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Durin was a shadow dragon said to have been corrupted by the alchemist Gold[1] that was defeated in battle against Dvalin, but ended up poisoning Dvalin when Durin pierced his throat due to his poisoned blood.[2]



Supposedly after his corruption, Durin took on a monstrous form of a disfigured skeletal dragon with glowing, red eyes. His wings were still intact, with long veins running along the folds.


Durin had a gentle heart and dreamed of befriending Dvalin and the people of Mondstadt; he was destructive only because his corruption caused him to be ignorant of his actions. Even after he woke to find that he had been dealt a killing blow by Dvalin, Durin held no ill will toward Dvalin or Barbatos and only wished that they could have met under better circumstances.[3]



The remains of Durin are said to have fell from the sky and landed on a snow peak now known as Dragonspine,[4] ultimately laying to rest at the area known as Wyrmrest Valley.[5] According to Albedo, parts of Durin were used to forge the cursed sword Festering Desire.[6]


  • During the Afterword of the quest The Chalk Prince and the Dragon, Albedo muses outloud whether that his master, the alchemist Rhinedottir, created Durin, as the late dragon's life-force resonated with Albedo's.[7]
  • In Norse mythology, both Durin and Dvalin are dwarves first mentioned in the Poetic Edda. In the Hervarar saga, Durin forges the mythical sword Tyrfing with Dvalin's help.
  • From the descriptions of Dragonspine Spear and Festering Desire, it is implied that Durin, and several other beings, came to Teyvat from another land.
  • Durin's skull faces towards the west-northwest, where Celestia floats above. Roald the Adventurer wondered if Durin still "yearns for the celestial heights".[8]
  • Durin is likely the "evil dragon that once wrought havoc on a neighboring land" whose dried but still highly potent blood is allegedly in a bottle that Linlang shows to the Traveler in her regular nighttime dialogue. The only other known dragon that might fit the description is Ursa the Drake, and Ursa's blood is not (yet) known to be venomous, unlike Durin's blood.
  • According to the description of the Concealed Unguis, Durin was classified as "Humus". In soil science, humus is formed when dead plant and animal matter within soil is broken down even further by anaerobes, becoming dark in color. The prescence of humus in soil helps boost its fertility.