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Craft Usage

There are 1 items that can be crafted using Divining Scroll:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Sealed Scroll Sealed Scroll Crafting Divining Scroll Divining Scroll ×3
Mora Mora ×25

Talent Leveling Usage

8 Characters use Divining Scroll for leveling their talents:

Ascension Usage

5 Characters use Divining Scroll for ascension:

16 Weapons use Divining Scroll for ascension:

Weapon Dragon's Bane.png4★ — Dragon's Bane
Weapon Freedom-Sworn.png5★ — Freedom-Sworn
Weapon Hakushin Ring.png4★ — Hakushin Ring
Weapon Iron Point.png2★ — Iron Point
Weapon Rainslasher.png4★ — Rainslasher
Weapon Recurve Bow.png3★ — Recurve Bow
Weapon Skyward Spine.png5★ — Skyward Spine
Weapon Wine and Song.png4★ — Wine and Song

Video Guides

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Divining Scroll
Japanese 占いの絵巻
Korean 이능 두루마리
Spanish Pergamino guía
French Parchemin divinatoireDivinatory Parchment
Russian Свиток божественной магии
Svitok bozhestvennoy magii
Divine Magic Scroll
Thai Divining Scroll
Vietnamese Bản Vẽ Hướng Dẫn
German Leitende SchriftrolleLeading Scroll
Indonesian Divining Scroll
Portuguese Pergaminho Guia

Change History

Released in Version 1.0