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Developer Insight are articles and videos published by miHoYo to explain in detail the ideas and creative process of the team while creating the world of Genshin Impact.


Title Date Image
Developer Insight - Period 1 February 14, 2020 Developer Insight 1 Banner.png
Developer Insight Second Issue - Liyue Chapter 1 May 2, 2020 Developer Insight 2 Banner.png
Developer Insight #3 - Behind the Music of Genshin Impact (1) June 5, 2020 Lantern Rite Art.png
Developer Insight #4: Character Stories (I) - "Vigilant Yaksha" Xiao February 10, 2021 Developer Insight 4 Banner.png


Playlist: Behind the Scenes Series

Title Date Video
"Travelers' Musings" — Behind the Scenes of the Music of Inazuma | Genshin Impact September 24, 2021 "Travelers'_Musings"_—_Behind_the_Scenes_of_the_Music_of_Inazuma_-_Genshin_Impact
Duel in the Mist - Inazuma OST Battle Theme MV|Genshin Impact September 20, 2021 Duel_in_the_Mist_-_Inazuma_OST_Battle_Theme_MV|Genshin_Impact
Teyvat Adventures Commemorative Video: Travel Anniversary Letter | Genshin Impact September 15, 2021 Teyvat_Adventures_Commemorative_Video-_Travel_Anniversary_Letter_-_Genshin_Impact
Realm of Tranquil Eternity:Inazuma Live Symphony Performance | Genshin Impact August 20, 2021 Realm_of_Tranquil_Eternity:Inazuma_Live_Symphony_Performance_-_Genshin_Impact
The Birth of a Dragon: A Behind the Scenes Look At the Creation of Azhdaha | Genshin Impact July 15, 2021 The_Birth_of_a_Dragon-_A_Behind_the_Scenes_Look_At_the_Creation_of_Azhdaha_-_Genshin_Impact
Genshin Impact - May Your Journey Know No Bounds | PlayStation®5 Announcement Trailer March 31, 2021 Genshin_Impact_-_May_Your_Journey_Know_No_Bounds_-_PlayStation®5_Announcement_Trailer
"Snow-Covered Path" — Behind the Scenes of Dragonspine | Genshin Impact January 20, 2021 "Snow-Covered_Path"_—_Behind_the_Scenes_of_Dragonspine_-_Genshin_Impact
"Songs of Travelers" — Behind the Scenes of the Music of Liyue | Genshin Impact November 15, 2020 "Songs_of_Travelers"_—_Behind_the_Scenes_of_the_Music_of_Liyue_-_Genshin_Impact
Producing the Sounds of Liyue | Genshin Impact: Behind the Scenes September 9, 2020 Producing_the_Sounds_of_Liyue_Genshin_Impact_Behind_the_Scenes
The Adventure Comes to PlayStation®4 on September 28 | Genshin Impact: Behind the Scenes August 28, 2020 The_Adventure_Continues_on_PlayStation®5_on_April_28_-_Genshin_Impact
Genshin Impact OST — Behind the Scenes with the Artists June 10, 2020 Genshin_Impact_OST_—_Behind_the_Scenes_with_the_Artists