might be corrupted and cankered by hatred.
But never forget that dust can be wiped away, and the power of doubt and poison can be shattered.

"Fly freely in the sky.
"Just like you did in those days when we met, when I walked upon this land and sang the songs of the wind,
"And you soared on high, looking down on the world from above.
"Today, the sky is no longer swept by wind and snow. The green grass grows all over the earth, and it is beautiful.
"If you could walk on the earth and listen to the songs of shepherds and the scattered sound of the wind chimes in the distance, if you could have tasted wine as sweet as honey, you could understand.
"How wonderful it would have been if you were as I, witnessing your noble, beautiful form as you soared through the blue sky.
"Then you would know that this sky and this earth are both things worth fighting for."

Archive description


Dvalin is an Anemo elemental dragon and the former Dragon of the East. For a millennium, he had defended Mondstadt with his own might. With full command over sky and wind, Dvalin is an immensely powerful being capable of destroying the venomous clouds of the Black Dragon Durin with his whirlwinds, of which not even the Thousand Winds could resist nor achieve.


Dvalin has an enormous build and is so far one of the largest beings in Teyvat. His entire body is colored in a shade of blue, with his main body being a lighter Azure blue, while his talons and horns colored in more of a darker midnight blue. Dvalin also emits light from different areas of his body, notably his eyes that seem to have a blue flame effect, and the scales on his wings that emit an aqua glow. He possesses a total of six large wings on his body (three on each side) allows him to fly. Behind those wings is his massive tail, which resembles bird-like feathering. He possesses two horns on his head that resembles that of a goat, with a blue gradient that gradually fades to black. His front beak is incredibly sharp and possesses very sharp teeth, albeit a low amount. There are four sets of nails on each of the four talons, being very long and sharp with a gradient.

Before Dvalin is defeated by the Traveler, he possesses two purple sharp spikes on his back. These spikes are actually corrupted blood clots, remnants of Dvalin's battle against the black dragon Durin in Dragonspine long ago.


Stormterror is distrustful around humans after being betrayed by them. He usually attempts to avoid human contact, but when confronted he shows his anger and pain.

However, after Dvalin is rescued by the "Dvalin Protection Squad," a more friendly side surfaces once Venti reassures the dragon that there is no danger of being attacked. Dvalin initially felt confused as to what freedom truly was, but after Venti's explanation he felt connected and whole again before flying off into the unknown.

When diving deeper into his history, it's revealed that Dvalin truly wanted to be understood and loved by the humans for who he is and what he does to protect. He had a deep rooted connection with Mondstadt, and fought foreign enemies with all of his honor.

Quests and Events

Archon Quests




Around two thousand years ago,[Note 1] Dvalin was born from a convergence of elemental energy in the high heavens. This young dragon was very curious and descended to the continent of Teyvat to observe the world around him. As an enormous and powerful dragon, his presence frequently but unintentionally caused havoc and destruction around him, resulting in fearful or spiteful reactions from humans. Dvalin did not yet understand the consequences of his actions and was thus confused and hurt by the treatment he received.[4]

One day, attracted by the music from the Holy Lyre der Himmel, he landed next to Barbatos, the Anemo Archon of The Seven and the deity of Mondstadt. Though the humans panicked, Barbatos remained calm and sang of the dragon's beauty. Seeing that the god wished for him to be understood as well, Dvalin decided to stay by his side and befriended him. He learned human speech and the Archon's singing techniques.[4]

A thousand years ago, following Vennessa's rebellion against the Mondstadt Aristocracy, the Four Winds were established. Dvalin was Dragon of the East, Andrius the Wolf of the North, and Vennessa simultaneously the Lion of the South and the Falcon of the West.[7][8]

Approximately five hundred years ago, the land was engulfed by the cataclysm. Durin, a black serpentine dragon, rose from the abyss to cast its shadow over Mondstadt. The prayers of Mondstadt's people awoke the Anemo Archon, and his will summoned forth the Wind Dragon Dvalin. As Mondstadt's last line of defense, the two battled the wicked dragon to the death in raging storms. Dvalin ultimately prevailed, tearing open the throat of the wicked dragon at the cost of ingesting its poisonous blood. Dvalin protected Mondstadt with his life, and his only wish was to be understood by humans. He then fell into a slumber.[5][8][9]

Archon Quests

Some time before the Traveler's arrival in Mondstadt, Dvalin awoke and returned to Mondstadt, only to be greeted by fear and scorn from the humans of this era, who had forgotten about him and his identity as one of the Four Winds. Angry and hurt, both from the rejection and the lingering pain from the poisoned blood clots on his back, Dvalin was easily swayed by the Abyss Order into rescinding his title as Dragon of the East[10] and attacking the city. This earned him the name Stormterror, and Decarabian's city — which he had taken up as his residence — came to be known as Stormterror's Lair. While key personnel in the Knights of Favonius eventually discovered this,[8] they decided to keep it a secret from the populace as a result of pressure from the Fatui.

While making their way through Whispering Woods to get to the City of Mondstadt, Paimon and the Traveler encounter a boy talking to a dragon. Unbeknownst to them at the time, they were intruding on Venti's attempt to cure Dvalin's poisoning by creating a connection to him. The two attempt to hide away, but are detected and Dvalin flies off in a rage while Venti makes his escape shortly afterward,[11] having been poisoned himself when the connection failed.[12]

After Amber takes the Traveler to the city and shows them how to use a Wind Glider, Dvalin suddenly attacks the city, creating massive tornadoes. The Traveler is sucked up by one, but instead of falling to their doom, they are kept aloft through a mysterious figure's power — which once again was Venti, using his power over the thousand winds. The Traveler fights Dvalin while aloft and succeeds in driving him away.[13]

Upon investigating the anomaly, it turns out the Abyss Order attempted to take the opportunity to manipulate Dvalin into a war entity. After the Abyss Order thwarts one attempt to restore Dvalin,[14] the small group organized to save Dvalin tracks him down and confronts him at Decarabian's tower. They destroy the poisonous blood clots and he eventually realizes that Mondstadt had not intentionally rejected him. When their battleground collapses, Dvalin saves them from falling and converses with Venti before flying away. Jean reveals the truth behind the incident to the people of Mondstadt and clears up the misunderstanding.[15]


At the end of Invitation of Windblume, Venti, the Traveler, and Paimon travel to Decarabian's tower, where they witness Dvalin flying overhead to celebrate Windblume in his way.

During Midsummer Island Adventure, Venti summons Dvalin to fly the Traveler, Paimon, Jean, Barbara, and Klee to Golden Apple Archipelago. He later does the same to get Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, and Razor to the island. Notably, Barbara identifies Dvalin as Dragon of the East, even though Dvalin presumably already renounced the title at this point in the story.


  • Just like his fellow dragon Durin, Dvalin is likely named after a dwarf, Dvalinn, from Norse Mythology.
  • In the Version 4.2 trailer of Honkai Impact 3rd, Otto Apocalypse gets a glimpse of Dvalin through the Imaginary Tree, confirming that the two games are connected. The cutscene was later canonically implemented as the ending of "Chapter 17: Thunders over Nagazora" in the main story of HI3.
  • During the first fight against Dvalin in the Archon Quest, A Long Shot, Venti gives the name "Caelestinum Finale Termini" to the attack sequence wherein a meteor creates cracks on the platforms which the player must fly over in order to avoid being damaged.
  • Dvalin is mentioned in the description of the Furnishing item "Rally Banner."
  • Dvalin is known by these aliases or titles:
  • Since the Seven Sovereigns are stated to be elemental dragons, Dvalin is theorized to be one of the Sovereigns.[16]


  1. It is unclear when exactly Dvalin and Barbatos met, but the poet in Breeze Amidst the Forest (implied to be Venti himself) says it occurred in "ancient times, when the gods walked among us in their prime." This puts their meeting somewhere between Barbatos' ascension 2600 years ago, and his departure from Mondstadt between 2000 and 1000 years ago.

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Stormterror Dvalin
风魔龙・特瓦林[• 1]
Fēngmólóng - Tèwǎlín
風魔龍・特瓦林[• 1]
Fēngmólóng - Tèwǎlín
Japanese 風魔龍・トワリン
Fuumaryuu - Towarin
Korean 풍마룡・드발린
Pungmaryong - Deuballin
Spanish Stormterror - Dvalin
French Stormterror - Dvalin
Russian Ужас Бури Двалин
Uzhas Buri Dvalin
Thai Stormterror - Dvalin
Vietnamese Phong Ma Long - Dvalin
German Sturmschrecken – Dvalin
Indonesian Stormterror Dvalin
Portuguese Stormterror Dvalin
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Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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