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Dust to Dust is the fourth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act I - Of the Land Amidst Monoliths.


  1. Return to Liyue Harbor and find Childe



(Talking to Childe)
Childe: You've finally returned. How was your journey to Jueyun Karst?
(Fastforward the Traveler's explanation)
Childe: ...I see.
(If the Traveler met with all the Adepti)
Childe: Moon Carver, Mountain Shaper, Cloud Retainer, Conqueror of Demons...
Childe: Some of these names have never come up in the intel the Fatui gets hold of.
Childe: As a returning gift, I too have information for you.
(If the Traveler met with Xiao but not some of the other Adepti)
Childe: Oh, you didn't get to see all the adepti yourself? Oh as they say, it's up to fate, no?
Childe: Not a worry. If you have the free time, there's no harming giving in a go again.
Childe: Besides, the information on the conqueror of demons is already very valuable. As a returning gift, I too have information for you.
Childe: Regarding the archon's passing... The Liyue Qixing's response really has given me food for thought...
Childe: They've announced that, as the true killer has not yet been found, they are not allowing anyone to pay their respects to the Exuvia.
Childe: They've even gone so far as to try and cut off information... But with the Rite of Descension and all, even the Qixing isn't able to keep a lid on things.
Paimon: Exuvia?
Childe: It's common knowledge in Liyue that Rex Lapis is also an adeptus.
Childe: The Geo Archon is also the God of Contracts, and is also known as the Exuvia, Prime of the Adepti.
Childe: The mighty and illuminated adepti of today all signed contracts to protect Liyue back then.
Paimon: Guess that explains why they're all so focused on Liyue's well-being.
Childe: Naturally. They both have the responsibility and the aptitude for the job.
Childe: If the ruling Qixing became unable to perform their duty properly, the adepti have the right to take corrective action.
Childe: The Geo Archon's spirit has risen, so why would the Qixing hide his vessel!? Truly suspicious.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This makes things difficult for me too.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I agree, something is definitely not right.
Paimon: Oh! Right! He's the whole reason we came here!
Paimon: If the Liyue Qixing has locked up Exuvia and won't let anyone near...
Paimon: Then (Traveler's) quest to find The Seven is already over!
Childe: Oh? You're trying to find The Seven? And just why might that be, pray tell?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Nothing to do with you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No comment.
Childe: Heh... nice answer.
Childe: A knight that gets duped by the Fatui would really be no knight at all now, would they?
Childe: But, I can help you with that too you know.
Paimon: Hmm? Really?
Childe: Give me some time.
Childe: Time... to find someone.
Childe: Someone who can help you break through this stalemate.
Childe: Truly fascinating. The harder they try to silence the situation, the greater the chaos that erupts...
Childe: If you want to be around to see it all come crashing down, best you stay alive until we next meet, yes?

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishDust to Dust
Fǎn Chén
Return to Dust
Fǎn Chén
Chiri ni Kaeru
Returning to Dust
Korean속세 복귀
Sokse Bokgwi
Return to Mundane World
SpanishPolvo eres y en polvo te convertirásDust You Are and Dust You Will Become
FrenchTu retourneras à la poussièreTo Dust You Will Return
RussianПрах к праху
Prakh k prakhu
Dust to Dust
Klap su Daen Manut
Return to Human Land
VietnameseQuay Lại Trần Thế
GermanStaub zu StaubDust to Dust
IndonesianKembali Menjadi DebuBack to Dust
PortugueseRetornando aos Reinos MortaisReturning to the Mortal Realms

Change History

Released in Version 1.0