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Deep Within the Temple of the Wolf is a Story Domain during the Prologue, Act I Quest, "Crash Course." It takes place in the Temple of the Wolf.

Trial Character


  1. Enter the Domain
  2. Approach Kaeya and obtain him as a trial character
  3. Continue ahead after activating a Door of Resurrection and defeat opponents
    • Hilichurl FighterHilichurl Fighter ×3
    • A Common Chest is hidden in a space, accessed by breaking two wooden crates.
  4. Enter the next room to activate a Door of Resurrection
  5. Use Kaeya's Cryo Skill to temporarily disable to flamethrowers
    • There is a Common Chest after disabling the first flamethrower.
  6. Defeat opponents
  7. Disable the flamethrower
  8. Proceed and use the wind current to glide to the next room
  9. Interact with the console to open the door
  10. Defeat opponents
    • Large Pyro SlimeLarge Pyro Slime ×1
    • Pyro SlimePyro Slime ×4 appear after bringing the large Pyro slime's HP to 50%
    • Break the Hydro Amber at the center of the room to apply Wet status to enemies within its range.
    • A Precious Chest will unlock after defeating opponents.
  11. Exit the room to the left
  12. Use Kaeya's Cryo Skill to freeze the surface of water, creating a safe passage across the underwater spikes
    • There is an Exquisite Chest after the first set of underwater spikes.
  13. Proceed forward to activate a Door of Resurrection and enter the room to the right
  14. Break the blue stone at the center of the room

Completion Rewards


Change History

Released in Version 1.0