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Dishonorable Trial is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act IV - We Will Be Reunited.


  1. Go to the Favonius Cathedral
  2. Talk to Barbara
  3. Talk to Dainsleif
  4. Go to Wolvendom
  5. Look for the Great Wolf King of the North
  6. Talk to Razor
  7. Defeat all opponents



(Approach the Favonius Cathedral)
Dainsleif: A huge statue, a grandiose Cathedral... The people of Mondstadt clearly spent a great deal of resources and energy to construct them.
Dainsleif: But how aware of this was the Anemo Archon on receiving this gift, and how much did he give back in return?
Paimon: Faith doesn't ask for anything in return though, does it?
Dainsleif: Hmph, as long as the gods have a clear conscience about it all, there's nothing I can say about it.
Paimon: Shh! We're about to enter the Cathedral. Don't say anything bad about the Anemo Archon...
Paimon: And actually, the Anemo Archon is... Gah, never mind.
Dainsleif: I never specifically said I would enter the Cathedral. I'll leave you two to mingle with the sisters.
Paimon: Huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg But we've done everything else together.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Aren't you curious?
Dainsleif: You are the Honorary Knight of Mondstadt. They will surely allow you to poke into these affairs with their utmost trust.
Dainsleif: Having me tag along would only make them suspicious.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Because they don't know you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You don't think you will be popular among the sisters?
Dainsleif: Correct, and just as our little friend said... I might say something bad about the Church at any time.
Dainsleif: When a non-believer steps onto holy ground, the result is never pretty.
Dainsleif: I have never received the favor of the gods in the past. I don't see any reason I would need it now or in the future, either.
Dainsleif: That's enough about that. While we've been chit-chatting, the Abyss Order continues to act.
Paimon: Okay then, (Traveler), we'll just go in ourselves and ask around.
Dainsleif: I should warn you about one thing. Don't go mentioning the Defiled Statue inside the Cathedral.
Dainsleif: The Church of Favonius wouldn't ignore the matter of the statue, but if they rashly tried anything against the Abyss Order, it would only ruin whatever element of surprise we may have.
Dainsleif: Also... Meddling in the affairs of the Abyss usually doesn't end well for anyone.
(Talk to Dainsleif again)
Dainsleif: Go in the Cathedral and ask around. I'll be waiting out here.

(Talk to Barbara)
Barbara: Honorary Knight! Hi, how have you been? Do you need anything today?
Barbara: Agh... But I should first make it clear that if you want to borrow the Holy Lyre der Himmel again, we cannot oblige.
Paimon: (It seems she hasn't realized it's just an illusion...)
Paimon: We're here to ask some questions about something. Barbara, have you heard about "the first Field Tiller"?
Barbara: Hmm... What's that? "Field Tiller"... What does it do?
Paimon: Ah, of course you wouldn't know anything about that, hehe... Okay, next question: Has the Church ever lost a Statue of the Seven?
Barbara: Huh?
Barbara: You're here to ask about that old story? Well, I didn't expect that... That was such a long time ago, barely anyone mentions it nowadays.
Barbara: A long time ago, there was indeed one Statue of The Seven that disappeared one night without a trace.
Barbara: Nearly every member of the Church joined the search for it, but it was never found.
Barbara: In the Church's records, as you might assume, this incident has been called "The Lost Statue of The Seven."
Paimon: Hmm... of course.
Barbara: Of course?
Paimon: Uh, nothing! So, do you have any other clues— uh, Paimon means... any other strange stories?
Paimon: (Sorry, Barbara but we can't tell you about the statue we saw just yet... Like Dain said outside, it's for your own good...)
Barbara: Other strange stories? I'm not sure, let me think about what other unusual incidents are in the Church's records... Oh, "The Tyrant's Final Fury"? No, that's from another time, probably not related...
Paimon: "The Tyrant's Final Fury"?
Barbara: Oh, this refers to a time of great danger that engulfed Old Mondstadt, the place now known as Stormterror's Lair.
Barbara: Many, many years ago, there was a time when balls of fire would rain from the sky when anyone approached Old Mondstadt.
Paimon: Balls of fire raining from the sky!? How terrifying...
Barbara: People at that time believe that it was a curse laid down by the God of Storms, so they referred to it as "The Tyrant's Final Fury."
Barbara: This strange phenomenon continued for about a year. No one was able to solve it, it just gradually ceased on its own.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So bizarre.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's not necessarily related to the tyrant...
Barbara: Right! Later, the theory of "The Tyrant's Final Fury" became less probable in the eyes of the Church. Common reasoning dictates that the God of Storms wouldn't shoot fireballs...
Barbara: Perhaps it was something else that caused the disaster.
Barbara: Anyway, this incident might not be related to "The Lost Statue of The Seven," but I just can't think of any other strange incidents that might be.
Paimon: It's okay. Thanks anyway!
Rosaria: There's that pointless word "thank you" again. I can never get used to hearing it...
Barbara: Oh, Rosaria, It's you.
Rosaria: If you're looking for the Knights of Favonius, they're busy with those monsters again.
Barbara: "Those monsters"?
Rosaria: Those monsters that tried to attack Mondstadt last time, during the Stormterror incident.
Paimon: Wasn't that the Abyss Order!? They're at it again?
Rosaria: Indeed. They are gathering in Wolvendom, causing great unrest among the wolves.
Rosaria: Could it be... that the Abyss Order is targeting the spirit of Lupus Boreas? As for what purpose, I can't say for certain.
Rosaria: Master Jean has already headed off to Wolvendom. I must also begin to make a move myself.
Barbara: Th—Then I will go as well!
Rosaria: Master Jean said you should stay at the church, and continue your work with the clergy.
Barbara: B—But... you're also a member of the clergy...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Don't worry, I will go to help as well.
Paimon: Right, we'll go give Master Jean a hand!
Barbara: Oh... Okay, if the Honorary Knight will be there, then...
Barbara: But please, everyone, be careful. May the Anemo Archon protect you all.

(Talk to Dainsleif)
Dainsleif: I see... Has the Abyss Order already launched a new operation...?
Dainsleif: This could very well have something to do with the Defiled Statue. We should go as well.
Paimon: But, what is the Abyss Order going to Wolvendom for anyway? Are they looking to do the same they did with Dvalin? Aaaah... Not again!
Dainsleif: No, that's not likely.
Dainsleif: Unlike Osial, who was just suppressed, Andrius died long ago.
Dainsleif: Today it is just his spirit that stands guard over Wolvendom.
Dainsleif: The Abyss Herald may just be targeting the spirit of Andrius in an attempt to garner some information from one of the Anemo Archon's old companions.

(Approach the entrance of Wolvendom)
Paimon: Aaah! The Abyss Order!
Dainsleif: Don't underestimate the enemy, let's take them now!
(Defeating the enemies)
Paimon: Whew... there sure are a lot of enemies around here!
Dainsleif: The closer we get to the target the more enemies there are. Hmph, fits the Abyss Order's style.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We should hurry and find Lupus Boreas.
Paimon: Yeah! Let's go!
Dainsleif: I'm... not going any further.
Paimon: Huh? Why not? Is it because you're afraid of fluffy animals?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's... probably not it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Aren't fluffy things cute?
Dainsleif: It has nothing to do with wolves. It's because Boreas was an ancient god, yet he willingly became a servant of The Seven.
Dainsleif: I cannot possibly agree with his actions. I don't desire any interaction with him.
Dainsleif: Besides, you're the one people like. I'm... less likable.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You really despise The Seven, huh.
Dainsleif: There's nothing special about gods anyway.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You really don't like social interaction, huh.
Dainsleif: I have no problem interacting with people. But interacting with gods... that's a different story.
Dainsleif: It's just my opinion, but a word of advice: Always be on your guard when around gods.
Dainsleif: You shouldn't place too much trust in them. But at the same time, don't go too far in the opposite direction... Don't go trying to overthrow them, or hunt them down.
Dainsleif: Even if the god in question is your sworn enemy.
Paimon: Don't trust them, and don't hunt them... That's some awkward advice. Does Dain hate The Seven, or is he protecting them?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Why is your opinion so contradictory?
Dainsleif: ...
Dainsleif: Lest I repeat the failings of my forebears.
Dainsleif: I... will tell you one final fact.
Paimon: Huh? What fact?
Dainsleif: The destruction of the nation of Khaenri'ah by the gods... is the reason why the Abyss Order now seeks to destroy the nations watched over by The Seven.
Dainsleif: Well, enough chit-chat. We should get back to business. I will go take care of the remaining Abyss Order members in the area. Try and keep your visit with Boreas brief. Afterward, let's meet at the entrance to Wolvendom.
Paimon: Oh... There he goes...
Paimon: What a strange man.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I can kind of see where he's coming from.
Paimon: Yeah, that's true. You also keep your guard up against unfamiliar gods.
Paimon: At the Rite of Descension in Liyue, your decision was very similar to what Dain would do...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg When there's a lack of trust, it's best to just avoid the situation entirely...
Paimon: *sigh* Not the easiest situation...
Jean: Honorary Knight! Paimon! What are you two doing here?
Paimon: Oh, Master Jean! So glad we found you.
Paimon: Rosaria told us that you came here to fight the Abyss Order, so we came to help.
Jean: Then your help is greatly appreciated. The Abyss Order's sudden offensive is very strange, they have surrounded Wolvendom. I am preparing to send out some knights to fight back.
Jean: I just scouted out all of Wolvendom... but I did not see you.
Jean: Rosaria told me that the Abyss Order is going after Boreas.
Jean: But the Abyss Order and Boreas... What is the connection between them?
Paimon: They just like to cause trouble. Do they really need a reason?
Paimon: The Abyss Order already went after Dvalin, it's not too surprising that they would also go after another one of the Anemo Archon's buddies.
Jean: Hmm... That is true...
Jean: Regardless, whether the reason behind the present threat is clear or not, I'll handle the situation.
Jean: Honorary Knight, please go and check if Lupus Boreas is in any danger.
Jean: This god's spirit... he does not often see people. But I hear that you have met him before.Maybe it is best that you are also the one to meet him this time.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll do it.
Jean: Okay, be careful. Thank you for your help, Honorary Knight of Favonius.

(Approach the arena)
Paimon: *gasp* Look over there, it's Razor! And... the Abyss Herald!
(Approach Razor)
Razor: You... not welcome here!
Abyss Herald: Ahahaha... So, the wolf's wretched spirit likes to raise wild pups now?
Abyss Herald: You claim to be a guardian, yet your once-sharp claws have clearly dulled since your days of godly glory.
Abyss Herald: If you serve us, we can restore your divine powers you once held in the past.
Boreas: Lies... lies...
Paimon: What the heck is this ceremony? He looks like he's in a lot of pain.
Paimon: Oh no... Is this the same thing they did to corrupt Dvalin's mind?
Razor: Wolves never surrender. But... this can't go on.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll stop this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Time for another round with the Abyss Herald.
Abyss Herald: No matter how many times you resist us, your efforts are all in vain...

(After defeating the enemies)
Abyss Herald: Hmph... The ceremony was interrupted. How fortunate for you.
Abyss Herald: How does an old spirit have such determined will...?
Abyss Herald: No matter. This is but a small unforeseen variable. Our grand scheme will not be affected.
(The Abyss Herald summons a portal and disappears)
Paimon: It disappeared again...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg At least we stopped it this time.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It sure ran away quickly.
Razor: Thank you, you came... just in time.
Boreas: Human Lupical... I am ashamed that you must see me in my present state.
Boreas: But still, the Abyss Herald underestimated my strength.
Razor: Lupus Boreas never refused trial. But, scary outsider... not respect trial rules.
Razor: I, too, didn't see... the trap...
Paimon: Wait... So you mean, the Abyss Order had everything prepared to corrupt Lupus Boreas' mind, then lured him out under the pretense of challenging him in a trial?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's not your fault, Razor.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Come on, cheer up.
Razor: Thank you, (Traveler). In the future, my claws... must get sharper.
Razor: You... smelled danger, and came here?
Paimon: No, we heard about the danger. Paimon's nose doesn't even know what danger smells like!
Paimon: Besides coming to help, we actually have something to ask you about, too.
Paimon: Uh... Excuse us, Mr. Wolf God, do you know anything about the first Field Tiller?
Boreas: I pay no heed to the contraptions of humans. I know not what this "Field Tiller" is, though there was indeed one human-made machine that I can never forget.
Boreas: It entered into my proving ground by accident, and I mistook it for a challenger.
Boreas: But it could not think, only fight. It was designed as a pure killing machine from top to bottom.
Boreas: I eventually damaged it greatly with one of my attacks. Before it fell to the ground, it fled the proving ground.
Paimon: Hmmm... By the sound of it, it's possible that could have been the very first Field Tiller, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could it spin?
Boreas: Yes. It could spin, leap high into the air, and even shoot fireballs. Although no match for a god, it was stronger than even many who wield Visions.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could it shoot missiles?
Boreas: "Missiles"? I do not know this strange word... As I said, I pay no attention to the contraptions of humans.
Boreas: It could spin, leap high into the air, and even shoot fireballs. Although no match for a god, it was stronger than even many who wield visions.
Paimon: Fireballs...? Hey, didn't we hear this somewhere else recently as well?
Paimon: Anyway, this pretty much proves that the first Field Tiller came to Mondstadt, doesn't it?
Paimon: It sounds like the first one was way stronger than the mass-produced Ruin Guards that came after.
Paimon: But in this story, it was damaged at the proving ground while fighting the Wolf of the North...
Razor: Don't know... But, did we help?
Paimon: Yes, you were a big help! Thanks!
Paimon: We need to keep investigating something super important. The Abyss Herald may have left but the Abyss's forces are still attacking. You two be careful!
Razor: Yes. I smell... more danger. Bigger danger.
Razor: You two, also be careful.
Paimon: Well that was some good intel, quick let's go tell Dain!


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Dishonorable Trial
Bù Róngyù de Shìliàn
Dishonorable Trial
Bù Róngyù de Shìliàn
Japanese 誇りのない試練
Korean 명예롭지 못한 시련
Spanish Una prueba poco honoraria
French L'épreuve du déshonorableThe Trial of the Dishonorable
Russian Бесчестный вызов
Beschestnyy vyzov
Thai การท้าทายที่ไร้เกียรติ
Dishonorable Challenge
Vietnamese Thí Luyện Không Vinh Quang
German Unehrenhafte PrüfungDishonorable Trial
Indonesian Tantangan yang MemalukanHumiliating Challenge
Portuguese Julgamento sem Honra

Change History

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