Dragonspine (historically known as Vindagnyr before Durin's fall) is an area released in Version 1.2, "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon." It is located in the south part of Mondstadt, making it recognizable by its citizens, as quoted by Mona from the Where Ancient Stars Align event. There are some peculiarities with how the snow gathers but never melts on the mountain. Due to its extreme cold, Dragonspine is also one of the most dangerous places in Mondstadt.


This is Dragonspine, an enormous mountain that holds the remains of the venomous dragon, Durin, who fell here after the battle with Dvalin. Few adventurers dare attempt to conquer this unforgiving environment marked by deep snow, sheer cold, poisonous blood, and monsters. But such things will not dissuade the star-faring Traveler from journeying here...[1]

Albedo suspects that the sword Festering Desire is related to the dragon Durin, and may draw its power from the dragon's venom.

Before Durin

There is evidence of a civilization inhabiting the mountain before Durin. Much of the archaeological remains are centered on the Entombed City - Ancient Palace. There are also records contained on Ancient Carvings; and in the descriptions of the weapon Snow-Tombed Starsilver, as well as the catalyst Frostbearer; and of the Princess' Box, Priest's Box, and Scribe's Box; as well as frescos within the Mural Room where the Snow-Tombed Starsilver is found.

Together they tell of a kingdom, a princess gifted with the power to foretell through visions and painting, and of a tragedy or fall of that kingdom. The fall is brought about by the Skyfrost Nail which falls and destroys the silver ley line tree on the mountain- this causes the change in climate from verdant to frostbitten. Artifacts found in Dragonspine tell the story of the Princess and people of that time, and the story of an outlander entrusted with the Starsilver weapon - when the outlander returns from his quest he finds the city dead and abandoned, and leaves the weapon in the secret chamber.

The decoded messages ("Record of Serial No.") found on broken Ruin Guards in the region may also be related, but also may related to the fall of Khaenri'ah, from where Ruin Guards originate.


Subzero Climate

Subzero Climate.png

In this climate, grass does not burn, and players can gain the Sheer Cold gauge.

Sheer Cold

Sheer Cold is shared between characters and accumulates at a base rate of 1% per second (maxes the Sheer Cold gauge in 100 seconds, or 1 minute and 40 seconds). Certain conditions increase the rate of accumulation:

  • Slow swimming increases the rate to 2% per second (maxes the Sheer Cold gauge in 50 seconds).
  • Particularly cold surfaces or environments such as cold platforms, Snowstorms, and the Cryo Hypostasis increase the rate to 2.5% per second (maxes the Sheer Cold gauge in 40 seconds).
  • Sprint swimming increases the rate to 2.85% per second (maxes the Sheer Cold gauge in 35 seconds).

Note that being Wet and standing in water do not accelerate Sheer Cold's accumulation.

When Sheer Cold begins to accumulate, a sound effect plays and a gauge appears over the active character's HP bar. When the gauge is 70% full, it starts to flash with a red glow, and it begins to beep every 2 seconds. In addition, the edges of the screen become frosty, reducing the player's peripheral vision. When the gauge is full, the gauge takes on a steady red glow, the beeping stops, and the edges of the screen frost over more to further refuse the player's peripheral vision.

When the Sheer Cold gauge is full, the active character will lose HP at a rate of 1% max HP + 150 HP per second.[2] If not mitigated, then the active character will die to Sheer Cold in roughly one minute, give or take as much as half a minute depending on how much HP a character has.

  • The conditions that accelerate Sheer Cold accumulation do not increase HP loss from Sheer Cold.
  • Some max HP thresholds and how long it takes for all HP to be depleted by Sheer Cold:
    • 6,200 HP - 30 seconds
    • 10,000 HP - 40 seconds
    • 15,000 HP - 50 seconds
    • 22,000 HP - 60 seconds
    • 35,000 HP - 70 seconds
    • 60,000 HP - 80 seconds

Sheer Cold's accumulation and health loss from Sheer Cold pause while the player is engaged in dialogue with an NPC or an object.

Sources of warmth (campfires, Ruin Braziers, Warming Seelie, Warming Bottle, Statues of The Seven, Teleport Waypoints, and Ley Line Monoliths) reduce the Sheer Cold gauge at a rate of 20% per second.

Scarlet Quartz reduces 5% of the Sheer Cold gauge and pauses Sheer Cold accumulation. Additional Scarlet Quartz that are picked up will refresh the duration and reduce another 5% of the Sheer Cold gauge. Scarlet Quartz has no effect until it is picked up.

Some food can slow the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation. Currently, the only food that does so is Goulash.

  • Delicious Goulash slows the normal rate of accumulation by 0.5% so that Sheer Cold accumulates at a rate of 0.5% per second (maxes the Sheer Cold gauge in 200 seconds, or 3 minutes and 20 seconds).
  • Normal Goulash only subtracts 0.4% so that Sheer Cold accumulates at 0.6% per second (maxes the Sheer Cold gauge in 167 seconds, or 2 minutes and 47 seconds).
  • Suspicious Goulash only subtracts 0.3% so that Sheer Cold accumulates at 0.7% per second (maxes the Sheer Cold gauge in 143 seconds, or 2 minutes and 23 seconds).
  • Goulash has no effect when the Sheer Cold accumulation rate is increased, such as within Snowstorms. It is unknown if this is intentional or an error.

Ancient Rimes

Ancient Rimes are unique blocks of ice that cannot be melted with Pyro. Only by breaking a nearby Scarlet Quartz ore vein and imbuing oneself with its power will one be able to break Ancient Rime. The power dissipates after 25s and the ore vein regenerates after 15s.


Notable Features

World Quests

Puzzle Quests

  • Secret Room - A room unlocked by gathering quest objects.






Points of Interest

Adventurer Camp

A camp between the path from Dadaupa Gorge to Dragonspine occupied by several NPCs affiliated with Mondstadt's Adventurers' Guild.

Albedo's Campsite

A small laboratory outpost that can be found along the path from Entombed City - Ancient Palace to Entombed City - Outskirts.

Snow-Covered Path

The path leading up the mountain is not as steep as expected, but it's coated in ice the whole way, so you still have to be careful! It's so cold here that even the grass won't burn. It feels like every few steps we are looking for the next heat source to warm back up, and if we didn't, then we certainly won't last long out here.[3]

Frostbearing Tree

Obtain Crimson Agates and offer them to the Frostbearing Tree in exchange for rewards.

Raise the Frostbearing Tree to Lv. 4 to obtain the blueprint for the "Warming Bottle" gadget.

Raise the Frostbearing Tree to Lv. 10 to obtain the blueprint for the 4-star Catalyst "Frostbearer".

At Lv. 8, the Crimson Wish system can be activated to acquire more Crimson Agate.

Entombed City - Ancient Palace

An ancient city that lies silent beneath the eternal ice.

Look for clues and investigate the secret of a now-destroyed kingdom: Snow-Tombed Starsilver.

Starglow Cavern

A great cavern spanning the depths of Dragonspine. Peculiar glowing vegetation grows throughout the cavern, illuminating even the deepest, darkest passages with its frigid glow.

Skyfrost Nail

Skyfrost Nail is the area of Dragonspine's peak. Unlocking access to this area is part of the World Quest "In the Mountains".

Wyrmrest Valley

The final resting place of the black dragon. The life force exuding from the dragon's core has dyed the steep valley's silvery snow in scarlet red. Has a glowing red cave of interest.

Entombed City - Outskirts

Outskirts of an Ancient City.



Vortex of Legends was posted onto the official YouTube channel, Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music on April 2, 2021. It is the fifth Genshin Impact album to be released, featuring 17 tracks from composer Yu-Peng Chen @HOYO-MiX, that were added to the game in Version 1.2 for the Dragonspine area.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
1 Snow-Buried Tales
Dragonspine Open World
2 Fragile Fantasy
Dragonspine Open World
3 Chattering Snowflakes
Dragonspine Open World
4 Serene and Sweet Adieu
Dragonspine Open World
5 Glistening Shards
Dragonspine Open World
6 Ad Oblivione
Dragonspine Open World
7 Abiding Chills
Dragonspine Open World
8 Menacing Cove
Starglow Cavern
9 Striding in the Snowstorm
Starglow Cavern
10 Sinister Mist
Starglow Cavern
11 In the Desolate Hallway
Starglow Cavern
12 The Flourishing Past
Dragonspine Open World
13 Unfinished Frescoes
Dragonspine Open World
14 Spin of Ice Crystals
Dragonspine Open World
15 Finale of the Snowtomb
Dragonspine Open World
16 Once-Colored Memories
Dragonspine Open World
17 Moonlike Smile
Dragonspine Open World


  • Much of Dragonspine's story, lore, and history were deliberately left ambiguous to allow players to develop their own interpretations of what happened. In "Snow-Covered Path" — Behind the Scenes of Dragonspine (3:50-4:37), open world level designer Xiao Ao says, "To enrich the experience of the Dragonspine story, we would take the core themes of Dragonspine — namely the Skyfrost Nail and the bygone civilization — and represent them from many angles. [...] In the end, the player develops their own interpretation of what happened."

Change History

Released in Version 1.2
Version 1.5

Version 1.2

  • Dragonspine was released.



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