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As the wealthiest gentleman in Mondstadt, the ever-dapper Diluc always presents himself as the epitome of perfection. But behind the courteous visage burns a zealous soul that has sworn to protect Mondstadt at all costs, allowing him to mercilessly vanquish all who threaten his city.

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The tycoon of a winery empire in Mondstadt, unmatched in every possible way.

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Kaeya calls himself and Diluc "anti-heroes with attitude problems". He decided to take matters into his own hands by becoming, to his dismay and embarrassment, the "Darknight Hero" to protect Mondstadt's people.

Diluc was once an ideal young man, dedicated to his work with Knights of Favonius. After his father's untimely demise as a result of using a Delusion, along with Inspector Eroch ordering Diluc to cover up the incident, his faith in the Knights shattered and he left the organization. Even after Eroch was purged from the Knights for being a traitor, he still holds resentment towards them. He claims that the Knights take too long to get the job done, although he still appreciates those who put the effort in, such as Lisa and Jean.

When he was a member of the Knights, he adored his father, Crepus. Being praised by his father made him happier than fame and anything else, and Crepus told Diluc to be faithful in his duties. After his father's death, he has been suppressing himself. Despite coming off as bitter and grumpy through his speech, he has a gentle, tender, and modest nature. In his childhood, Diluc had a lighthearted and happy nature, rather to the contrary of him now.

Diluc is not fond of alcohol, as he does not like its taste and that it clouds his mind when he tries to work. He prefers non-alcoholic drinks such as grape juice and apple cider, which he had ordered developed upon his return to Mondstadt. This does not appear to be well known by many however, most likely as a result of him being the current owner of Mondstadt's largest wine producer. He even expresses surprise when he learns that Diona also loathes alcohol, having initially believed that he was the only bartender in Mondstadt that did not like alcohol.[2] He also tends to part with his possessions he no longer needs, such as his father's private residence.


Diluc is a tall and slender man with pale skin, red eyes, and bright red hair, worn in a low ponytail that extends to his mid-back. His expression usually makes him appear stern, exasperated, or unimpressed.

Diluc wears a black dress shirt, a long white vest, and a black ascot with a red gem. Over this he dons a dark brown coat. He wears black pants which are embellished with chains on his right thigh, while his Vision is attached to a belt. Diluc also wears cuffed, dark brown boots and a pair of black gloves which he has a habit of adjusting.

His outfit, Darknight Blaze, is described to be a smart and tasteful suit fit for a nobleman.

Character Stories

Character Details

As the city of ballads and wines, Mondstadt's alcohol industry is renowned all over Teyvat.

As owner of the Dawn Winery, Diluc is essentially in charge of half the industry. This means he has a huge stream of revenue and an entire network of information, in the form of tavern patrons' gossip, right at his fingertips.

In a way, he is the uncrowned king of Mondstadt.

Character Story 1

(Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 2)

The scent of wine always lingers in the air in Mondstadt.

If one were to follow the scent to its source, one would invariably arrive at Diluc's Dawn Winery.

A wooden plaque proudly announces the winery's name, and beneath it is written the winery's motto:

"Shine True."

Most interpret this to mean that the wines are brewed for consistency of taste, with time-honored techniques and that same healthy dose of sunny optimism that the dawn brings.

Meanwhile, the more pragmatic Knights of Favonius are reminded of the long history of mutual support between the winery and the city.

The winery holds festivities from time to time. These events are routinely attended by enthusiastic fathers, eager to introduce their wonderful daughters to the young and single winery master.

This is all highly entertaining to the other guests, who watch on and comment, mockingly:

"We'd much rather Master Diluc stays married to the winery, given how good this wine is!"

Diluc deals impeccably with all situations, no matter who or what comes his way.

Diluc is a fine young gentleman in every conceivable respect.

Character Story 2

(Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 3)

Diluc avoids talking about the past.

"If only Diluc were still a member of the Knights..."

After a few drinks, senior knights will say words to this effect with a sigh.

They refer to events from a long time ago, back when Diluc's father, Master Crepus, was still the owner of the winery. Master Crepus' wish was for his son to become the most esteemed knight of all and safeguard Mondstadt, the City of Freedom.

As per his father's wishes, Diluc trained rigorously to make himself worthy of the Ragnvindr name. Sure enough, he passed the Knights of Favonius' trials, swore the oath of protection to Mondstadt, and entered their ranks. Before long, he received an early promotion which saw him become the youngest-ever Cavalry Captain.

Over the course of his missions and patrols, the denizens of Mondstadt gradually came to know this young and passionate Cavalry Captain.

No matter what the missions demanded from him, he always maintained his composure and his passion. No matter how big the challenge before him, his boundless courage always led him to the front line. The praise he received from his comrades and citizens spurred him on.

But the words of praise he valued most of all were:

"Good job. Now, that's my son."

His father's words fueled the fire inside his heart and served as his greatest motivation.

His faith was an unquenchable fire that burned strong and bright inside him.

Diluc was so young back then.

Character Story 3

(Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4)

"Sometimes, life can change in an instant."

The day that Crepus spoke these words to Diluc would turn out to be the latter's last as a Knight of Favonius.

For on that day, a horrific monster attacked the transport fleet he and his father were traveling with.

There was no time for Diluc to send for help. The monster was stronger than any foe the young Cavalry Captain had ever encountered, and overpowered him.

Diluc could never have anticipated the way this battle would end: His father, who had been denied admittance into the Knights and who was shunned by the gods, defeated the monster with an unknown evil power — before that same power backfired, mortally wounding Crepus himself. Crepus died shortly after in his son's arms.

With a heavy heart, Diluc returned to the Knights' headquarters, only to receive an unthinkable order from Inspector Eroch: "Conceal the truth."

Eroch insisted that the incident must be portrayed as an unfortunate accident in order to maintain the reputation of the Knights of Favonius in the eyes of the public.

Such was the sheer outrageousness of this request that Diluc did not think it was even worth trying to argue.

Diluc's father had once said to him that the world would never turn its back on the faithful.

But now, the Knights of Favonius trampled on his faith like it was nothing. He couldn't help but wonder: What was his father's view on faith in his final moments?

Diluc resigned from the Knights that day and left everything behind, including his Vision.

He swore to avenge his father's death, and to find the source of that occult power which had caused his father's demise.

Character Story 4

(Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 5)

After Diluc resigned and discarded his Vision, he handed the running of the Dawn Winery over to the head housemaid and left Mondstadt altogether.

Diluc traveled all across the seven nations of Teyvat in search of the truth.

All clues pointed toward a behemoth of an organization: The Fatui. He learned that they made counterfeit Visions in secret, calling them "Delusions." A Delusion could amplify the power of its bearer to its extreme, but also carried the risk of backfiring. That was what had caused his father's death.

Was it possible that his father could have obtained such a sacrilegious item in order to do good?

Diluc knew he may never know the full truth, but that could never stop him from pursuing it.

Like an eagle scouring the wilderness, he set off on his hunt for the truth. Determination burned like fire in his heart, unfathomable enigmas and unending battles could not sway him from his course. He pressed on relentlessly, scarred but undeterred, like a fiery tornado burning through the dense fog of mystery.

The Fatui's rulers, the Harbingers, monitored Diluc's progress from the shadows. The prowess with which he laid waste to numerous Fatui strongholds caught their attention and forced them to take action.

Diluc narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Harbingers thanks to a third-party observer from the north, who was part of a vast underground intelligence network. The observer claimed to have been watching Diluc for some time, and approved of his methods.

After his close encounter with death, Diluc took a long hard look at his past and the anger he had harbored for so long. Acknowledging his shortcomings, he decided to join the underground intelligence network.

Just like when he first joined the Knights of Favonius, Diluc committed himself fully to his work. His talents and skills saw him rise steadily through the ranks into the upper echelons of the network.

The network was made up of volunteers, and many of its members had willingly given up their prior positions and reputations to join. Some had even abandoned their names.

Could working with these new comrades finally restore the faith he once clung to? The faith that had been all but destroyed in the events surrounding his father's death?

Character Story 5

(Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6)

"Shine True." The background to this motto is hotly contested, but to Diluc it has one simple, clear meaning.

"Evil cannot go unpunished.

Never settle for mediocrity. Never forget that the dawn will one day come."

Diluc's solitary sojourn lasted for three years.

Four years on, Diluc had returned to Mondstadt and taken over as head of the family winery, now a young man.

In the space of these four years, Eroch had been purged from the Knights of Favonius after being shown to be a traitor, while Grand Master Varka had left on an expedition, leaving Master Jean to assume the role of Acting Grand Master.

The return of the Dawn Winery's master should have been a momentous occasion for Mondstadt, but strangely it went completely unnoticed.

The reason? Mondstadt's citizens were far too busy pondering the mysterious case of an unknown "Guardian of Mondstadt."

All that was known about the anonymous guardian was that the smell of burning would follow in his wake, and that a flash of red flames would reveal his silhouette for but a moment in the darkness of the night, before he disappeared in an instant.

The bodies of monsters that had plagued Mondstadt for an age now lay dead in the wilderness... Mondstadt's most wanted thieves suddenly appeared bound and gagged, hanging from their feet in the statue plaza... All the Knights of Favonius were dispatched to reckon, once and for all, with the Abyss Mage behind countless crimes in the city, but they arrived only to discover that he had long since been killed...

Aided by wine-fueled conversations, word of the mysterious guardian spread swiftly, and he came to be known as the "Darknight Hero."

In public, Diluc appeared to hold this hero in contempt, his face curling up in disgust every time the name was uttered.

Elzer of the Mondstadt Wine Guild was one of the select few who was in the know, and once queried Diluc about this: Was his disapproval of the Darknight Hero just an act, intended to throw the knights off his trail and protect his anonymity?

But Diluc simply frowned once more, and curtly replied: "It's just a stupid name."

Dawn Winery's Apple Cider

(Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4)

Diluc may hold the whole wine industry in the palm of his hand, but he himself is not fond of wine.

At Diluc's request, the Dawn Winery developed several alcohol-free beverages, a decision which was met with resounding approval from those in Mondstadt who could not drink alcohol but still wanted to partake in the drinking culture.

One of those alcohol-free beverages is Mondstadt's apple cider vinegar, the success of which is on a par with dandelion wine in terms of monthly sales volumes.

Some think that Diluc must have such high standards when it comes to wine that he is never seen drinking the mediocre-quality beverages that are available to the public.

Others think that drinking wine must surely remind him of his father, and that that is why he does not touch it.

When pressed about his drinking habits, he responds by saying that alcohol clouds his thoughts, and consuming it would impact his day-to-day work.

But the thing that people don't understand is: What kind of day-to-day work does a winery master do, if it requires him to never touch a drop of alcohol?


(Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6 and Complete "Darknight Hero's Alibi")

Crepus had two regrets in life. One was never becoming a knight, and the other was never obtaining a Vision.

For this reason, in the moment that Diluc received his Vision, he took it as a recognition by the gods of his and his father's shared ambition — finally, he could make his father proud.

Just a few years later, his father died on a dark and gloomy day. The hopes and dreams that burned bright in Diluc's Vision were extinguished in the torrential rain that fell on that night.

No matter how upright and good-hearted a person may be, death will still come to them without warning.

Is this where the tale of justice ends? Just like that?

It seemed to him that his Vision and his status as a knight were both equally ineffectual at enabling him to protect the things that he treasured most. It was time to discard them both, he decided.

When he recognized his own powerlessness, his Vision became but a burden, of no greater service than a Delusion.

Empty titles were of no interest to him. He sought after ardent flames that would burn brighter than any other, and an unshakable resolve. Only a firm resolve can drive the truth-seeker forward, and only ardent flames can vanquish the ice that freezes the hand of justice.

On the day that Diluc returned to Mondstadt, he took up his Vision once more. The events of his years away had purged him of his childish immaturity, and turned him into a hero ready to shoulder his father's will once more. Each night, from the shadows, he fought for Mondstadt.

He did not discuss the past. But he did not deny the past, either.

To the lost, perhaps a Vision is a beacon of light given by the gods to help them find the path forward.

But to those with conviction, a Vision is simply an extension of their strength, a medium for channeling their willpower, a tribute to the experiences that have shaped them, and a testament to the story of their life so far.


Diluc: Flames
Item Diluc Flames.png Obtain:
Reward for reaching Friendship Level 10 with Diluc
Master Crepus painted many eagles during his lifetime, but he never could've foreseen creating an eagle with such fire.


Diluc Diluc Noctua.png Meaning:
Night Bird

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Diluc is a major character in the manga, which takes place shortly after his return to Mondstadt three years after his father's death.

In his early days of being the Darknight Hero, he fought using throwing knives and the Delusion his father once owned. He also wore a bird mask and a black cloak to hide his identity. At the end of Chapter 16, he abandons the disguise and Delusion. Kaeya returns his Vision under the guise of gifting him a vase.



  • Kaeya was adopted into the Ragnvindr family. In the original Chinese version, Kaeya used to call Diluc "sworn elder brother" (Chinese: 义兄 yì xiōng),[3] which was simply translated as "brother" in the English version.
    • "Sworn brothers," in the simplest terms, means "brothers who are not related by blood." It also refers to a delicate bond formed between to close friends built from trust and honor.
    • In Kaeya's Vision Character Story, Kaeya is referred to as 义子 yìzǐ, "foster son", Crepus is referred to as 养父 yǎngfù, "adoptive father", and Kaeya is called 养子 yǎngzǐ, "adopted son".
  • The vase Kaeya gifts him in the manga can be found in-game, inside the Dawn Winery. Its description notes it looks out-of-place and is probably a gift. This is the same vase he mentions during "A Child's Secret."
  • Despite owning a winery, Diluc dislikes the mouthfeel of alcohol and prefers grape juice, which he keeps stocked at Angel's Share.
    • According to Vile, Diluc once downed an entire glass of Snezhnaya's specialty alcohol, Fire-Water, in one go during a banquet with Snezhnayan merchants. Afterwards, he passed out for three days, and Adelinde remarked that she'd "never seen someone get drunk like that before." Charles' dialogue about Fire-Water may be referencing this incident.
  • Diluc has a habit of pulling his left glove up — he does so in his character card, in an idle animation, and before attacking enemies during certain cutscenes. This may be related to the fact that Diluc previously wore his Delusion on his left glove.
  • Based on his character stories, Diluc's estimated age is roughly 22 years old. Diluc left Mondstadt after his father's death on his 18th birthday, and by the time he returned 4 years later, Varka—who embarked on his expedition 6 months before the game's story—was already gone.
    • The manga's timeline conflicts with Diluc's character stories. The manga is set merely 3 years after Crepus' death, making its events occur before Diluc returned to Mondstadt.
  • In Diluc's official wish art, he is seen wielding the Bloodtainted Greatsword, a gacha weapon.
  • Diluc has an anonymous message on the Cat's Tail Message Board, in which he lets himself express wistfulness for the past before wishing Cat's Tail luck in their business.
  • Diluc owns an Umbertail Falcon.
  • Diluc used to own a pet tortoise.
  • Diluc is one of only two residents of Mondstadt who are aware that Venti is Barbatos, the other being Jean. While Venti also revealed himself to Stanley, the latter does not remember their conversation.
  • His identity given to him as the 'Darknight Hero' happens to have a strange dichotomy with the identity of the Dawnlight Swordswoman, the person that inspired his ancestor Ragnvindr to join Vennessa's rebellion.
  • Diluc is known by these aliases or titles:
    • Darknight Hero
    • The Uncrowned King of Mondstadt
    • Cavalry Captain (Former)
    • Captain Pyro (by Paimon)
    • The Weird Grown-up (by Klee)


  • Diluc's name is derived from the Latin word dīlūculum, meaning "daybreak" or "dawn."
    • His father, Crepus, has his named derived from its antonym, crepusculum, meaning "twilight," "dusk," or "darkness."
  • His constellation, Noctua, is Latin for "The Owl," or literally, "Night Bird."[4]
  • His family name, Ragnvindr, may be derived from the Old Norse words regin (gods) + vindr (wind), meaning "Wind God."