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Genshin Impact has an official Discord server located at and a second server located at

In the server, players can interact with each other, get help, and play Genshin Impact together.

Both the HoYoLAB forums and the Genshin Impact Discord have the same rules that must be followed across the board. Users that fail to follow the rules risk being muted, kicked, or banned by moderators.


First, players must read the rules channel and accept the rules. They must also have a phone number registered on Discord to join. After doing so, players must go to the "assign-role" channel and type the following command: !rank Traveler. This will give the player access to the rest of the Discord server.

After, players can decide to assign server and language roles in the "react-role-assign" channel. This will grant access to region and language-specific channels on Discord.

Discord help

Why can't I join?
There are three reasons you may not be able to join: the server is full, you do not have a phone number registered in user preferences, or you or your IP address has been banned.
If the server is full, you must wait until a slot opens before you can join. Discord's servers can only handle 800,000 members max per guild, so you must wait until a user is either pruned, kicked, or banned before you can rejoin.
If you do not have a phone number tied to your Discord account, you can get one registered by visiting preferences and entering a phone number there. After, you will be able to participate in the server.
If you have been banned, you should have a relay send an appeal on your behalf to Contact Mods. If you try to use Contact Mods, you will get a system error from Discord since you cannot send messages to bots that do not share a server with you. If you were recently banned, you should consider taking a break and asking for a second chance after several months. Moderators usually ban users to make sure that their servers maintain an orderly discussion place. It is your job to convince moderators that either the ban was unwarranted (i.e. you did not do anything to merit a ban) or the ban is no longer warranted (i.e. that you learned from your behavior and will not repeat it again). Users that come back from a ban may be warned that repeating the behavior again may result in a ban without appeal.
I cannot authenticate. Why is that?
All of Genshin Impact's channels have a cooldown imposed because of the size of the server. If you made a failed authentication, you must wait 10-30 minutes before you can try again.
I am new to Discord. How do I use it?
Discord has a support page at This will give a brief overview of Discord basics.
I have been muted. What can I do?
Most mutes are the result of an automated process and will resolve after a short time. If you are muted, you will be unable to participate in any channel, although you can still react to messages other users have posted. The reason for your infraction will be listed in private message with Paimon, provided that you allow DMs from server members.
How do I contact mods?
There is a "Contact Mods" contact that users can use to contact Genshin Impact moderators. This bot will relay any messages you send to the moderation team where you will be given a response.
Why do all channels have cooldowns?
Because Genshin Impact is a large server with a small mod team, the task of moderation becomes next to impossible if slowmode is not enabled.
How do I report content?
If you notice content that violates the server rules or Discord Community Guidelines, you should use the "Contact Mods" contact to send a message to the mod team. Make sure to provide a link to the offending message and information as to what rules it violates.
If someone is harassing you across Discord, you should send a message to Discord Trust & Safety.
Why am I no longer in the server?
Because of Discord's technical restrictions, after a server is full, no other users can join. However, moderators can kick members due to inactivity. This is known as "pruning" and is common practice on Discord.