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Deep Within the Temple of the Falcon is a Story Domain during the Prologue: Act I Quest, "Winds of the Past." It takes place in the Temple of the Falcon.

Trial Character


  1. Enter the Domain
    • Amber will join as a trial character if she is not part of the team beforehand
  2. Interact with the console to open the door.
  3. Use Pyro to ignite the Dendro vines in front of you and clear the way to a common chest. Take the path to the left and clear the vines to proceed.
  4. The Door of Resurrection at the end of the path will automatically activate when you stand in front of it, you will respawn there, should you die.
  5. Defeat opponents.
    • Wooden Shield Hilichurl GuardWooden Shield Hilichurl Guard ×3
    • A Common Chest will unlock after defeating the first hilichurl.
    • Shoot the exploding barrels in the corner to break the stone walls, ignite the thorns, and reveal a common chest.
  6. Enter the next room and defeat opponents.
  7. Exit the room and activate the Pyro Monument.
  8. Ride the wind current and turn around to spot a common chest, on a ledge above the previous room.
  9. Use the wind current to reach the destination.
  10. Break the blue stone at the center of the room, which triggers a cutscene.
  11. A precious chest spawns after the cutscene.

Completion Rewards


Change History

Released in Version 1.0