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Craft Usage

There are 1 items that can be crafted using Dead Ley Line Branch:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Dead Ley Line Leaves Dead Ley Line Leaves Crafting Dead Ley Line Branch Dead Ley Line Branch ×3
Mora Mora ×50

Ascension Usage

No Characters use Dead Ley Line Branch for ascension.

23 Weapons use Dead Ley Line Branch for ascension:

Weapon Deathmatch.png4★ — Deathmatch
Weapon Dodoco Tales.png4★ — Dodoco Tales
Weapon Hunter's Bow.png1★ — Hunter's Bow
Weapon Skyward Atlas.png5★ — Skyward Atlas
Weapon Skyward Blade.png5★ — Skyward Blade
Weapon Skyward Harp.png5★ — Skyward Harp
Weapon Skyward Pride.png5★ — Skyward Pride
Weapon Staff of Homa.png5★ — Staff of Homa
Weapon The Flute.png4★ — The Flute
Weapon The Widsith.png4★ — The Widsith
Weapon Windblume Ode.png4★ — Windblume Ode
Weapon Wine and Song.png4★ — Wine and Song

Video Guides

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Dead Ley Line Branch
Japanese 地脈の旧枝
Korean 지맥의 낡은 가지
Spanish Rama seca de líneas ley
French Branche morte des lignes énergétiquesDead Branch of the Energetic Lines
Russian Ветви артерий земли
Vetvi arteriy zemli
Branches of the Earth Arteries
Thai Dead Ley Line Branches
Vietnamese Cành Cây Địa Mạch
German Alte Rute des Flusses der ElementeOld Rod of the Stream of Elements
Indonesian Dead Ley Line Branches
Portuguese Ramo Seco de Linha Ley

Change History

Released in Version 1.0