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Dragonspine's Glacial Secret (unofficial name) is a Hidden Exploration Objective that takes place in Dragonspine, Mondstadt. It unlocks the Mural Room, located in a cave southwest of the Dragonspine Statue of The Seven.


  1. Activate all the following symbols in any order by interacting with their respectively numbered Ancient Carvings
    1. Found in the cave to the south and below Dragonspine's Statue of the Seven
    2. Found atop Starglow Cavern, near a puzzle with a dormant Ruin Grader
    3. Found in the cavern below the Cryo Hypostasis's arena, accessible through an entrance near the Teleport Waypoint west of there
    4. Found south of Wyrmrest Valley, next to a delapitated tower and a non-respawning Ruin Grader
    5. Found right in front of the Peak of Vindagnyr Domain
    6. Found west of Starglow Cavern, below some rubble and Ancient Rime, after removing the sheet of ice covering the area
    7. Found inside the Secret Room
    8. Found northeast of the Frostbearing Tree
  2. Activate the contraption near the symbols to open the giant door
  3. Light the 4 torches inside the room with Pyro
  4. Obtain the Snow-Tombed Starsilver that spawns after the small cutscene


(After interacting with the first tablet)
Paimon: Looks like this stone tablet is talking about events from the past...
Paimon: Ooh, it lit up! Paimon wonders if these ruins have any other stone tablets like this one?
(Interacting with any other tablet)
Paimon: This stone tablet's lit up as well...
(After unlocking all the tablets)
Paimon: Phew...This is really tiring. Activating this many tablets should do it, right?
Paimon: Come on, (Traveler), let's check out that place with the super huge door again!

Ancient Carvings

  1. Ancient Carvings: "...its soul, and Starsilver its bones. But the one who could wield it, the ice-breaking outlander, Imunlau..."
  2. Ancient Carvings: "...attempted to heal the Leylines, but the tree had already withered. After burying the princess..."
  3. Ancient Carvings: "...without result or reply, Varuch proceeded on to the summit..."
  4. Ancient Carvings: "...snow whipped across the skies. The pillar that fell from the heavens was riven in three..."
  5. Ancient Carvings: "...far from snow and strife, and came upon this verdant paradise. A monument was laid down in this place, and it was named Sal Vind..."
  6. Ancient Carvings: "...dreamed of the black dragon that blotted down the sun, and knew it to be an omen of doom. That same month, the outlander..."
  7. Ancient Carvings: "...guided to where the pale white tree stood. That month, the underground waterway..."
  8. Ancient Carvings: "...ended. There is no more need for records. Yet I regret nothing more than having been unable to watch her finish the fresco within that great hall..."

The Ancient Carvings were presumably written by Ukko, the last scribe for the ancient nation of Sal Vindagnyr.

Video Guides

How to open Entombed City Secret Room


Change History

Released in Version 1.2