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The Land of Hidden Jade. But the war of ages past is long over, and the mounds of glittering jade have long been destroyed. Now, only the whisper of flowing water remains.

Dunyu Ruins
Every corner of Dunyu Ruins is filled with ancient vestiges, suspended in time inside the dead lake.
Without a doubt, there is still a large amount of treasure of unknown origin yet to be discovered.

Expedition description

Dunyu Ruins (Chinese: 遁玉陵 Dùnyù-líng, "Fleeing Jade Mausoleum") is a subarea in Lisha, Liyue. It is one of the three locations where the Nameless Treasures can be found.




Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

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Notice: "No Treasure Hoarders nearby, don't take caution to protect yourself and your belongings."
Paimon: Huh? Seems like some of the words were changed by someone.


Dunyu Ruins Puzzle

Solving the puzzle grants access to the Geoculus and one Nameless Treasure.

  1. Find the locked Geo totem in the main ruins, located northeast of the nearest Statue of the Seven.
  2. Light 4 torches using Pyro attacks. Two of the torches are located one level below the Geo totem.
  3. Activate the Geo totem with a Geo attack. This will drain the lake to reveal the Geoculus, which is protected by a barrier. You must guide 3 Seelies to their courts to remove the barrier.
  4. The 1st Seelie is located near the Geo totem.
  5. The 2nd Seelie is near a Ruin Guard, located up the stairs to the east of the Geoculus. The Ruin Guard will activate when you come close.
  6. The 3rd Seelie is locked in a building located up the stairs to the west of the Geoculus.
  7. Start the challenge outside the building and defeat all the Hydro Slimes within 1 minute. This yields an Exquisite Chest.
  8. Go through the unlocked gate to find the 3rd Seelie, which will go up through a hole in the ceiling. Climb up from the outside through the window. You can also use Venti's skill or Wind Catcher to glide up through the hole. There is a Luxurious Chest here.
  9. After the barrier is removed, you can glide down to get the Geoculus. The Luxurious Chest beneath it contains a Nameless Treasure (quest item).


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Dunyu Ruins
Fleeing Jade Mausoleum[• 1]
Japanese 遁玉の丘
Ton'gyoku no Oka[!]
Dunyu Hill
Korean 둔옥릉
Dunyu Tomb
Spanish Ruinas de DunyuRuins of Dunyu
French Ruines de DunyuRuins of Dunyu
Russian Гробница Дуньюй
Grobnitsa Dun'yuy
Dunyu's Tomb
Thai Dunyu Ruins
Vietnamese Tuần Ngọc LăngFleeing Jade Mausoleum[• 2]
German Dunyu-MausoleumDunyu Mausoleum
Indonesian Dunyu Ruins
Portuguese Ruínas de DunyuRuins of Dunyu
  1. ZH: According to the Records of Jueyun: Hidden Jade, Dunyu (Chinese: 遁玉 Dùnyù, "fleeing jade") comes from "the land to which beauteous jade flees" (Chinese: 美玉遁逃之处 Měiyù Dùntáo zhī Chù, "the place that the beautiful jade flees").
  2. VI: Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese name

Change History

Released in Version 1.0