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This place was once a paradise from someone's dreams. Search through its former bountiful blossoms and restore peace to the land once more.

Domain of the Wayward Path is a One-Time Domain located between Lingju Pass and Mt. Tianheng in Liyue. There is only one level, Tarry Among the Peach Blossoms.


First Area

You need a Geo character to clear this area. After entering the domain, you will be faced with 5 pillars in a circular formation that can be activated only by Geo elemental damage. Activating all 5 pillars will allow you to advance to the second and final area.

Every pillar activated by Geo DMG will activate it and change the activation state of the two adjacent pillars. (e.g. Assuming the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pillar are deactivated, activating the 2nd pillar will also activate the 1st and 3rd pillar.

However, if the 1st pillar is activated while the 2nd and 3rd are deactivated, activating the 2nd will deactivate the 1st and activate the 3rd.)

From the stairs facing the tree, activate the pillars in the following order:

  1. Upper Left
  2. Lower Left
  3. Lower Right
  4. Upper Left

In that order, you would activate all five pillars to advance to the next area.

Second Area

A time trial stage in which you need to defeat a certain number of enemies within the 5 minute time limit.

After defeating the enemies one Precious Chest will spawn.


First Time Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 35,000 Mora


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishDomain of the Wayward Path
Qūjìng Tōngyōu zhī Chù
Where a Meandering Path Cuts through a Serene Patch[1]
Qūjìng Tōngyōu zhī Chù
Kyokkeitsuyuu no Tokoro[!]
Where a Meandering Path Cuts through a Serene Patch[1]
Korean어둠으로 향하는 길
Eodum-euro Hyanghaneun Gil
Road to Darkness
SpanishCamino del retiroRoad of Retirement
FrenchChemin sinueuxSinuous Path
RussianИзвилистая тропа
Izvilistaya tropa
Path of Peace
VietnameseCon Đường Quanh Co
GermanAuf dunklen PfadenOn Dark Paths
IndonesianJalan Menuju KeheninganPath To Serenity
PortugueseCaminho da Rebeldia

Change History

Released in Version 1.0