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Domains of Blessing are Domains that award Artifacts. Artifacts will increase the strength of characters in many ways. Players will have to complete the Archon Quest Prologue before unlocking these. They require Original Resin Original Resin ×20 to claim.

List of Domains of Blessing

10 Domains match the category selection:

Name Location AR Party Level Elements
Domain of Guyun Guyun Stone Forest, Sea of Clouds, Liyue 22/25/​30/35/40/45 34/47/​59/69/80/90 Electro
Midsummer Courtyard Starsnatch Cliff, Starfell Valley, Mondstadt 22/25/30/​35/40/45 34/47/59/​69/80/90 Pyro
Valley of Remembrance Dawn Winery, Windwail Highland, Mondstadt 25/30/35/​40/45 47/59/69/​80/90
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Wuwang Hill, Bishui Plain, Liyue 30/35/40/45 59/69/80/90 Cryo
Peak of Vindagnyr Skyfrost Nail, Dragonspine, Mondstadt 30/35/40/45 59/69/80/90 PyroElectroGeoAnemo
Ridge Watch Stone Gate, Bishui Plain, Liyue 30/35/40/45 59/69/80/90 HydroCryoGeo
Momiji-Dyed Court Yashiori Island, Inazuma 30/35/40/45 59/69/80/90 PyroCryo
Slumbering Court Seirai Island, Inazuma 30/35/40/45 59/69/80/90 ElectroHydro
The Lost Valley Fuao Vale, The Chasm, Liyue 30/35/40/45 59/69/80/90 PyroElectroGeoAnemo
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Mt. Aocang, Minlin, Liyue 35/40/45 69/80/90 Geo

Change History

Released in Version 1.0