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Dornman Port is a port in Mondstadt, although its exact location is unclear. So far, it has only been mentioned through NPC dialogue and character stories.

It was first mentioned by Henry Morton, who states it is "too far away" from the Nameless Island to try reaching the place by boat.

Eula and her company once tracked down a dangerous hidden cargo belonging to the Abyss Order to Dornman Port, where it was about to be shipped to Liyue Harbor. Yanfei was, at that time, working as a consultant for the merchant vessel; unaware of the cargo's true nature, she started investigating it after discovering something in it, putting herself in great danger.[1] She was saved from this perilous situation by Eula, and the two then cooperated to investigate and capture all the Abyss Order operatives hiding in the vicinity of the port.[2]

Jones, a former menial worker at Dornman Port, was recruited by the Kanjou Commission to be a sailor, only to arrive in Ritou and discover that he couldn't leave due to the Sakoku Decree.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishDornman PortGerman: Thornman Port
Jīngfū Gǎng
Thorn-man Port
Jīngfū Gǎng
Japaneseドーンマンポート[1][2][3] / 荆夫港[4]
Doonman Pooto / Keifu-kou[!]
SpanishPuerto de DornmanDornman Port
FrenchPort de DornmanDornman Port
RussianТерновый порт
Ternovyy port
Thorn Port
Thaiท่าเรือ Dornman
VietnameseCảng DornmanDornman Port
GermanDornmannshavenThornman Port
IndonesianPelabuhan Dornman
PortuguesePorto de Dornman[1][4] / Dirman Port[3]


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